Chinese New Year 2014


Hey all!! =DD

Since Chinese New Year is over [ a long time ago]
I would like to collect all pics I took during the holiday and put it into one post, which is way more easier.
Well basically, I just went to many dinners and catch up with my cousins =)
I didn't bother to take pics during the dinner, well cause is catching up time, even though I did bring my camera, I just took pics when we were seriously bored. =)

On the first day of CNY!! =D
Woke up super early to get ready
Cause we were going to church to celebrate the first day of CNY =)
Just like any other year =)
I chose red this year.
Well for us Chinese, red or gold is consider good luck or something for the new year.
Tradition, all tradition~ I don't mind much, just follow bit here and there.

I matched it up with a cardigan is for a reason.
You will know it after you scroll down, wearing the cardigan is just to make sure the aunties and uncles in church doesn't say behind my back. ;)

Me and Lerk Chieh ♥♥

Li Fang and Me =) ♥♥

Then some of my church members went for 贺年队 which is a group of people go to other people house to celebrate CNY. Lol
This year my house is one of it, so most of my shots is from my home =/ LOL!!

LC , Nicole and me. ♥♥

This was the reason why I must wear a cardigan on a hot morning.
Gosh it was hot when I was wearing that cardigan.
Love my new cut out dress!! =D
It looks normal in the front but BOOM!! at the back!! =D
Hahaha don't want to brag about it, just that I really love this dress when I saw it with my friend CY
 =) ♥♥♥♥     
My friends or adults that I'm comfortable with, 
They all were like, : Sarah turn around, show me your back. =D  [So..... couldn't find the right word, yeah you get it ;) ]

Red Dress : Forever 21
Cardigann : H&M
Heels : Some boutique [Heh] 

A close up!!
Okay I didn't want this kind of pic, but my friend accidentally took this, so since it's taken why not post it =)

Then in the afternoon I changed into something more comfortable.
Me and cousin, Steph ♥♥

The second day of CNY, my family and I went back to my dad's side of the family at Perak.
Surely I had a huge family that I don't even know who!! =0
I wore something simple =D

Dream Catcher Top : Krabi, Thailand
Shorts : H&M

With all my granduncles, grand-aunties, uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews and nieces!!
Not all were there, there were some not able to come.
So ya, there's more!! *shock!!*

On the 3rd day, we had dinner with my mom's side of the family. =D

Top : Lalu
Skirt : Forever 21
Owl Necklace : Vogue Maison

Cousins and me =D ♥♥

On the 4th day, I just stayed at home, but still feel wanna dress up, so I wore this trendy thing they called boxer top, which is really wide top.
Top : Lalu
Shorts : Brands Outlet =D

Then at night, we went to another dinner with also my mom's side of the family, but with her uncles and cousins.
So is a huge dinner.
Dress : Debenhams =)

Then just some other normal days, with normal dressing =)
Top : some random shop in QB 
Shorts : Brands Outlet

Top : T&T
Shorts : Forever 21

I did my nails for CNY too =)
Glitter Golden gradient nails!! =DD
Love it so much, since it's so easy to do!! =D  ♥♥

I realized that I bought many blue this year, and had no pink!
Omg!! lol~
I bought quite many sweaters too, ok ok maybe around 3.
Can't have too much, since Malaysia is such a hot country =/
But still I love sweaters!! *hearts*

I don't know if I consider this as my lookbook, but hey is about fashion and how I style.
So hope you all like it =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


Food Date =D 29/12/13


Hey Hey readers everywhere =)

Anyway I'm just writing a small hang out with my friend, Ee Yin =)
I think you all knew her in some of my blog post.

She acc me in my driving lessons and driving test.
We also went out after having our spm results. =)
And she also acc me whenever I needed someone to go out with me in the very very last min!! =D
So that was the last time I met her [ I think] in March.

Then recently we hang out again. =D
I asked her to drive cause almost every outing we've been to, I'm the one driving.
So now it's her turn hahaha =DD

We went to Gurney Paragon after I knew that Brown Pocket is there, I wanted to try the waffle so badly!!
But my friend told me that the portion is quite big, and I don't think 2 of us can finish it =( 
So in the end no Brown Pocket. =(((

As we were walking I remembered Nicole telling me about Chocolate Passion.
So we went there, checked the menu, almost the same price as Brown Pocket.
Ee Yin was craving was ice cream, so we went in and try. =DD

The famous thing in Chocolate Passion that I know is the Chocolate Bomb.

