2day is the 1st day came out transformer in the cinema
why i went 2 watch???
my bro is crazy abt it same like me crazy abt JB
n now i'm crazy back 2 bumblebee !! <3
haha my dream car!!
yeng leh??
sports car e!!

for my opinion the new girl is not really that good
i still think megan fox is a lot better than the new girl [erm.... wht's her name??]
so yea the whole fighting scene
she is wearing jacket n long jeans
which i think is very hot!!
other than that i think the show is amazing =)))



well nothing special happen

just 2day went 2 coffee island 2 eat lunch
my teacher treat us
well is nothing quite special 2 me
cuz i was damn bored for one whole hour!!
i wanted 2 go gp 2 find zai
my teacher let me but i need 2 walk a long way...
n i'm wearing high heels...
so yea~

dis coming wed
i'm gonna watch transformer the 3rd movie

so i guess that's it =S
bye bye readers =)

chip's day!!


today we went 2 skul for mesyuarat agung!! AGM

i was chosen 2 become some juruaudit in drama
happy?? or confuse??
both actually
happy cuz i've got a post at last!!
confuse cuz i dono wad does a juruaudit does... =s
after all these meeting i went 2 the canteen 2 eat some fries
****chips/fries =)

l8r dat afternoon
my dad my bro n me went 2 watch green lantern!! =D
quite nice~
went 2 nandos n ate peri-peri chips...

den at night we had a gathering at church
title is where is love?? {translate from bc}
after that we went 2 drive-through MCD
ate sundae n some fries
fat right ???
haiz =(
so i guess 2day = chips day !! =))))

gurney le at last!!


well 2day went 2 gp....with my frens....

*sab's bf
*sab's bf's fren
not many people
but i tell u i dont really like sab's bf
cuz he like dont want 2 talk 2 us..
u noe keep telling sab lets go lets go
then we went into the cinema [sab dont know]
2 watch super 8
u noe the show is not creepy just we sat at the first row
n it just pop up
is shock us.. xx
half of the scary part
we turn 2 the back n saw sab n her bf hugging
u noe [couples does in the cinema]
n we tease her after the movie haha

i bought YT swenson ice cream
yummy n big haha
for me is syok haha
cuz she will eat it till the whole face is ice ream haha
[ i owe her cuz she got the 3rd in drama competition]
n they[minyi n YT] bet for whether i'm gonna buy for her or not
OMG !!
--if i buy for YT, minyi will kiss my cheek
--if i did not buy for YT , YT will kiss my cheeck..
good thing nobody kiss me LOL

then we just walked around n talk with sa's bf's fren
well DUH~~ we r bored n a couple is infront of us
taking us around gurney plaza
just like giving us a tour abt gp!!
damn bored haha
then we went home..

p.s. : didnt took any pics 2 ..... =(









i love glee haha

watch season 1 finish in one week
i was like just sitting infront of the tv for the whole day watching GLEE
now i'm watching season 2 haha
season 2 is better than season 1 =D
charice is in it yeng!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

x-men =s


well i went 2 watch

x-men the first class.........
i know it's not a girl girl watch eh show..
but hey is a family outing
i dont want 2 miss it haha !!
watching half get the story half dont...
i let my brothers 2 explain 2 me easier then reading those comics
it's a great movie
well cause my mom did not fell asleep while watching so is a good sign =ppppp
now left
pirates of the caribean
i have not watch
maybe gonna watch with my friends/ bro not sure haha
better is with friends
so i wont owe my zai
her pencil box... owe her 2 years dy
sorry =x



well 2day i skip church 2 go to drama competition

2 support my dear , zai , ah pang n everyone..
well is kinda boring at first cuz....
nobody pei me
chia lynn is falling asleep
*but of course is after our skul perform [means they were totally awesome!!]
n i'm just sitting there doing nothing
well of course watching
den when we all r awake again is chung hwa's performance
man!! their creative is damn great!! =D
n they won 3rd
chung ling won 2nd
ping hwa won 1st!!
well i dont get ping hwa's story
but they got creativity so is what the judges want...
now i dont even know my skul won what..
text evrybody [ok ok only 2]
but no reply at all!!
it hurts u know =(
well gonna read 2ml newspaper then =)

ps : i didnt took any pic 2day sorry =(

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