A day being free =))



i went out with my friend EeYin on the very last min
due to some reasons i can't stand being at home.

Long story short :
 i lost a small bet with EeYin so i have to drive and fetch her when we hang out.
because we learned, and passed our car test together =D
[harmless, don't worry]  ;)

so i drove my car to her house and fetch her to QB  =D
since her house is only 5 min away from my place, so it's easy. =D
she is also my 1st friend passenger in my car =DD

went to QB and parked the car myself, [stressed!!] x.x
because i couldn't wait anymore!!
went to watch The Croods!! =DD
but still have no idea why this show is (PG13) =/
Hilarious show!! Me and my friend laughed non-stop!!

Then we just hung out and chit chat a while =DD
nothing happened much though.
i bought a new phone case =DDDD
obsessed with it!! 
then, i drove her home and i went home =D 
picha time =D 
 blur EeYin =DDDD
So that's the first day of holiday =))
Happy one week holiday =DD

love me!xoxo 


SPM Results Day =/



Congratzz to everyone out there who have great and satisfied results =))

when i went to school, we still have to wear the school t-shirt that made for us last year
LOL the 'cotton candy' T-shirt
i wasn't that nervous as my other friends while waiting to take our results.

so yea, we got our results.
currently i'm studying in Inti college.
so i have not much care towards my spm results
i did my best in my exam and that's final!

so the most important thing is that i could meet all my friends again
=DD hyped!!
especially my 'gang' =DD

Me and cutie Jean Teen =)) 

 Me and prettyyy Jxhia!! 
 Me and Kimmy!! 

Did not have time to take pics with others =((
but it's fine =))
i hope i will meet them sooner or later =D

In the afternoon, i went out with EeYin =D
well cause i couldn't go out with Minyi they all, cause they have school.
my school canceled that day, so i'm free!!

In the end we went to QB
to say the truth, i'm BORED with QB.
i've been to QB for like once everyweek. =//
we watched Jack the Giant Slayer. [not really a recommended movie]
but still it's just so so.

After that, we went to Forever 21. 
But did not bring enough money to buy. =( 
so in the end just trying clothings and out of the store we go...... 

then there is this new store just opened in QB 
called hui lau san =/ 
they sell desserts with mango!! 
ahh i  mangoes!!! 
another reason is that Vivian is working there, so we went to find her too =)) 
this is really amazing!! 
if you r a mango lover, you will sure love this!!
 Mango Icy Sweetie Ball. [what a cute/weird name for food]

 Camwhore time =))

so that is how i spent my day after i had my results =))
how about yours?

love me!xoxo 




i did some baking, due to craving about it for so long,
so mom gave me the recipe and i did it on my own.
so this is the
{for 1 - 3 serving?} [because of the cup size]

Things you need :-
2 green apples
2 tablespoon of brown sugar
1 tablespoon of all purpose flour
1 tablespoon of butter =DD

1. Washed, Peeled and Sliced the apples into cubes =))

 2. Cooked the apples with just a bit of water, to make it soft.

P.S. the longer you keep the green apples, the sweeter the apples will taste instead of sour green apples. 
so if your apples are sour please cooked them with some brown sugar. =))

3. Mix the flour, butter and brown sugar[this is optional, if your apples are sweet enough, don't put anymore sugar.] =))
[But if you want your crumbs to be crunchy then you may add some =))
Mix them until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
[tip: use our hands to mix them]
In this pic i added some brown sugar, so the colour is more brown. But if there is no sugar, the colour should be more yellowish/ beige colour.

4. Place the apple cubes into the baking dish or some bowl that can be use for baking too :)
this small bowl that i bought is from Daiso, so it only cost RM5 =))
then add the crumbs on top.

6. Put them into the oven, at 350 degree for around 25-35 minutes =)) or until it is tender.

7. After that you are done!! =DD
hee =P i ate it, so that u guys could see the apple below ;))
 and of course, when eating apple crumble, we must eat it with some ice cream. =DD
so this small snack/ dessert is ready!! =DDD

so this is some easy baking that u can do in the kitchen even though that you are not familiar with the kitchen. =))
hope that you enjoy it!! =DD

love me!xoxo 


Chinese New Year 2013


Hello March!!
Haven't been updating my blog much cause i'm having exam now.
sad :((

well now i'm going to talk about my Chinese New Year {CNY} celebration.
not much to talked about actually mostly pics =))
now let's start =))
on the day b4 CNY
we had a dinner at CRC usual place for our family to go there n eat!!
so i did not want to be very dressy so i dress casual and a bit dressy =)) 

The next day was the first day of CNY
i always have this concept of wearing red/pink/hot pink
well for chinese if u wear red it will brings good luck or something
but i don't really care much of those stuff
all i think is red packets in my hand *evil laugh* =D
people say i was wearing killer heels 
but in my perspective i feel like i'm only wearing my usual 3-inched heels =P
 me and my lala face =DD 
i also wore my purple extension for the last time.
cause now my hair is shorter than my extension =((

i also did my non-heat curl hair 
success!! =DD
The next day
i went singing with the church members to the old folks home and other people's house
all of these is for good deed and fun and learn on the way =))
singing is what i love to do
so giving them is something i would love to share with everyone =))
 our group pic in the old folks home =))
what i wore is something really casual
but i really like it =)
hahahaha i love the owl!!! 
the red shorts too!!

After singing. me and my family went back home as in kampung. 
dad's side. 
had dinner with the whole family =)) 
this is only one table. haha there were 4 tables in total. 
 here is all my family members =))
acting cute =/
 this is one niece that i really love!! [the one in yellow t-shirt]
cause of her big big eyes!! aaaahhhhh!!
shocked me already!!

then come with dinners and dinners =D
i wore really simply during our family dinner in penang 
in love with cardigans and sweaters these few days
what is the matter with me???!! =D

me and my cousin of cousin of course started camwhore!! 
there were cute CNY decorated cupcakes that my cousins brought too 
 so ccuuuuttttteeeee!!! ><   
 Camwhore time! LOL loook weird here =/

 we do not dare to eat it.
cause it's too cute =D

the next big dinner is with all the uncles and aunties from my mom's side 
wore a simple polka dot dress =)) with my 'killer heels'
he is cute little 5 month old cousin =)) 
cute guy!! 
everybody can't stand his cuteness!! =DD

so i guess that conclude what happened during the CNY celebration =)) 
final pic of the post. 
during one of the dinner 
me and my cousin were bored 
so we took this pic =)) 

love me!xoxo 

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