5 Ways to Style with your Sports Bra


Hi Hi!! =D
I'm here to talk about a clothing item which I rarely wear, and that is sports bra.
I'm gonna share some few tips on how to style them and make your sports bra into something even more stylish, trendy and worth the catch in everyone's eye. ;)

Here's a little warning,
I'm never really confident in my own body.
But after lots of thinking I decided to show you guys some looks that were out of my comfort zone!
Why? Because this is a opportunity I wouldn't miss!
So you guys better appreciate =P

So let's get started okay?!
Embarrassing level high up to the roof!!

Every woman must already know the true importance of wearing a sports bra especially during those vigorous workout routines. These are a few looks that you can achieve by the simple use of the sports bra clothing item.

1. Pairing sports bra with yoga pants, track pants, or leggings. =) 

This is the most common and simple look that everyone already know.
It is the most suitable for you guys who love to work out and keeping in shape as the tight body hugging piece of clothes will boost up your confidence. ♥♥
This is because experts say that exercising while observing your body up close will give you a sudden push of motivation to work hard.

So here's my look!!
Top : Sports bra [ I don't remember where I bought this, sorry ]
Work Out Pants : Uniqlo
Shoes : Converse

I do have to say this, please wear sports shoes when you do your workout routines. =)

2. Pair your sports bra with a skirt. 

This next look that every girl / woman could pull off is match it with a skirt.
It looks sporty yet girly at the same time, which I find it adorably cute.

Top : Sports Bra
Skirt : Cotton On
Shoes : Converse
Sunglasses : Sephora [ Got it for free ]

The sports bra is the ultimate substitute of a crop top and a combination of a bra, which is awesome!!
I mean come on, you're wearing a piece which is 2 in 1, what else could get better than that? =D
It's light, comfortable and still fashionable for you guys to go out to town with your friends. ♥

3. Match your sports bra with prints!!

I realised that many people buy plain coloured sports bras.
So if you had the body to show it off to everyone, wear it with shorts, skirts with prints on it.
I'm sure it will bring tons of attention and compliments towards your look. ♥♥

This is my look =)
Top : Sports Bra
Bottom : Forever 21

Match your sports bra with a printed skirt!!
Whoever said sports bra are only to be worn during exercise is totally wrong!!

Not only that you can match them with different printed bottoms, you can also match them with printed cardigans too! =)
And it will still look fashionable!!

Top : Sports Bra
Skirt : Cotton On
Cardigan : From a boutique
Shoes : Converse

4. Overlay your sports bra with cardigans or baggy shirt. 

I overlay my sports bra with a open knit sweater, since fall is on the way [Not in Malaysia but still...]
I really like this look, it's comfortable.
And perfect for chilly or rainy days. =)

Top : T r t
Inner : Sports Bra
Bottom : Forever 21

And of course overlay them with your cardigan.
Cardigan is seriously my best friend!! ♥♥
Whenever there's a sudden storm, cardigans will always be there to save me =D
Paired it with a cardigan, your look will become more cosier and comfortable!!

Top : Sports Bra
Skirt : Cotton On
Cardigan : From a boutique
Shoes : Converse

5. Edgy style 

This style is something that is not in my comfort zone.
But I really love it, so I'm here to share it with you guys =D

Overlay your sports bra with a cardigan or a baggy shirt and match it with a slit skirt.
This is perfect for girls who want to attempt the edgy yet trendy look. ♥♥
If you want to add a little feminine element in your look, try on a statement necklace or a sunglasses.

Yay!! We're done!!
These are a few looks that you can style with your sports bra.
Here in Malaysia, not many people are willing to wear just a sports bra and go out to town.
But now with these tips and tricks, I hope you all can do it. =)
Rock these new look when you're going out feeling fashionable all day long! =)

And of course if you guys are really super interested in buying some awesome trendy sports bra.
Go check it out at Zalora's website for your sports bra online shopping.

P.s. : This is a huge step for me to wear these kinds of looks and show it to you guys because I'm not confident in my own body. But I did it for you guys. =)
Hope you guys love this post!! ♥♥
And good luck!!

Special thanks to my besties!!
Love you guys!! Thanks for helping me in the last minute! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


Mini Surprise Lunch @ Lunarich 27/8/14


Hi hi *waves*
I'm going to be writing about my small little lunch date with my good buddies Caiying and YiKai. =)

I thought it was just a small normal lunch date together, cause we haven't met after their studies and I was super duper happy that I can meet them.
And it's also a good way to spend my 4 hour break in between my classes.
YiKai being a gentleman he is [LOL] , drove me and Caiying over for lunch.

