Sabah ~ Day 3 & 4


on the 22nd of Dec, in the early morning.
my family and i went down to the beach for a stroll.
i took my camera down too.
and here r some pics =))

then we head for breakfast =))
and here is a pic that i finally got it!!
that little boy there mistook our van for the hotel's shuttle bus and climb into our van.
he is sooooooooo cute!!! growing up will be like his bro [ beside him] that handsome =D

after breakfast we still have time.
so we went back to the beach!!
i just love this top!!!
and i also been wanting to try out this hat i bought.
so yes, it suits me!! =))

 when i stroll on the beach, some of my family member went cycling.
2 person bike [forget what's that called =/]
 Baby cousin having fun in the sea!!
the sea is not deep so we can have fun even by standing.
thanks to my cousin, he threw a dead coral right on to my foot and i'm having blue black!!
These 2 little kids are just best friends and laughing together having fun. they are soo cute!!

After having fun. we went to the Philippines market
and most of the stuff is from Philippines.
the only thing that got everyone attention is seahorses!!!
yes the amazing seahorses!!
they sell those.
one packet 2 seahorses RM55. [ sorry i can't get that number out of my head]

 this is part of the market, which sells art and craft and is where i bought souvenirs too. =DD
They sell seafood there too. and see how big that prawn is!!! 
i did not go there but my cousin said their fishes is like so so so cheap!!

after that we head back to the same restaurant like ytd.
and had different kinds of dish.

After dinner. Adults went to the market to buy more stuff and us children went back to the hotel.
and we started playing King of Tokyo!!
till late night!! =DD
that's all for that day.

we had our late breakfast.
and we packed our stuff.
off we went to Gaya Street Sunday Market.
it opened every Sun. and there were many many things!!
they even sell pets there.
so chicks, chicken , puppy , rabbit and many more!!

After a little shopping and bargaining.
see what we bought!!
cheap shells!!
My aunt gave me a coral and it broke from the stem and i haven't had the time to glue it back yet.
so no pic =P but it's pretty.

off to the airport!!
we went to KL. stayed in there for almost 3 hours and then went home! =DD
a fun place to be. sad that we can't go to the island.
so this conclude the 4 days trip in Sabah =))
love the owl necklace!!
the link for day 1 in Sabah : here
the link for day 2 in Sabh : here

love me! xoxo 

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