Penang----->KL part 2


day 2. went straight to midvalley and the gardens for breakfast
breakfast at ding tai fung..
we went before 11 in the morning so it's not so full yet.
i have not much to say when eating.

 so the food`!! XIAO LONG BAO..!! well it's smaller but still good compare to dragon-i

 after we r done eating. cousin came  to find me.
then i have to take out my phone for me.. well u know how kids these days..
all ipad, iphone , technologies!! not a childhood life i say.
so we took pics and see how silly there are.
and i  them.
it gets sillier and sillier every time i took

After breakfast, me and my family plus cousin n aunt went shopping.
i bought a pouch for my phone. 
yes u may say that now who ever use pouch to keep their phone, well me.!!
cause i need to protect my crystal case, or else it will fall off. [some came out already, gonna fix those]
so i saw this cute stall, that sell pouches and key rings.
and my phone is big. so is hard for me to find any pouch in penang.
but in kl there is!!!
tadaaaaahhhhh~~~ cute~

b4 that we took pics with the chirstmas deco in midvalley.
after that dad n bro went their way and us girls go shopping.
i'm was cited about it.
but from last night i bought so much n expensive stuff. i wanted to lower down my usage of money. ><
so 1st shop is Mango!!
and i bought shorts, colourful shorts!!! 
love the poka dots and coral colour!!!! 

den next was ice cream..
with cousin.... Baskin Robbins!!
after that Zara!! i did not choose any. cause i was eating ice cream.
mom bought me a top with peter pan collar =D
i like it.
after that was metrojaya.
family went to watch wreck it Ralph.

well i will wait for the dvd to come out only watch.
we were in metro for hours and..... it was only on one floor.
mom n aunt sure loves to shop on that floor. they can't stop looking around.
i just look at Christmas deco.. n bought many [will post pics]
so after shopping, eating at a cafe. : i forgotten the name.....
ate apple crumble and black forest cake.. it was yummy!!!

i went to a shop called graffiti tee, expensive t-shirts!!!
den next was robinson. mom was looking for her stuff. 
so i went up to borders and bought Archies and one novel.
i love LOVE reading, so don't judge me.
i miss borders so so much!! because Borders in Queensbay is under renovation n it's getting smaller i think. sad!!!!
if that novel is good i would recommend to u guys. 
then we went back home to meet my older bro. n went out for dinner
den we came home and rest for the night. 
a tiring night i must say. 
shop not much either >< >< >< ><!!!
love me! xoxo 

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