Eco-Friendly Lingerie!


Hi guys!! =D
This will be a small post.
And from the title, I'm sure you guys are intrigued about it.

I have been contacted last few days ago by this lingerie company called Naja.
And you all will be thinking: you are gonna write about undergarments on this post??
Well I am, without me showing off my body of course.

I will be showing you guys pictures of it.
And also sharing with you guys tips and trick on how to show off that lingerie of yours without looking cheap. =)
Yea, that's the best word I could think of. =D

So, before we start.

1. What is Naja?
Naja is a lingerie brand with a socially conscious mission. They offer affordable bras,panties and swimwear made from luxury materials on their online store. 
Through their Underwear for Hope program and partnership with the Golondrinas Foundation in Colombia, Naja trains and employs single or head of household mothers to sew.

2. Eco-Friendly Lingerie

Yes, they have a line of eco-friendly bras is made with fabric that is made out of recycled plastic bottles! 
That's so cool to be able to make fabric out of recycled plastic bottles!

So now, we are done with our confusions. 
Let's get on with the pictures shall we?
There's a few cool designs from their eco-friendly bra line. 
But from all designs, this design stands out the most for me. 
The colours and the design is just perfect for the summer! =D 

And now here I am gonna share some tips with you guys on how to dress it up. 
Let's say first things first get a crochet top. Not lace! 
I know people here in Asia are not usually that bold in showing off their body. 
But still, if you do have the guts! Try it! You'll look amazing!
Try dressing up like the picture below.
And for the people who doesn't have the guts, maybe like me >< 

All you have to do is imagine the bra replacing the black bra underneath that top!

Still match it with that jeans shorts and maybe add a necklace too!! 
You'll look amazing! 
Tip: Treat your bra like your swimsuit and overlay it with some cool designed flowy crochet tops!  

Don't you think this is an awesome fashion outfit for the upcoming summer??!!
Perfect for the beach, or just going out with friends on a road trip! 
You won't feel stuffy and still feel awesome! =D 

I'm glad that Naja is one of the companies that cares for the environment and also helps the people who are in need. 

And remember to go check them out! 

Love Me!! XOXO 


Dessert Day at Kanemochi Malaysia│Brown Pocket


HI Gals!!! =D
I went out with Nicole for a small outing just for fun. Lol!!

15th April 2015
We wanted to go to Coffee on the Table, but it was closed =(

So, we went to Kanemochi Malaysia in Lebuh Pantai, a dessert place to hang out!
Ice cream is the best when it comes to a hot, very hot day!!
We were craving for something cool, so that's where we went!

We went there at the late afternoon, so there's no people around.
The place is small but still have the cosy feel to it =)

And from the name of the store, yes they sell mochi, but it's special!
It's made of ice cream! Perfect for the hot weather. =)
We ordered their Kane Mochi set, which comes with Kanemochi Sundae that is one type of ice cream and 2 types of mochi ice cream for us to choose!
We also get to choose a drink from the Sparkling Soda section and we chose the Angel Berry, which is strawberry flavoured.
The whole set is RM14.90.
The Sparkling Soda is quite sweet for me personally, so if I were to come here again, I would choose some other drinks.
The mochi itself, I actually quite liked it!
It's a new kind of feeling for the taste buds, cause it's just a new kind of dessert that I never try before.
It's mochi filled with ice cream!! I mean like, come on!!! =D
And of course, a selfie is a must! =D
Not only for selfie, but also for awesome OOTD pics! =D 
Being all mysterious, lol such a failed pic! *laughing with happy tears*
Then, we head over to Gurney Paragon, then up we go to Brown Pocket.
I've been here before, here's the link for the post on Brown Pocket.

We ordered Red Valentines, since I tried the Triple Chocolate before and I want to try other types of waffles.
So ya, that's what we ordered! =D
The syrup isn't as sweet as we thought it would be.
But the whole thing in overall is still awesome as always!
Love their waffles =D
After we had our wonderful desserts, went out for a walk around Paragon.

White Shirt : TaoBao
Black Camisole : Uniqlo
Skirt : Cotton On
Shoes : Toms
Bag : H&M
Thank you Nicole for taking the pics for me! =D
*hearts hearts!!*
I brought my sunglasses out, and I totally forgot to wear them! =(
So in the end all I did was just took a pic with it, since I never showed anyone before =)
Heart sunnies from TaoBao début!!
And of course, this is just a short outing with Nicole and there's no Lc =(
That's it for our small little outing.
And I hope you guys liked it! =D
I love this pic so so much!! =D

P.S.: I have a new blog header now, (if you guys haven't notice), like finally I put a blog header! I wanted to find a perfect picture for it and that's why it taken such a long period of time to find the perfect picture.

Comment down below and tell me what you guys think of the new header! =)

Love Me!! XOXO 


Pastel Colour Block Nails Tutorial for Spring


Hi Hii!! =D
Now I'm finally back with a proper, long nice tutorial post for you gals! =)

Spring is here!! 
And whenever I think of spring I think of pastel!
I mean, come on, the colour is just so so pretty! 
And nobody can deny it! 

So I'm gonna share with you guys on how to put those colours on your nails =)   
Let's start, shall we?
And for bonus!! 
I'm showing you gals TWO types of colour block nails!!
Well, of course. 
First thing first! 
You need the colours! 
Use whatever colour you guys like, I used pastel pink, green, blue, purple and yellow! 

