The Grounds of Alexandria @ Sydney


Hi Hi!! 

So glad that I'm back to my little corner of everything. 

My cousin brought me over to The Grounds of Alexandria for the first time. 
With what I saw in the pictures, it was already amazing! 
The whole place is just so Instagram worth, just saying~ 
I really do love the place, it's big enough to have 3 different places to dine in, and also a few stalls to sell cute mini doughnuts and pastries.
I never tried those pastries as we were full from our huge and amazing lunch!
Just look how cute and mini those pastries are!
I would definitely try it when I visit this place again.
So my cousin and I, had lunch at The Cafe. 
There's also The Garden and The Potting Shed to dine in which also have really beautiful ambiance and great food for you to enjoy.  
Being serious here, I have no idea what to order. 
And I was just looking at the menu for so long! 
In the end, made the decision to have their The 'Ground' Burger for $19.
I love the chips so much, it's just crispy on the outside and everything melts once you bite it in! Just heavenly! 
My cousin ordered their Lamb Ragout Pappardelle for the same price as my burger too. 
I was worried for their huge serving, but with my cousin and I sharing the chips, we manage to finish off all the food.
And the burger isn't as big as I thought, which is great!
They have a bakery too!
Even though I would love to enjoy all of their pastries, sadly I was just too stuff.
They also have a flower shop.
Might be a great place to buy a last minute present to an event =)
They also sell candles and pretty cutleries in the store, so go in and check it out!
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The main entrance to the cafe is decorated prettily with lights and potted plants.
Top: I'm sorry I don't remember where my black tank top is from.
Cardigan: Cotton On
Pants: Uniqlo
Sunglasses: Gucci
Bag: Pierre Cardin
Shoes: Toms
The weather isn't as cold, so I can just wear lightly around, which is awesome!
*Now I'm missing my shorts*
This is The Potting Shed area to enjoy tea with family and friends, I love how they decorated here.
They also have this picture printing machine in every dining area, once posted the picture in Instagram with their specific hashtag, the machine will print out the image in 30 seconds.
And my once private Instagram became public just for this, because I wanted a free printed picture.
This was the picture that's printed! Look how cute that is! =D
And of course, an awesome place with great ambiance and amazing food, just brought my whole mood up.
Did I mention that they have a petting zoo too!
But I was in a hurry, so no pictures were taken.
How amazing is this place!
I'm glad that I'm back, but uni has been busy. 
So, I'll will see you guys when I see you! =) 

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


Bicentennial Park @ Sydney


HI!!! =D

Here's a short post after our Featherdale Wildlife Park trip!
We decided to head over to Bicentennial Park which is nearby to enjoy our lunch!
With this breathtaking scenery to enjoy while eating lunch is just the best ever!

And like I said from the last post, we can never! ever! take a good [presentable] group pic (except for the koala one) =D
But I just love them all! ♥♥
The park is very big! And this is only a small part of the park, we didn't walked through the whole park, but since it was such a nice weather, we just decided to sit by the lake. =)

My awesome girl~ Bia! ♥♥
They even have a mangrove forest in the park, and also provided trails for people to walk and enjoy. 
Thanks Bia for taking pictures of me randomly and still there's some good ones! =D 
Hat: H&M
White Top: Uniqlo
Flannel: Uniqlo
Leggings: Uniqlo
Boots: The Flexx
Bag: Pierre Cardin
Uniqlo for the win!
Like literally, half of my closet is filled up with Uniqlo clothes, and I can go out with a whole outfit with just Uniqlo clothes.

Autumn is here, and finally, I get to wear and style some autumn fashion! =)
Can't wait to share them all with you guys!

And before we went back home, we stopped by Strathfield, which is basically Korean Town in Sydney.
We had some Korean snacks!! Fried Chicken and Spicy Tteokbokki!
While waiting for the train.
#shoefie! =)
Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I do!
And wait for more posts to come, it's so rare that I'm quite free this week, so there might be a new post coming up soon =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


Featherdale Wildlife Park @ Sydney


Hey my pretty and handsome readers! 

I'm back! I'm back!!!! 
Let me get excited and tell you that, I get to touch a KOALA!!!
Plus take a selfie with him! 
So on the 28th April 2016, it the week of stuvac, which is basically a week of holiday for us students. 
And my friends from uni wanted to bring me around Sydney, cause I haven't been to many place. 
So they recommended Featherdale Wildlife Park, cause we get to touch the animals and also feed them!  
Like, how awesome is that!!
This little wombat just decide to sleep when we wanted to feed it.  
These owls were just sitting there not caring about anyone's business.
Then there's many wallaby jumping around for us to feed them.
Caught in Action!
And of course, how can a wildlife park not have their national animals which are the kangaroos and the koala.
So we have to buy the food to feed the animals in the park.
Which are filled in these cones. A cone is $2 each.
The animals love the cone itself than the actual food in the cone lol!
So yes, as I said above that we get to feed the animals as freely and as much as we want.
(Of course, not towards the vicious animals)
The animals here are really well fed and also really free, which I find that it is important for the animals, so that they can live happy.
They are not caged in one area for their whole life, which is great!
Quokka are the cutest animals ever!
Look at those paws holding my hand! *melts*
And also I have a paw print on my hand which I don't really know from which animal it is.
Cause I fed so many different animals and they just climb up on me with just the mind filled with food!
Like that, they just climb on you! Wanting more food from my hand.
And of course, with the opportunity to get close with these animals, a selfie is a must for everyone.
Wallaby was camera shy.
It was so hard to get a group pic with the animals. ><
That goat loved me for a second and forgets who I was the next second, cause I have no food for him.
And of course, when those two paws holds the cone for its dear life, cuteness overload!
And indeed, good deed pays off, it smiled for me while I took a selfie with it.
(After multiple tries)

Group pic with the Koala! Well the only pic that is presentable hahaha! 
We can never have a good looking group pic! 

Had a fun day in Featherdale Wildlife Park for sure, it's just another level of experience when you get to touch the animals freely. 
Unlike going to the zoo and still have a cage between us and the animals. 
This is fun! 
Hope you guys like this post too!  

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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