I'm not that good at making decisions on where to eat, well is because I'm not that picky at what to eat, so I rather let them choose where to go and eat instead.
I kept on asking where are we going to eat. But none of them answered me. =(
When I saw them drove over to The Cruises Steak House at Ideal.
I asked, is there where we are eating.
Then Caiying ask me : or you want Lunarich?
I said : Here nice mie? (Is this restaurant even nice?) Not answering her question.
[Even though I don't mind that we eat there, in my mind is, so this is where they want to eat, so I really don't care where we were going to eat.]
But right after I said that, she told Yikai to bring us to Lunarich instead. =0

Then I felt something suspicious. But it was still a few days before my birthday, so I really didn't think that it will be anything for me.
But right after we parked and got out of the car, being the observant one I am, I saw Caiying took a box of cake out together.

Caiying saw that I was looking at her holding the cake, then she knew she doesn't have to keep it anymore.
Surprise failed!!!! =D ♥♥
So they wished me a Happy Early Birthday!! =) ♥♥

Went to the restaurant with a even happier heart. =)
And we ate lunch, chatted a hell long time.
But hey that's what we all do, when we meet up after seeing each other, after such a long time.

They bought two slices of cakes. Which I'm grateful. ♥♥
If they bought a whole cake, I don't think we can finish it after our lunch.

Left : Black Forest.
Right : Blueberry Cheesecake

As they were trying to take out the plastic around the cake.
Blueberry Cheesecake failed. Lol!!!
So only Black Forest survived!! =)
In the end this became in the pic and not the other one.

Thank you both so so so much ♥♥♥♥

I really am grateful that we met and love you tons!!! ♥♥
8 years of friendship and counting =)

My friendship with this dude is even longer, but we recently just got closer.
Which I'm also very grateful.
We were in the same kindergarten by the way. =)

All 3 of us. =)

If you guys were wondering what I ate.
We had their set lunch. So is way more cheaper.
I ordered carbonara spaghetti set lunch, which comes with a drink, salad and ice cream as dessert. =)
For about RM23. Around that price. =)

Thanks for the failed small birthday celebration. =)
Love ♥♥

Hope we can see each other soon again!!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥


Joo Heng Tom Yum ♥ Gathers Cafe ♥ Farewell 1/8/14


Hi Hi!! =)
So I was going through all the pending post in my draft and I still have this post which is from the Hari Raya holiday.
And it's already a month ago. =0 

When I came to college, many of my friends says this place in mainland have really awesome TomYum.
Well, I really love TomYum. =D
And I wanted to try it so so so badly.
So I asked my friend LiFang and Isaac to bring me.
Yeah!! =D
So this place is at Raja Uda in Butterworth.

We get to choose all kinds of ingredients to eat. =)
Like fried fish , meat, mushrooms, sausages and more!!

I love is their fried fish the most. ♥♥
You have to get them , it's a must try!!

I have forgotten how much 3 bowls cause. But I think one is around RM 8 or 9 =)

A disadvantage is that we have to wait for almost 45 minutes for them to cook and we only get to eat. =/
And yes, there's a lot of people.!!

And just down Raja Uda road, we head over to Gathers Cafe.
This cafe is one of the most popular one in the mainland.
Cause of it's cute dessert I guess.
But there's some cafe rules you need to follow.[Which I find it quite stupid] Or else you will be scolded by the manager.  *shurgs*

Menu!! =)

The rules =/

I find the interior is very cozy and comfortable. ♥♥
Like you just wanna sit there and chat for a long time. =)

Okay I'm sorry , I forgot what's this called. But I really like it. It's really good =) ♥

Since there's 3 of us. We ordered all 3 of their cute popular desserts.
This bear ice cream is served with caramel.

The one that looks like an owl is served with chocolate sauce.

And the snowman is served with coffee or in detail is espresso.

All 3 together!!
Cuteness overload!!

I had a great time spending time with my close buddies who are serious older than me a few years. =D
But hey, age doesn't matter when you make friends. =)

Isaac is in US now.
We took our time out that day just to give him a small farewell from us.
Hope you enjoyed.

So I guess that's it from my Raya holiday posts!
The End!! =D

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥


20 Facts About Me Tag. ♥♥


So I guess now is my turn to do the 20 facts about me tag.

I was tagged by Nicole , my friend Purdy and my other good friend CaiYing. =)  
This tag has been going crazy on Facebook and Instagram. 
All I have to do is to list 20 facts about me. 
Not hard I guess. *shurg*

