Penang------>KL Finale!!


ok i'm gonna start straight away cause now it's late, and i'm tired.
in the morning we went for brunch again : Bak Kut Teh!!
yea i love it, makes me full enough to walk the whole afternoon.

After brunch we went to 1 utama. 
and today de only thing i bought is pants by UNIQLO
the japan brand. which is all made of cotton. 
comfortable n stylish in a way.
just showing u guys the colours i bought.
hot pink is leggings, the other 2 is jeans =)) 

After uniqlo, aunt bought me something that my bro recommended 
popcorn, yes popcorn. 
not just any popcorn but 
the most expensive popcorn i have eaten.
and i had all 3 kinds of flavour in with nuts. 
hahahaha *love*!!!
we bought it at a candy shop called Candylicious.
a colourful store i must say. It's like heaven full with sweets and gummies!!

at the same moment bros n daddy went to watch movies again. ><
mommy went to buy shoes. and i can't find any. so gave up!!
we wasted so many time waiting for the elevator just to push one car trolley for my cousin.
den finally went to marks & spencer.
is a must shop to go when we come to KL.
and i did not buy anything there.
and guess what i did.
lol well u can't blame a 3-year-old who loves to stick to u right?? 
i kept on pushing the car trolley around the whole store, and yes it's quite paiseh.
everybody keep looking at me, aigoo!!
den after shopping, we went back and keep our stuff, our car is full i say literally full!!
den me n my bro had our so-called dinner in our car, yes in the car eating dinner.
--->>> burger king.... =/ well i don't really like it. 
and it was raining heavily outside too.. so sad.. and cold.. and sleepy and full of fats in my body.
should start working out.!!

den what else, i reached home!! haha 
so that's all abt the trip to KL.
boring i must say. did not go to much shops that i wanted to, and did not buy the stuff i wanted either [can't find it]

love me!! xoxo  


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next post : MAYBE about a little tutorial about phone case.
little preview :

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