L0V3 ~


Loving you makes me feel warm..
Loving you makes me feel happiness..
but Loving you will hurt me..
Loving you will make my tears fell on the floor even more..
Loving you makes me feel want to hold your warm hand..
Loving you makes me feel want to hug you..
Loving you makes me feel want to kiss you..
I cant stop Loving you..
How is this going to end...
Many questions are in my head when Loving you
Will we be together or not??
Will my life be happier or not??
Do you Love me or not??
Wish you could answer..=)
I Love You
by xoxo

pain =[


last thurs my cousin baby from kl came back.. he n my aunt stay at my house so i sometimes need 2 take care of him n is difficult..

fri we went to g-hotel 2 eat japanese food at miraku yummy =]

sat i went 2 my cousin's house cuz my aunt from australia also came back for a week.. we had something like pot-luck.. my aunt from (aus) cook salmon n beef n dono wad yummy my mom cook chicken n crab my uncle bought durian my aunt from kl bought roasted pig.. eat till full we still had haagen daz.. yum !!
sun oh man hate today need study le but no time.. in church baby ethan sctrach my face there pain si almost wan cry out le.. so red stil got blood come out.. a bit la of course.. so wan 2 cut off his finger nails e pekchek si =[

~gotong-royong day~


today at 3,4, n 5 peroid we had to clean the computer room with my maths teacher.. we claened non-stop my shoes of course i wear became lay fern wear den er er wear den wet wet de..

some more i scared height de me teacher cal me climb up the ladder to wipe de fan.. die e x.x.. but i live hehe =]

we cleaned till recess almost over, so teacher give us RM50 n we divide for 19 ppl.. so one gal gets RM2 =] haha.. when we went down 2 the cantin de prefect came n ask we say we were cleaning n they cnt say anything... den pn.peh came we say the same thing she let us eat of course.. haha.. to day i ate 2 cakes one bowl of mee and a drink full si..

we almost skip geo class good thing teacher didnt teach anything =]

fun day =) xoxo

today super scary...=[


Today we celebrate teacher's day at dataran kantin.. there's one gal keep crying non-stop i didnt know till we went upstairs back to class.. that was not all teachers bring her 2 their office and the prefects say she sing in a high pitch n was good(plus crying at the same time).. and she is not tired at all... weird~

den recess she was back to normal.......

after recess she wanted to jump down from de highest floor down.. some ppl saw it, not me i dont dare.. my goodness.. discipline teacher pull her n drag her down to the office again.. she cal some students from my class to help.. von help n say she is out of her mind talking to herselve.. my heart was ready to jump out of my chest.. super scary today =[
* everyone was scared even the teachers* ='[

Friday is not in me...


last friday i cry til eyes are red..
this friday just broke my whole mood..
teacher scold me for no reason it just broke it.. broke it all..

pei fei draw my book abt us 22 bff together in a cartoon type so cute
thx lichin for dis idea =P

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