I'm on a (sudden planed) holiday to the capital state of M'sia --->>>KL!!
and if u bring me to that place. i only can do one thing
which is :
i do admit i'm a shopaholic (a bit)
so in the morning we started out late.
leave abt 9 in the morning, reach Ipoh around 11
and had tim sum in fu shan...
[no pics, p.s. forget to take them ><]
we ate our brunch until around 12 and leave.
on the way to KL, our car had a little problem and had to postpone our shopping spree a lot !!
i was depressed ?? well ya a little.
then after everything is fix. my shopping spree begins!
went to Lot 10!! H&M!!!
the 1st every H&M outlet in M'sia.
me and my cousin were waiting for so long to go there.
but now is winter season, so a lot of clothing is not suitable.
their things , i have to say it's expensive too.
so 1st and last??? time in H&M [i'm not sure]
the store have 3 floors
highest floor : guys, children, young adluts
middle floor: teenage girl and adults [woman]
lowest floor: adults [woman]

even though there aren't much too choose from 
but i still manage to buy some.
after shopping in one store, yes 1 !!!
we had our dinner in the basement of Lot 10.
then brought my youngest bro to church to see their ceremony....
and me n mom went to the nearby and popular night market.
because it rained earlier, so my legs were dirty =((
i saw a hello kitty store it was soooo pink!! 
i want it but it's expensive.
and there r still kitty bumpers for my phone, but i still think is fake..
and lots of stalls were selling perfumes. i saw almost all of them had Justin Bieber's perfume. (Someday)
after that we went back to church 
came out again for supper. [gonna b fat in this trip]
ate shou meat mee. hahaha it's good!!
and so that's the end for day 1..
love me! xoxo 

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