bought presents for my best friend -----debbie!!!
we exchange b'day present every year =DD
well i did not receive mine yet cause she is busy =((
after i saw my church singing teacher had a pencil box which had her name on it and the words are so glitter!!! <3 it
so she sell these kind of stuff
so i'm gonna buy one for deborah
this all happens on fri night when we practice singing

my teacher bring over files of words
those words are like stickers so there are many kinds of pattern n colours!!
i saw tiok den crazy haha =DDDD
haha dont know what to choose ~~
so in the end is like that =))
on my pencil box one word is RM1.50
on deb's pencil box one word is RM1.30 cause the words are smaller
so for one pencil box all total up is between RM 20 to 25 like that =DD
n my teacher ask me 2 work for her after my exam
means i could see all colourful words everyday =DDD



starwalk ~


1st time i've participate this kind of competition
i joined the non-competition
and it start at 7'15 am
sleepy man~~
so here we go start walking~~

well i suppose 2 meet phooi fun,minyi n purdy!
but in the end i start walking with purdy =))

and the whole thing abt this thing is i get a blister in my leg n a certificate
we had 2 finish the whole walk within 2 hours in 6km
n i did it!!
woohoo!!! =DDD

then while waiting for the damn lucky draw which i did not get
me n purdy went 2 sunshine city
1st time goin up 2 that long escalator~~
so kinda new for me haha
n 1st time goin 2 time square ~~
so i saw a cute bear n took a pic with it
den ate lunch
den i went 2 church 2 bath
then went 2 choir
den go QB
well at 1st we want 2 watch nasi lemak
but all full n sold out le~~
so went 2 2 eat n walk walk =))
den went home =))



went 2 logos hope again
but this time is on tour haha fun man!!
each person 10 bucks$$
need max 10 ppl in a group
well it is worth it cuz we get 2 go into the whole ship(weel not exactly the whole ship but we still get 2 go in =)))
****well pics will upload soon i think =))
den we went 2 lunch which was damn damn cheap
we went there with 15 ppl n ordered 7 dishes
den all count 2gether + water = RM125
damn cheap man!!!
den we went back 2 church
den we had bible competition
den meeting
after that we went 2 1st avenue 2 watch JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN!!!
the show was awesome
their popcorn is also awesome!!!
we all laugh the whole show
from the start till the end~~
the pic is small~~
i admit i laughed the loudest haha!!!
after that we went 2 eat dinner with my church frenz~~ =DD
den went home =))
oh ya!!

round penang =))10/9/11


well i cant go 2 gp 2 watch the k-pop finalist
sorry gals~~~
i followed my mom 2 gelutong market
hey 1st time go there so dont say me =))
den went 2 a shop which sells toilet bowls
because ours is spoiled dy =D
i went 2 jenny's cake house 2 buy a birthday cake for our church teacher
bought tiramisu cake 1/2kg
haha when i went in
i became crazy because of the cuteness
and not crazy about the game =))
you will know what i mean
den went 2 camellia's garden 2 buy flowers n pots
beautiful =))
den went home
went 2 church at night n surprise our teacher =)))
pics will upload soon for that

sweet 16th!!!


well 2day is my birthday!!!
happy birthday 2 me!!! <3
ytd my family brought me 2 go eat T.G.I.F
love it
i called a beef bacon burger and is delicious!!

2day i went 2 gurney!!
miss the performance of jxhia, lynn, minyi and their friend
sorry never wanted that 2 happen
anyway congratz u all went into finals!!! <3
happy for you guys =)) and jovy too!!
i treat myself starbucks haha =D
well i cant just stand there watching so i buy n drink it while supporting them =))
actually went 2 GP i never saw minyi at all =((
she was busy i know =))

at night went 2 church
my friend gave me presents!!!

STICKY!!!!!!!!!! <3
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
bear bear??
friendship globe?? haha it is cute thing actually from my friend =)) isaac

well that's how my b'day ended
sweet 16th =))

hair cut!!!


2day i went for a hair cut n treatment
i know....
well it is nice n smooth now ~~
haha just the best service 2..
didnt took any pic of it but is cool!!!
well i reach there was almost 12..
my mom scared me n my bro will be hungry
so the aunty n her son who owned the store
says that they could call some guy who owns the western food beside us 2
deliver 2 us for us 2 eat =D
best service ever!!!
while cutting my hair i was eating my chicken with rice
n drinking my coke =)))!!!
at almost 3 it was finish!!

there was a little curl at the end
can u see it??

30/8/11 [tuesday]


it was another great day with my little cousin ethan =))
we went 2 logos hope ship!!!
big ship!!
big book fair!!!
many people!!!
i was squeezing here n there 2 get 2 c some books
unfortunately no books for me
just a journal book.....
we had ice cream after that...
RM5 for a cone of ice cream
but is worth it
the money needs 2 feed all 400 ppl in that ship..
n all ppl in that ship are volunteers only... =))
after that we went 2 new world park for lunch n is goodbye ethan
he is goin back home for another fun day=)))
then at night
we went 2 QB 2 watch cars 2...
the cars are so cute!!!!

29/8/11 [monday]


went 2 CRC for lunch
had a great time with both little cousins
well there r young
just playful...
very playful...
went home a while...
at almost 5
we went 2 straits quay..
where ethan lives
so damn rich...
that place is the best
upstairs is where u live, or swim or exercise
downstairs is where u shop, relax, n shop!!
i love there <3
we went for a little small pool party with ethan
n there is him in his little boat....
we had dinner at some nyonya food restaurant
ethan was playing his new toys that my cousin's mom gave him..

cute isnt??
den l8r we went 2 'delicious' 2 eat dessert..
n it is very delicious....!!
we ordered 4 desserts n all are yummy =))
this is chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream on top!!
this is my fav!!
this is peach and banana crumble with also vanilla ice cream..
quite sweet but yummy 2
this is something with strawberry
sweet n sour..
well it neutralise it
so is quite good 2.. =))
macadamia cheese cake =))
never had much cuz 2 full...
but it was quite nice
not 2 sweet n just perfect...
so that's it for that night
n we went home after that =))

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