pressie from USA!!


i recieve a pressie from my aus aunty on mon
her family went 2 USA last year for holiday =D
they all spent 4 days in disney land
so syok!!!
surprisingly, they even bought me a pressie =D

 LOVE the keychain <3



thursday [2/2/12]
i fell down in pj class..
funny thing is i didnt cry
i mean a crybaby like me should have cried but i didnt
LOL ~~
my knees were injured, bad~!!!
my elbow is injured a bit so is my left palm =((
i have been wearing long pants for 2 days le..
2ml i cant wear anymore cuz i dont really have that much long pants 2 help me cover it..
haiz =((
clumsy me stand also cnt stand properly =((

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