Now Instagram can post a 15sec vid, I've saw a lot of people were posting about this Chocolate Bomb.
So we ordered it too!!

Chocolate Bomb for RM18.50 

I also took a video of the whole process of the Chocolate Bomb =D 
Ee Yin break the bomb and I took the vid. 
This invention of food is AMAZING!!! Cause we get to play food!! [In a good way] 
Here's the vid  =)

And of course the after picture of the Chocolate Bomb =D 
So So good!! *Thumbs Up*

This is chocolate heaven ♥♥
We finish the whole thing in just a few minutes =D cause it's really really good!! 
But the strawberries is very very sour that I made the sour face. 
You know that kind of face, after eating a sour thing your whole face just wrinkle together hahha [best description I can think of] 

One of my secondary school in CDK, who is a year younger than me is working there too 
I don't really know her, I just recognize her and she me too =D 
So we said Hello and smile a little =)  

Omg I have one thing to say too, their plain water have this weird taste. 
They added lemon or lime [I can't differentiate them] in it, so it make the taste I don't know... weird!!
And of course I don't really like it. =/

Then we just walk around so that we can digest the chocolates and fruits in our stomach, 
We walked from the highest floor down to the lowest floor, practically the whole Gurney Paragon. 
Went into H&M then Victoria Secret and also Michael Kors, their watches is sooooo pretty!!! 
Then went into Sephora =) 
Bought nothing, but I tried a lot of stuff =D 
My hand is full of Eyeliner and concealer and moisturizer and BB cream and also One Direction : One Moment perfume haha =D 

We were at Lower Ground floor, saw this store sells everything in mini size!!
Omg so so cute!!
I think the store is call House of Mini =)

We were bored after walking the whole place,  
So I suggested to watch a movie. 
We walked over to Gurney Plaza, walking past G Hotel. 
And took a pic of this G haha =D 
Merry Christmas!!!
This G is the cutest one this year =)

Then we head over to the cinema to buy tickets to watch a movie.
It's always like that with Ee Yin to watch a movie, she doesn't mind any kind of movie.
So we chose the closest time, so that we don't have to wait so long.
So we watched 47 Ronin, my friends kept on telling me to watch cause it's really good.
But my dad and bro went to watch said the story tells kinda slow.
So *shrug*

We still need to wait half and hour before the movie starts.
So we just randomly walk around.
While walking down the escalator, I saw Sab!!
I was like smiling and laughing!! Eager to get down of the escalator asap!! haha
Cause I haven't seen her since the last hang out in June
We chat, laugh and hugged a lot.  =P
Sab permed her hair again. Which quite suit her also.
We went to find Minyi who is working in Warehouse.

It's been so so long since us 3 met together!!
We chatted =D
Then let Minyi off to work again. =)
Then is Sab's turn to go =)
But before I let her go, Pictures is a must =D 

Love her a lot!! ♥♥
Then with lots of XOXO , we separated.

Then me and Ee Yin went up to the cinema to watch our movie, we were 5 mins late but it's ok la.
Cause still commercial time.
Here's the thing I was angry about.
I mean I'm used to eat popcorn while watching a movie, or eat junk food while watching TV at home
[Bad habit I know]
But I don't know is that GSC don't want to earn some money or what?!
All their counter that sells popcorn is closed!!
I mean like wth!!
I was just... uurrgghh!! [annoyed to be exact]
We went in to the cinema anyway, after half an hour I came out, only one counter is open =/
At least I can buy a bag of popcorn.

Anyway 47 Ronin is not bad.
A normal samurai movie I have to say.
No Comment =/
I do have to say all the characters look the same, how to differentiate them is by their moustache. LOL

After the movie is already dinner time.
So we decided to go to Miam Miam.
I know I'm kinda slow. =.=
But still at least I get to try =)
All I can say that is try it once is enough.
It's quite pricy I have to say. But it's good!!
Really Good!!!

Ordered =) 

While waiting for food. =)

I can't believe that Miam Miam's wifi is quite fast haha
compare to other restaurants wifi =D 

Food arrived!!! =D
Happy till die hahaha
Cabonara with bacon I think =) 

Then I ordered their famous soufflé =D
So so delicious!! =D

I do recommend you all to try it =D
It's really good =)

After our dinner we head home.
So I guess that is my last outing in the year 2013 =)
I wish you all have a better 2014 that will be filled with even better memories =)

Finally done with Dec events!!
Yeah!!! =D

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥

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