Mint Green: The Face Shop.
Pastel Yellow: Sephora Mini Nail Polish. 
Pastel Blue: Sephora Mini Nail Polish.
Pastel Yellow: Sephora Mini Nail Polish. 
Pastel Pink: Teddy Girl - Butter London. 
Step by step tutorial for this nail art! =)
 1. Choose a base colour of your choice, I chose the pink as the base colour. 
2. Then, wait for it to dry!
3. When it's dry enough, put on the tape and do whatever shape you like.
Here I'm doing a triangle shape on the tip of my nail. =)
Tip: Remember to press down the edges, so that the nail polish doesn't flow to other places.
4. Choose another colour, which I chose the pastel purple and paint it on the open area of your nail. =)
Remember from my other nail tutorials?
Peel out the tape after around 15-30 seconds.
5. And Waalllaaahhhh!! You're done!
Paint a layer of top coat and show off you pretty nails! =)
*Sorry for the blur pic >< *
Of course, you can do many other shapes!
And that's what makes it colour block!!

Here's my final results! 
I did mention above I'm showing you gals 2 types of colour block nails right?
So here's the second one, simple and nice =)
Just colour each nail with different pastel colours!
It looks like candy, and I love it!! 
And of course, when you combine both hands together. 
You get a mixture of love and happiness! 
The happiness on my nails!! =D
I love this so much!! ♥ That I wish that it won't go off!!
Spring is here!! =D
To get ready for spring, try out this tutorial and tell me how it goes!!
Share pics through my social media, which I would love to see.
This nail art is up to your creativity, with mixture of pretty colours! =D
Hope you guys love this as much as I do =)

Love Me!! XOXO 


Fast & Furious 7


Hey guys!! =D

Happy to be back with a more better and longer post!
So just to keep you guys up to date before we get into the post, I was busy with school.
Understandable? Yea.. So I'm sorry that I only update both short post in 2 weeks.
I was so busy that I couldn't find any time to scroll through my social media, and I could just count it all in one hand.
And that's how busy I was, assignments after assignments and after assignments!
I mean, we all need to work hard to get good grades right?
And I'm trying my best to balance things out for school and here and my personal life. =D
I'm happy that I have friends around me, awesome friends to be exact, to help me through this two busy weeks.
Thank you!

And to celebrate the end of my assignments days, I went out with my parents being the third wheel of course, and watch Fast & Furious 7!!

Everyone was anticipating for this movie especially after the late Paul Walker passed away, made the movie even more well known that even my mom wanted to go watch the movie.
And this is rare for my mom to go and watch an action film. Or I could say a 'boy' movie. =P
I have to admit that I never watch the Fast and Furious 1 to 6.
Nope, never!
Cause I don't know, watching speeding cars is boring some times. =/

But then I went anyway because I want to watch for one person - Paul Walker.
Yea, I know right *sarcasm whao!*
But it's the truth here, I wanna know how they CG, which part they CG and their stunts.
After I came out from the cinema, I was: yup, this is a good movie, a very good one to be exact! But I still won't go and watch back all the 6 movies.

Scenes in the movie are great, a PG18 movie which I don't even know why they have it.
Nothing gruesome or very annoying vulgarity. So I don't find it why it needs a PG18, but hey this is Malaysia, which bans Fifty Shades in the cinema.

Stunts they did are just shocking and just mind blown.
Before I watch the movie, I saw the news saying that the air plane stunts, where the cars coming down from the sky is real!
My mind just couldn't connect how awesome and cool and brave they are!
I also read that they crashed and used 230 cars in total. I'm just speechless!
But I'm sure that this movie will go way beyond than everyone expected, cause it did for me. =)

Lastly, the last scene in the movie is the most heart breaking scene ever!!
My friend and my brother did warn me about this, but the part I teared up was when Brian called his wife telling her he loves her always.
That scene for me is the most heart breaking one!
The last scene in the movie, they compile up all the scene of Paul in all 6 movies and contribute to him. =)
This is movie is for him, for Paul! 

If you guys haven't watch the movie, please do go and watch.
Not only because of speeding cars and cool stunts, but also the movie remind us that family is important!

My fav quote!
'And what's small turn to a friendship and friendship turn into a bond.
And that bond will never be broken and that love will never get lost.' - See You Again lyrics.

Have fun watching the movie!
It's a really recommended movie! =)

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥♥♥


April Challenge 'No Junk Food Challenge'


Hi guys !

Now is April! Happy April Fools people!
But I'm not even joking here!

I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed and saw this picture.
Which is the 'No Junk Food Challenge'
I always wanted to try and see how this will go for my health and with no extra sugar intake into my body!
So now I hope you guys will also join this challenge with me and see how our body change into a much more healthier state =)

I know this challenge will be hard, cause today I ate a little bit of chocolate already!
So from tomorrow onwards, no more junk food!!
Let's be serious on this and be healthy!

Sorry that I couldn't update any nice pretty post also, cause I'm busy with my school work this week.
So I just update a small short post for you guys!
And will update you guys with this challenge at the end of April. =)

Even though the challenge is for 21 days, I'll do it in a month. [Cause I know there will be a few cheat days]
And I think I'll break a few of the rules up there lol =0!
We'll see =)
Good Luck!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥

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