Things that i appreciate~


my cousins from Australia came back on the 10th of Dec
it was fun having them back
and they have grown up a lot.
taller then me =(((
i will be the shortest in the whole family, i know!!
so well stop about me being the shortest.
me and my cousin went out to Gurney.
we watch The Hobbit.
i have not watch Lord of the rings before... so when i went to watch this show i was like 'what??'
LOL well there were some parts that i don't understand
because it was linked with Lord of the Rings
this show is a almost 3 hour show.
and yes u will visit the toilet at least once.
People were going in and out the whole time =/
but i have to say it's a great show to watch


i love these dwarfs?? i think is what they called. 
they are just adorable!!

well then we are still alive =)
i have no idea why people want to make up such things about these stuff.
it's not funny to make fun with.
it will happen soon that's all i know. 
so whatever about those,  it's over.

Christmas eve~~~
me and my Aussie cousins went shopping in Gurney again~~
we went to different store to buy things 
not enough time though 
so we didn't buy much!
all i bought is a pair of wedges and a pair of pants
my cousin gave me a nail polish. 
that's all.
but things we bought isn't about everything.
is the time we spent together.
just the 3 of us , i appreciate it very much!!
cause i can't get to see them every time. 

Random shots~

we totally can see the difference on how we take pics and how Aussie people take pics LOL!!

after our shopping we went to our cousin's house for dinner.
and of course with WI-FI around everyone became anti-social
  and gotten a little crazy~~
 and crazier [sorry for the weird light]
 and a lot more crazy~~~

then as usual adults will be talking about adult stuff 
and us cousin will be doing our stuff.
my cousin brought us board game to play.
yes we played King of Tokyo and 7 Wonders.

we had fun playing over and over again =))
so then we went home.

on Christmas day, Aussie family went back to Aussie, miss them so so much 

love me! xoxo 

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