shoe shopping!!


went 2 QB's new shop haha
i love that shop is so....
girly!! haha
i love the  bag is pink!!
n somemore got a ribbon on it so cute!!

 even the shoe box is special =))
my new shoe is for casual wear
i love the thingy on it =p
 this one is for dinner or i dono where haha =DD

the next time i'm going out is 2 shop for heels =DD



Exam's over!! damn happy
now so relax!! =DDD
gonna relax as much as possible this weekend
cuz next week the whole week is gonna be my drama practice n competition
need 2 wake up at 8am every day
my poor holiday!!
but good news is daddy help us reserve a resort at i dono where for us 2 relax =DD
so 2ml's school no more!!
dont feel like meeting teachers but will miss my frenz
gonna go out with daddy..
daddy-daughter day out!! =DD
cant wait =)

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