I had a dream~~


i had dream..

if is real it would be so great!!
it all started when...............
me n JB was playing a race... I won!!
he said: you are good sarah... =s
[running actually]
then when it was finish..
my bro n JB were soaking their legs in ice water..
n i just went over 2 have fun haha =D
then after that we were just lying there chatting making jokes...
n of course pranking....
i took some water n pour on him over his head...
man!! his face was like 'grinning' but laughing out...
then we fight just like in childhood...
l8r... [after we clean]
me n JB were holding hands in the mall...
(i know is weird but it is in the dream)
we were talking n joking a little...
some paparrazi were there too!!
we just walk over....
he said he want my fon so i gave him...
after pressing... he give me back...
he was like holding back all those feelings and then they were out!!
you know those tickling feeling...
n we were talking abt 'never say never'
n saying abt opening a shop abt it...
i said if it does there is only ur face on it...
we laugh =D
den he said he need 2 go...
so b4 he did
i ask him for his fb add n fon no. (weird i know)
he cal me 2 take out my fon
he press JB on my phone book
n there it is his no. n everything haha
dream end~~
it is a long story...
i dreamt abt him for days ady haha =D

ps: i will support you till the end justin bieber!!



watch his show on sun *the best ever movie*

p.s. : i'm who i'm
dont say anything abt him though
u like ur k-pop, i like mine..
we r fair!! =)



here is the pic i owe u all

*[especially tan zhi hui] haha =D

cute right!!



momi bought a new dog for us

a real dog
actually a puppy
she love that puppy so much
so she buy it
she is so cute!!!!
name : foxy
age : gonna be 3 month
b'day : 14/12/10
i love you FOXY!!

ps will upload pic l8r or soon~~~

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