2012 cny !!


went 2 dinner n lunch n dinner n lunch...
so not gonna say so much abt it
i love this outfit =DD

 i wore this with pink dress, pink cardigan, pink shoes ,with a pink bag =DD
 i felt like i'm 21 in this outfit..
and i LOVE this pair of shoes 
the design is special =))

oh well holiday is over time for school again =)
wish me good luck !!
i seriously need it ><

CNY 2012 [day 2]


nothing much on the 2nd day.. woke up at 1pm haha
aunt came 2 our house on 3 something we ate n chat
den we get ready 2 go 2 stpeh house 2 'bai nian'
we get angpaus
den we went 2 dinner at starview in new world park 2 meet the other family members
which means with 'ku kong' n 'kimpo' [s]
haha there r many ppl there =DD
getting myself ready =D SMILE!!

 mua with cousie!!
 cousie with another cousie.. cute right??
is my aunt's daughter =)
 shoe of the night =))

Happy New Year!!! [day 1]


went 2 church in the early morning..
wore new dress..
wore my new heels..
ready 2 take angpau~!! haha
b4 i went 2 church =)

 and i started took pics with my friends and loves <3

 i like this nice timing n pose =DD

 my cousin 2 fav girls =DD
 n we started getting crazy =DD
 shoe of the day =)) love this heels =DD

Happy New Years Eve!!!


i know i almost forget abt my blog le...
n so lazy 2 update it =DD
so we had an early reunion dinner cuz popo wanted 2 go 2 kl ...
n here is some pics =DD
holiday after school on fri i started my own manicure LOL

 b4 goin 2 dinner =DD
 ethan b'day cake..
his b'day is on the 19/1/10.. so he is 3!!!
 it is a rainbow cake =DD
 the cheeky boy who wants 2 cut the cake without blowing the cake =DD
 after dinner n showing off my fresh n new manicure for CNY!!
2ml is CNY cant wait... ><

school life...


well school reopen 2 weeks already
n so far so good.. i still can manage the homework n learning stuff..
but i'm scared of bio.. thx 2 teacher who went 2 have a baby.. she gotta rest for 2 months...
n now we got no teacher..
n i read the text book n i dont get it at all.. =S
WELL GONNA TRY AGAIN...so yea.. we had some project at school..
n my fren took a lot of pics =DD
not with me.. is with them.. LOL
one of my fren stalk me =0
me doing homework...!!

 me with crazy minyi =DD
 i like this pic especially minyi =DDD

1/1/12 [sun]


1st sunday in the year 2012 LOL
had some pics in church..
den went 2 CCC 2 have a small 'camp'
they teach us 2 understand the bible by ourself....
so yea..
i didnt really get 2 sleep that night..
cuz of some things
n i slept at 5'30AM
or even more late..
n woke up at 7AM!!!
so now my mood is really steam/blur/...-.-
pics time =))
we went 2 the beach =DD
windy, hot, many ppl day~

 my bro!~!
 crazy guy~!!!
 like this pic... sooooo natural
 beach~!!!!! <3

a memorable 31st dec!!


went 2 school on the last day of the 2011 year
well cuz the teacher wan us 2 know where we sit where is our class...... [blah blah blah]
nothing really happened..
then went home........................
l8r we went 2 church...
den MCD for lunch...
next youth park play captain ball...
they run n played..
i keep snap pics =DD
den went back 2 church n bath n relax...
den had a small meeting discussion
l8r had a movie [to save a life]
woots my last cry is today, my last popcorn tasted is 2day, my last laugh is also 2day =)))
pics will be up soon
my lunch
 played 'mafia' in youth park
 den played captain ball
 playing tetris game
den movie time den went home =)

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