Waffle Factory @ SPICE


Hi Hi!!

I went out with my high school friend last weekend.
I wanted to try a new cafe in SPICE called the 'Waffle Factory'.
Well from the name, I'm sure you all know that it sells waffles.

And I love waffles!!
The best ones that I had (in my opinion) are from 'Brown Pocket' in Gurney Paragon.

These waffle from 'Waffle Factory' looks similar to the ones from Brown Pocket, small but thick.
All the toppings add with ice cream have the same price of RM15.90.
Another cool thing is that you can choose your own flavour of waffle.
There's 3 flavour which are original, chocolate and matcha.

Chocolate and Banana with Original Waffle

What I don't like about the waffles here is that, the toppings were all put aside, is so hard to pick it up and eat them together with the waffle and ice cream. 
It just becomes a messy meal. 
They do sell coffee and cold drinks too.
Perfect for the hot weather to quench your thirst.

I heard that savoury waffles will be sold in the future.
If that's true, I would love to revisit them and try it too!

In conclusion, I preferred Brown Pocket's waffles over Waffle Factory.
Just saying, this is in my own opinion.

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥


My Other Christmas Present 2015!


Hi Hi Guys!!

I know I know, that Christmas is like almost a month gone and why I am here talking about my other Christmas present that I received right?

Let rewind back to last year kay? =)
Well, my older bro got me this really cute planner for 2016.
To start the new year, being organize!
How nice of him to give me this advice~

Why I didn't put it together with my Christmas post is because I don't have the time to take pics of this present. =D

There two designs that my brother brought back, one is a dark blue background with foxes around it.
And another is this turquoise colour with polka dots on them!

The brand of the planner is called Mossery, and is actually made from local!
I never heard of this brand until I have it, how bad of me that I knew nothing of Malaysia made brands and products!
They have really nice designs, I must say so myself.
I think it is also customizable. Which is awesome! =)
I don't know how much it costs, cause it's a gift from my bro.

But in a overall planner, this gives off way more, except from this kinds of normal calenders that we can write in.
Not only we can keep up with our activities.
There's also place where we can write our inspirations, our goals, and our notes!
It's like in a one book it fits everything!
I can write literally everything in there!

Thank you Bro!!

P.S.: I haven't start using it yet, and I really should start now.
January is almost gone already! (Like what?!)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥


Althea Haul!


Hi Hi Gals!!

Happy New Year!
It's 2016!
And I'm still going to be posting some things I bought last 2 months ago.
Starting the year with a haul! Awesome! =)

I have heard and read that Althea is a awesome place to shop for Korean skin care and make up products.
Cause they sell it on a much more lower price and also with fast shipping too!

My friend and I wanted to try it after hearing some great reviews on it.
And this is a small little haul, to show you gals what I bought from that website.

I have to say, shipping wise it's really awesome!
Products were shipped directly from Korea, and only needed 5 working days to arrive.

The packaging is just simply girly and pretty!
It shouted pink inside out!
And I love it!
They really do give out awesome and amazing discounts on products.
And with only RM150 spent, you'll have free shipping!
It's really a win win situation!

I only bought 3 products to try it out, cause well I just want to try it out!
After spending lots of time reading reviews and thinking which one I should buy.
I only narrowed it down to these.

Innisfree - Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

I've heard many good reviews not only on this product but also on the brand itself too!
And I would love to give it a try.
So that's why I bought it!
Yay to my first Innisfree product!

This product, I bought it because:
1. There's tons of amazing reviews on it.
2. I buy it together with my friend, so both of us can try it out together.
3. After the discount, it's consider quite cheap!

Vitamin Capsules
And also it can last a long time! =)
The last product I bought, is for my own problem!
Well if you guys doesn't have blackhead problems I envy you!
I've tried Holika Holika pore strips before, and it works great!
So now I want to try their 3 steps blackhead strips.

Holika Holika - Pig-Nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit
So, taaadddaaaahhhh!
These are my items that I purchased from Althea.
I haven't tried any of them yet!
That's why I couldn't give any of my opinions on these products.
But I think I'll be able to use them happily!
Tell me, if you guys have these products, what is your own opinion on them?
I would love to know!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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