WhitSundays @ Queensland


Hi Guys!!!

Here I am presenting to you all!

My first ever video! Yay!!

I compiled all the videos that I can find in my phone and my memory card.

So I have some disclaimer to make.
I did not plan to make a video, so that's why I didn't have the correct equipment with me, to make the best quality video of all.
So I apologise for that.

The pictures are usually taken from my mirrorless camera, which have better quality.
Then the videos are usually from a GoPro that I borrowed from my friend. The quality is not that great, so don't expect much.
Also, vertical videos are from my Snapchat, so I hope you understand, that snapchat videos are usually in vertical.

But I tried to make it to have content and is entertaining for you to watch. I hope that you all love this video, as I did my hardest to make it as great as possible!

If you guys like this video, tell me! I'll try to make more of em' in the future!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥


Port Stephens│Three Monkeys Cafe│The Depot on Darby @ Newcastle


Hey ya peeps! 
This is a real throwback post, all the way to July! Loll! (28.07.2016) 
At first I would like to re-edit some of the pictures, and the lazy bugs came, and I was lazy to do it. 
So then, credit to Tim for all the pictures! =D
Only a few of these are mine. 

Anyway, during my winter break, as I have nothing else to do. 
My friends decided to have a road trip down to Port Stephens. 
As me, the international kid, never been anywhere before. 
They always give me this pity look of, 'how come this kid never travel and look around Sydney?' 
And so they decided to bring me around! 
Great friends, I have. 
So, Port Stephens, nothing much. 

Only the sand dunes. 
As in there's tons of sand. 
The place is quiet and not much people around, which is awesome. 
Get to stay away from the crowded city once in a while. 
This is why I love Australia, the blue sky, blue sea and wanderlust nature!
If you guys saw my snapchat before, it was because that I have to walk down these mountains of sand.
And both my sneakers are filled with sand.
Much of sand! Hahaha
Look at that sand! Practically like the dessert. Just not the hot temperature, which is great. =)

Thanks guys! =D
We should have more road trip together!
Then we drove down to Newcastle to have lunch there.
With our spontaneous decision, and look up through Google, we went over to Three Monkeys Cafe.
I ordered their muesli with fruits. Yums!
The boys orders burgers, which looks amazing!
Then we walked past this cafe, and I saw they serve freak-shakes! Like literally awesome humongous freak-shakes!  
I ordered their Strawberry Shortcake. Which is in PINK!!
Man, I'm love it! Well duh~ this is my first freak-shake. And I've been wanting to try them since I know about them. 
Get ready for the diabetes! 
Sugar rush!! 
That's our day trip from Sydney to Newcastle for the day.
And I hope you had fun reading them.
Till next time!

Love Me! XOXO ♥♥

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