happy =D


see i'm happy!!!

see there is a happy face on my title that means i'm happy..
ok ok ytd night....
i went 2 wathced kung fu panda 2!!!
omg he is so so so so cute!!
big belly!!

the happiest thing is that my whole family watched 2gether..
my mom never often watched with us..
i was so happy when she said she wan 2...

see cute right???

mother's day!!


2day is mother's day

nothing special for my mom though =(
maybe 2nite we will c....

2day is also my fren's b'day
happy birthday!!!
a girl who like my smilely =)
i give u as many as possible haha

labour day!!


well 2day is labour day but is a sunday

so 2ml we dont have skul haha !!
got activity 2ml with my church
will have a blast
looking foward!!

2day i got a msg from my dear!!
haha miss her so much
aka sabrina chee =)
she ask that we could go out 2ml 2 QB 2 study
i was like uh-oh
sorry maybe next time =))))

friday is prince william and catherine
getting married
i skip ttn just 2 watch de whole event haha!!
love her dress !!!



just watch thor ytd actually

it was awesome very awesome....!!
love that movie
de actor is a hunk!!

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