Ming Li ge ge wedding


is ming li ge ge wedding
i didnt go 2 his morning ceremony cuz went 2 skul
man damn bored at skul
den at night was at berjaya hotel
*ball room!!
haha took pic with deb!! n gurney n dolphin lol!!
the ball room was long man 50 something tables!!
the brides dress is awesome!!!

me v deb!!

i MISS you!!


i miss dancing

and is a lot!!!
i dont know what came over me
i just wan to dance!!
maybe is jx keep say abt dancing
n make me wan 2 dance again...
but i'm not as good as my frenz
cuz i dint dance a long time ago...
dont know whether i can go dance again =s
so wish me luck!!



2day at bio lab

do experiment
teacher was mad
cause we were working so slow......
well cnt help it
cuz all the things r glass
n scare wrong....
so we were slow.....
den our group the bunsen burner
cnt be a smaller flame...
that thing was so hot...
we cnt continue our experiment
cuz de flame was so big but we cnt turn it even smaller...
den teacher was trying 2 be clam
but i think she is scare...
so our experiment was halfway
so when we go back teacher was in the lab let the gas continue burn
haiz so bad so bad.......
all carbon dioxide.....
so bad....
so scare.....
now scare v fire
*scare scare*

The Wonderful Punishment


last night was memorizing the ming ju

useless ming ju
dont know need memorize for wad
so useless = bm

2day had ming ju test
damn scared
*cuz if we didnt correct 6 n above must be punish*
so the dream i had last night made me scare
n woke up at 5 just because of those stupid ming ju

den at school 5/10
OMG been punish 10 times (la e duo)
so WTH man
but whatever la
it is better den
20 times
30 times
40 times
so i'm cool with it

den had the best time v jxhia again =)

p.s. got school homework [add maths] !!!!

QB ^^


today got no skul wee!!

1st time ever for so many years
at last got a holiday for chu 9
i mean for my frens will be tiring
but for me is a fun day lol!!

*skip the afternoon part*

went 2 QB after ttn at 5'30 - 7'30pm
den we ate at nandos =D
den went 2 bilabong got happy news and sad news
happy news : bilabong have 70% =D
cause of that i bought a bag n a purse =DD
sad news : bilabong is closing at QB at the 14th of feb!! =((((

after that i saw a bff key chain!!
man that is pretty!! 39.90 n 70% so it was a lot cheaper
gonna give deb half of it i guess.. =D
dont tell her tough is her b'day present =D lol!!

watch the green hornet at 9'35pm
man it was a funny, (stupid guy) movie haha
but is great.....
acted by jay chou OMG *he talked eng aint that bad*
so that all
see ya l8r!!

the 1st day of new year pic!!


dis is wad i wear 2 dinner lol very simple
drank shandy for 3 days le =P
dis is a pics of me n my frens eh parents eh pic (in church)

me n deb
my pretty pink dress in the 1st day of the new year lol =D

new year pics !!!


this is 31st of jan eh clothes lol
me v deb wengt early so went 2 nichii 2 try these 2 clothes

sunglasses is at padini lol =D
converse shoes (THE 1ST ONE)

1st day of new year!!


woke up at 6'45

went 2 church of course i wear pretty pretty
(will upload pic after new year gua or earlier)
so ate lunch n took pics 2...
den went 2 my grandma house
den my aunt house
ate quite much
den went home
slp!!! haha XD
den i wake up went 2 CRC again!!!
2 eat dinner v my family
den till now at my cousin house

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