So here goes :
  1.  I'm quiet and shy when I first meet people [yes, I'm an introvert] , but once I'm comfortable with you, I can get quite chatty, laugh a lot and do many crazy things with you. [ But not too crazy ]
  2. I love food especially crunchy apples!! ♥♥
  3. I never wear glasses ;)
  4. I have natural brown wavy hair and I never cut my hair short before. 
  5. Some people thought that I'm a Japanese or a Korean or a American-Chinese [ when I was younger ] cause of my fair skin and my rosy cheeks.
  6. I love PINK !!
  7. I'm insecure and don't have much self-confidence and also tend to over think things a lot. =(
  8. I'm a people pleaser and sometimes I think I'm too nice to others that my friends makes fun of me cause I'm too nice and got myself hurt. =/ 
  9. I'd learnt dance [ballet], singing, piano, art, swimming and drama before. 
  10. I believe in treating other people nicely, they will treat you the same way back. =)
  11. I'm a Virgo. =) 
  12. I care for my friends a lot even though we don't contact much. ♥♥ Cause I have tons of great friends. ♥♥♥
  13. I love my family!!  ♥♥♥♥
  14. I'm a perfectionist. [ In my own way ]  
  15. I have a blog name
  16. I love to shop, especially for tops and dresses. 
  17. I love dogs, my next wanted dog is a pomsky. 
  18. I don't drink coffee, even though they smell great. 
  19. I forgive people easily is because we only live once, why bother to hold it in. 
  20. I know Chinese, English, Bahasa M'sia, a little bit of Hokkien. 

I guess that's it. All 20 facts about me. 
I don't want to post this on insta nor FB , cause I just don't feel like it =D 

Well now you all know 20 facts about me, 
I'm tagging all of you guys who are reading this. 
Tag me if you did this tag, so I can read it too =) 

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


Turning 19, I feel the Love ♥♥


Hey Hey!!! =D
I realised that I have tons of pending post that I needed to write and post it up.
But before all that, this needs to go up first.
I just turned 19 two days ago.
And here's what happened on my day.
[This is something I do every year, cause I want to remember how I spent my day, so if you think is boring then, sorry? Not! ]

3rd of September 2014.
The worst thing is that is on a Wednesday, my class on Wednesday is full!!
From 9am till 7pm.
Sad, so sad =(

My friends had gave me a warning to bring extra clothes to prank me.
Gosh I hate pranks, it's just sooooo embarrassing.
So I never took them seriously.

In the morning, as every other year, I received a huge bear hug from my daddy! =D
That's always the best gift from him which I can get every year. ♥♥

Messages always make me happy when the one I missed sent me birthday wishes.
Make me super duper happy cause they remembered.
[ Or maybe is the reminder in FB? IDK =D ]  

[Yes, is the little things that make me happy =) ]

When I reached school, received tons of birthday wishes.
Tons of hugs from my friends ♥♥
Received many repeated wishes from the same person. Those guys just love to play =D
Thank you for all the birthday wishes, love you guys ♥♥♥

I had a 4 hour break in between, which I got bored.
Like seriously bored!!
So I called my parents to bring me out to eat.
Went to one of my mom's friend restaurant to eat.
I ordered Roast Chicken!! It's good!! Really good!!

Sorry for the bad and blur quality pics in this post, cause I didn't bring my camera around which I regret!

So after lunch, went to buy my cake with my parents.
Then went back to school.
At my class at 5pm to 7pm is the class that most of my friends are in, and the teacher ain't strict at all.
And is also a huge class, around 90 students. =0

A group of my friends, sang birthday song for me which made me cover my face up immediately and laughing embarrassingly.
Gosh it's just so embarrassing!! =X

Then in the middle of class, another group of friends who weren't in this class, came in with loud voices singing birthday song for me.
Gosh my face should be golden at that time. =D
The funny thing is that the candle is not lighted which I find it really hilarious.

They asked me to make a wish, which I did in the pic below.
Thanks to my good friend Sha~ who took the pics in a such sudden situation.

After all big smiles, I knew the prank was near, but I let my guard down. =(
They took a small part of the cake and threw it on my face, which got on my T-shirt, most part of my face is creamed with chocolate.
Of course, revenge is sweet.
I took some part of the chocolate and smacked it on my friend's face.
Yes, it felt so so sweet *evil smile*

I'm so sorry for the teacher though, I even apologised to her when I was running to the toilet to clean up. =D

Dinner time, the last time I went to Daorae is the time I went with girls.
And I was craving for it a long long long time, and so this is the place I chose for dinner.

Really sorry for the blur pic =((

After dinner I went over to Boost like last year, and got myself a free original boost!!
Happy =D

I was searching online for some good cakes in Penang.
Then I came across this cake shop on Nagore Road, called Mon Délice Patisserie.
This is their site go check it out. HERE 

I chose their best seller cakes, which is called Mango Charlotte.
This cake is made by genoise sponge, vanilla cream mousse, and fresh mangoes!!
Well I love mangoes, so I'm sure I will love this cake too =)
And I did, I'm so satisfied with it.
You guys should go try it out too!! =)

Here's the little ruin cake my friends gave me. Thank you =))

So here's I spent my day turning 19 with tons of laughs ,smiles and memories that I will for sure cherish forever.
I totally feel the love you guys gave me by being creamed by chocolate cake in class.
How thoughtful of you guys.=/

And again. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. ♥♥

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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