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Finally another post right? 
It's been a while. 
This post took me quite longer than I thought to try out every product.
And also with CNY and doing my internship this month. The whole month has been busy.  
But I did it! (With some help of my friends too) 

So, I received a 'Base Makeup Box' from Althea to try out and do a review on it. 

What's an Althea Box? 
They're curated specially by the Althea Korean Team back in Seoul. Each month, Althea will release 3 beauty boxes for fans to try. They're limited edition and limited in stock, which makes them a "SOLD OUT" Item on Althea. The prices are a steal as all items found in the beauty boxes are FULL SIZE items.
Unlike the conventional beauty boxes where you have to subscribe (and pay). Althea Boxes comes with no subscription fees and no surprises (heart attacks). Buy if you like what you see! Wait for the delivery 10 - 15 working days and unbox it! 

In this box, there's 8 products in total. 
I felt really blessed and grateful that I was chosen to be one of the bloggers to review this product. 
1. Witch's Pouch: Stripe Pouch 
2. Mamonde: Flower Essential Mask - Rose Moisturising
3. Secretkey: Natural Daily Pure Sunstick 
4. Milkydress: Tril Beige Silky Velvet Primer 
5. Aritaum: Real Ampoule Color Corrector - Purple Beige, Peach Beige, Mint Beige
6. Witch's Pouch: Triple Cover Glow Foundation - #23 Triple Natural 
7. A Concept: Concealer
8. A Concept: All-in-one Brightening A: Cushion -#23 Natural Beige

These 8 products are your essential for your base makeup.

Witch's Pouch: Stripe Pouch
This pouch is able to keep all these items inside and still have a bit of space left. 
Perfect for travelling and you don't have to worry that you can't fit in all your makeup products. 
Althea is well-known for its pretty well designed box with the products inside. 
The design also changes with the holidays/ seasons. 
The box that I received is their new Christmas design. 
In light blue with snowflakes and snow all around the box. 
Simple and very pretty. 

Mamonde: Flower Essential Mask - Rose Moisturising
The Rose Mask is very very moisturising.
After I used the product, my skin feels so soft and I just couldn't stop touching it. (which is a bad thing).
But, it feels so soft and moisturise.
I would definitely recommend it.
I really need to be more hard working to put on masks and take good care of my skin.
This is also me wearing the products on my face, look at that result.
Secretkey: Natural Daily Pure Sunstick 
It's my first time seeing a stick sunblock.
When I opened it I was 'How do I use this?'
It have a scent to it, I don't personally like it that much. Smells like medicine in a way.
Contains SPA 50+, PA+++
Apply it evenly after your moisturiser and before any makeup products.
Apply it on places with high exposure with UV rays such as your face.
The product is like a thick balm and is sticky, though it stayed all day long.
I went for a swim, and I can still feel the product on my skin. And gave me a sense of relive.
Though it is a small product, I would use it for travelling more than an everyday use product.
I personally would not reach it when I do my everyday makeup.
Milkydress: Tril Beige Silky Velvet Primer 
This primer is just like what it says on the tube. 
It's like a tinted moisturiser. But it will fill up your pores and keep your skin clean, clear and oil-free all day. 
With my oily skin, it does control my pores before my face gets oily again. 
Use it as a base before putting any foundation or BB creams. 
Aritaum: Real Ampoule Color Corrector - Purple Beige, Peach Beige, Mint Beige
Colour correcting became a  trend not only in the western beauty culture but also in the eastern side.
This is my first ever colour correcting concealer.
It is to conceals and corrects redness and dark circles.
Use it before your BB cream, after your primer.
The product have the ability to neutralise the discolouration of appearance using complementary colours.
Mint Beige: to neutralise the redness on your skin.
Peach Beige: Brightens the dark circle areas.
Purple Beige: Cover your dull and yellow skin tone.

It is the first ampoule that have 40% of moisture.
**For the first time using, press on the top longer or 30 times for the product to come out.
The colour itself is very opaque, and have to blend it out, but the outcome will shock you.
And you will love it, just like I do.
Witch's Pouch: Triple Cover Glow Foundation - #23 Triple Natural 
Foundation is not really on my street, but I always wanted one because of its high coverage. 
And I can wear it for events or dinners. 
With this foundation, I do say that it doesn't dry out my skin. 
My skin looks brighter and with its high coverage my skin looks so smooth.
It contains moisture coating Vitamin B from royal jelly strengthen the immunity of your skin. 
**Palmed the bottom of the product to make the pumping easier.  
A Concept: Concealer
The concealer is not such a great product.
I put it on after I apply my BB cream and blend it out.
With my oily skin the product disappeared in just one hour.
The product is creamy, and I was so excited to use it.
But it doesn't go well with my skin type.
It might be good with other types of skin.
The product will not only conceals but also brightens up the area.
So places like the T-zone, pimples, dark spots and wrinkle areas are the optimal areas.
It's a small product also perfect for travelling.
A Concept: All-in-one Brightening A: Cushion -#23 Natural Beige 
The case itself is not really as high quality compare to Laneige. 
It's not as smooth to open it. 
The puff itself is also harder than the Laneige's puff. I prefer the A Concept's puff, as I can have more control over it. 
The product itself is a light BB cream. Light coverage but build-able. 
It have a light scent, but you will get use to it quite fast. 
I had my friend to try with her dry skin. It stayed on for a whole day. 
While I have oily skin, it stayed on for a good half day before I have to reapply again. 
The cushion pact have triple functionality of whitening, wrinkle care and sun protection with SPF 35, PA+++. 
With the content of Aloe Barbedensis Leaf Extract will bring your skin a tone lighter finish. 
It have a matte finish which is a plus! Best part is that is not sticky at all after applying. 
I would recommend to use it as an everyday product. 
Due to its overwhelming responds, this box is now sold out in Althea. 
But be on a look out for other boxes with many different kinds of products. 
Check it out here. 
Hope that you guys like this post.
I will try to update as much as possible (though I say it in every post)
In 2 more weeks my internship is done, so by then I'll be more free.
Till then.

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