Sabah~ Day 2


In the Morning, we went straight for breakfast and then off to the mountain!!
Mount Kinabalu! yes it's a must place to go right?? 
it will be cold up there so remember to bring your jacket!
what i wore : long pair of jeans and a normal T with my bro's beanie =P
when we got off the van the 1st word out of everyone's mouth is COLD COLD!!
haha so we immediately wear up our jacket =))
♥ the beanie haha thanks bro for lending me =D
 View of Mount Kinabalu
 I love how high we are. we can see all the shorter mountains below us
and a unforgetable experience is clouds are below us.
cause normally clouds are above us.
but not here!!
 we went for a little hiking in Mount Kinabalu and spotted this =))
but it was raining so we turned back.

My Family =DD
our big big family except me in there =(
I love this pic a lot!! can see the highest point of the Mount Kinabalu 
After that they stop at the road side to buy vege. i wasn't interested so... no pic =P
then we head to Desa cattle farm.
haha!! MOOOO!!!
 Cold weather up in the high mountains!! Love it!!!
see the clouds? that's how high we r!!
 They have their own milk selling.
i bought Chocolate milk!
not bad!!
cows doing their job while eating things =/
 My cousin loves this pic. i like it too. so Mooooooooooooooooooooo to u!!! ;)
After the farm trip, went to the road side market?? Kinda looks like that.
saw this weird fruit called Tarep!!
and it is yummy!!! 
a creamy type of mangosten =))
Fruits is our so called 'lunch'
actually we did not eat any lunch and went for dinner.
arrived at ocean seafood village for seafood dinner ;)))))
evening view outside the restaurant =))

 Our dinner =DD

Comment on food : Love it!!! different taste but still yums!! thumbs up!!

So that's all for the day =))

wanna know what happened in day 1 : here
love me! xoxo 

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