First Half of 2017 - New Buys & Fav Products


Hey y'all! I would like to share on what makeup products I had purchased when I was back in Malaysia last summer and lovin' it! I wasn't going on any major hunting session to find the perfect makeup product to try and buy. And of course, I did not go through any research on searching what products is the most worth it to buy and which is suitable for me. 
To summarise it all, I definitely bought these products spontaneously! 
 Blush: Nars - Bumpy Ride 
Lipstick: M.A.C. - Brave 
 M.A.C. is a brand that I always look up to and never have the guts to even go in to the store to try it out. As I'm sure all you beauty peeps out there knows, M.A.C. employees are not the best at customer service which also equals to me not being brave enough to step into the store to look around. Also it's interior is just so slick and mature that I feel like I am not suitable to be in there. 
 'But how did you even manage to buy a lipstick from M.A.C.?' you would ask. 
I was doing a favour for my cousin to buy a M.A.C. lipstick, as it was cheaper my M'sia than in Aussie. So, I did it. Finally first step into the store, and 'WHAO!!' The choices of colours for the lipsticks range are endless! 
Anyway, I'd picked up the lipstick for my cousin. I was with my mom at the time, so my mom was like, would you like one? I was like nah, I wasn't really into lipsticks. (Because they tend to dry off your lips, not fun) Of course, my mom said 'I know you want one, which one do you want?' 
I have no idea, and the salesperson was like expecting you to know all the names of their well-known lipsticks. I was clueless. In the end, the salesperson picked this deep nude colour with a pink/red base - 'Brave' and I love it! It brightens up my whole makeup look. Especially that I'm fair, and don't really put much makeup on everyday, it's perfect! 
I bought it without reading the any reviews about M.A.C. lipsticks, but I know for sure that my cousin loves it, and she owns a few of them already. Also hearing from many people saying how pretty the lip colours are. 
The lipstick doesn't dry up your lips as much as I thought, but it is best to put a layer of lip balm before putting on your lipstick. The colour stays on in a decent amount of hours. It does transfer [bummer], so it's best to bring the lipstick with you. The packaging is small enough, so that you can reapply when you are out and about. 
NARS is also another brand that I love and admire, but never own one before. My first encounter with NARS is when my mom wants a blush and foundation. So, I recommended her to this brand. 
Also, due to the fact I have to help my cousin buy some makeup. I drop by NARS for a sec just to look around. Mom on the other hand said that she wants a new foundation. Which also reminds me that I would like to have a blush. 
And of course, NARS is well-known for its Blush - Orgasm.
My mom owns one of it, and I was planning to get one for myself, so that I don't have to sneak in to my mom's vanity just to use it. Then, the salesperson recommended me this new shade for the S/S season, called Bumpy Ride. 
Pink base, really pigmented. I love it! 
Though it doesn't have the gold glitter like Orgasm, but its fine. I love this shade! It gives my face a healthy flush look, and I received quite a few compliments from it whenever I wear it. 

That's it for my Fav products! 
Till next time x 

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Spring Fashion 2017 for Men & Women


Hiiii!! I'm BACK! :D
Finally we are in the 2nd half of the semester. And yesterday I finally completed one of the huge assignments. I hope it goes well, and now is time for me to rest and chill.

Bonobos asked me to create a fashion mood board for both women and men for this upcoming Spring! I gladly accepted it! Thinking of the trends and 2017's colours. I finally did it!

First of all is for us women.
Off shoulders has become a huge trend for this year, and incorporate with that trend adding with one of this year's colour - this soft pink colour. Thus choosing this off shoulders dress will be perfect for spring.
Also having a sky blue colour from the shoes is also a trendy colour this year.
Combining both colours for this outfit is a great colour scheme.
Holding that sling bag with a hint of floral blue pattern is the perfect design for spring!
How can you not say yes to floral patterns!

Spring Fashion Casual 2017

As for the men, I hope this will help your fashion of just T-shirts and pants with slippers.
Another trendy colour this year is this shade of nude, Hazelnut colour.
I find men can pull off this look really well.
Having a nice casual jacket makes the overall look way better.
Instead of wearing slippers or sandals, wear slip-ins shoes. As they give off a look that you put lots of effort in. An overall well-put look. Which is great!
Off white, nude and a touch of light grey with black shoes. You will be ready for spring!
Spring Men Casual 2017!

If you guys did find this helpful.
Please do comment down below and I'll be happy to read through them =)
And that's it for now.
Until next time :)

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