Brewtown Newtown @ Sydney


Hey guys!

After so long!
My semesters is done! My first year is officially finished!
Time sure flies, I just could believe it.
Due to uni, I couldn't really update my blog.
There's so many things that I want to share with you guys, and now I finally can! Yay!!

So here it is.
Brewtown Newtown is a cafe that serve mainly for breakfast and brunch.
It's only my first year here in Sydney, and my friends were like you have to go there and try once.
And I did, 3 times! With different people hahaha.
So here is my compilation of pictures and my experiences for all 3 times that I visited there.

Brewtown Newtown is a busy cafe, everytime when I'm there is always full of people.
And they are well known for their cruffin!
They always have a special flavour for their cruffin once in a while.
Tip: If there are no cruffin left on the counter, ask the staff, they might just bring out more from upstairs, so don't jump to conclusion that they sold out their cruffin.

The first picture of the cruffin is the strawberry cheesecake in the front and nutella at the back.
I prefer the nutella filling. =) Just cause is chocolate haha!
Strawberry is good too! But is really up to personal preferences.

The second time I went there with another friend, we ordered nutella again (left) and lemon meringue (right)
I really like the lemon meringue too!
But is too much for one person, I do recommend to share with friends.
If I remembered correctly, I ordered this from the breakfast menu, which I don't even remmeber what it is called. I tried finding through the menu online, but I think Brewtown Newtown changed the menu. So, it is not the updated menu online.
But I can say that this is also quite good.
Well it's basically poached egg and salmon in a bun.
And is worth the different angles =) enjoy the food spam!

26 July 2016.
After my first Brewtown Newtown experience, my friend and I walked to Broadway, which is like a 15-20 minute casual walk.
We walk through Sydney University.
Being me, of course, who haven't step in such a cool, old, awesome uni have to take some pics.
And taddahhhhh! Hahahaha
Pink Sweater: Uniqlo
Jean Jacket: Pull and Bear
Jeans: Uniqlo
Shoes: Addidas
Bag: Pierre Cardin
I'm glad to be back here.
Can't wait to show you all other more cool stuff!

Love Me!! XOXO 

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