Daorae Date =) 26/3/2014


Hey Beauties and Handsomes =))
On the 26 of March, Lerk Chieh , Nicole and Me went out for a dinner date =)
Since Nicole is back from studies for a few months.
But we met up earlier cause Me and LC are having exam soon. =((
It's like a tradition, when one get backs from out of state, we hang out just to catch up with each other. =)
So I was like let's just get it done!! =D

We went t Daorae for dinner, since Korean is such a trendy thing right now.
People wanna try their food too =/
And when people, I meant Nicole and LC.
At first I'm not use to eating Korean food, example : kimchi.
But after my friends brought me to many different places to try different types of Korean food.
Now I got the hang of it. =DD

So, Nicole fetch us and went to Daorae which is beside I-Avenue.
I've no idea how to order Korean food.
So I let the older do the choosing =DD
Which was a lie, I did some of the decision =P

What I like about Daorae is that there's free flow of side dish!! =DD
Which is damn awesome. =))
Super thankful for my friends who gave me a heads up! Or else, we will be blur from the many side dishes that came =))

Taking pics of vege and sesame oil and chilli paste and garlic!! *face palm!!!*
Lol!!! I was speechless. -.-

In the end I joined in......... to show it to you guys =))

Seaweed soup for everybody!! =))

Whole table full of side dishes!! =DDDDD

This plate of salad. They put like strawberry sauce as their salad dressing, and it's just weird!! =/
Not just weird but really really sweet!!!
Diabetes alert!

So food pics are up!
I hope you guys like my editing on this one.
Please tell me below =))

Love Daorae service too!!
We don't have to grilled our meat on our own =)
I mean we do, it's that maybe the workers saw us 3 girls came in, so they helped out more =D
Thanks dude!! =))

Okay I'm copying all names from LC's blog.

Which is thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat.

BBQ-ing in progress =))

Cut into smaller pieces =))

Looks delish!!
Feel like eating it all over again while I'm typing this. *drool*

We have to order minimum two types of meat to grilled.

So, Next up,
This is stir fry or grilled? marinated with chilli pepper paste chicken! =)

If you are okay with spicy, then this is will suit you too.
But for me, is not really spicy *just saying*

Let it grill! Let it grill!

They grilled it until there's brunt on the end.
Which make BBQ special =))


Which is like steamboat in kimchi soup with ramen and many different meat, vege and rice cake =))
RM55 (Small)

What I like in Korean food is their ramen, I have no idea how to explain this.
Ramen is the best kind of noodle ever!!
The springy feeling~  Oh man, I want some now =/

Gosh, just by posting up these pics, I wanna have some again!!

I do recommend, you all to try this.
It's really good!!

After that, the waiter brought in this plate of Korean pancake for us.
It's on the house, he said!
Who don't want that?
Just normal pancake, I have to say.
Not much taste, only tasted flour and a bit of vege. Lol!!
Good thing I didn't expect much =))

Although, we ordered not much.
But we were full after finishing everything.
When I say everything. I meant everything!!

Then off to QB
We thought we were full, and yes we were.
But like people say, there's always room for desserts.
So yea, we went to Blackball since Nicole wants it.

But first, let me take a selfie!! Haha #selfie

I bought Starbucks, on the way to Blackball =))

The happy couple, who get to eat Blackball. Lol!!

After dessert, we went to LC's dorm to chill =))

Then we went back home =))

I realized I love to shove pics of food into your faces =D
And I won't stop doing it ;)

P.s. credit me if you take my pics!! LC and Nicole!! =P

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


March Movies


Hey Hey pretty people out there =))
April is here!! Time sure flies fast!!
Happy April Fools =)) 
Now is time to talk about movies =DD

If you don't know me, I love to watch movies.
Any kind except for ghost or horror. Those are a no no for me!!!

So, on the 21/3/14
I went to watch Divergent with my friends =))
The day after it was shown in the cinema. 
I never read the book, since I'm lazy to read another trilogy.
Fortunately, I have a good friend who is willing to tell me the whole story =D
So save my time from reading!! =))
Since the ending is quite stupid, I'm not even willing to give a damn try in those books. =P

So first impression of the movie, I kinda like it.♥
It's quite enjoyable to watch =))
But the storyline is kinda slow,
Maybe the directors wanna satisfy the fans, so they put in more detail, so the story went quite slow.
2 and half hours. Hmmm, not bad actually.
For a person like me, who didn't read the books, and don't really know much details of it.
Just the basics, yes I do say that it's quite a good movie to watch. =)
But for my friends who had read the books, they kept on saying that they missed out some minor stuff, which I don't mind.
All you need is the main point in a movie. And they did quite a good job =)

What I'm sick of, is the Malaysia rules.
Although this movie is PG13 in M'sia, but they cut off the kissing scenes, which made us annoyed!
Like seriously though!
They cut off 2 scenes one is the kissing scene, the other is the one that have blood.
Urgh! Annoyed!!
Can't wait for DVD or online movie to watch again.=))

This movie starred Shailene Woodley, who I knew before this movie, she acted in The Secret Life of the American Teenagers. =))
Which I watched before but stopped =/ 
Now she's also starred in the next book to movie called The Fault in Our Stars =))
Can't wait for that!

I'm not gonna tell you all the story of Divergent, but hey =))
What faction do you guys wanna be??
Tell me =))
I think being Dauntless is fun =D

Okay!! Stop the Divergent thing now,
Off to the next movie that mostly everyone will be a fan of =))
Marvel!! =DD
Who doesn't love them?!!!

So on the 27/3/14, it was the first day that Captain America : The Winter Soldier
Both of my parents wanted to watch the movie on the first day it came out on screen.
These things happened really really rare!!
So why not accept the offer and go watch with them =))

I wanted to watch the movie is because Scarlett Johansson is being featured in this movie!!
She so pretty!! =))♥♥
Yes yes, Chris Evans look good too =))♥♥

So I have to say this movie is OKAY~
Just okay, yea that's what my opinion is,
I don't know what's wrong with movies these days,
But both of these movies I've watched in these 2 weeks.
The storyline moves quite slow.
It's just my opinion on this,
But some of my friends says that is really damn awesome!!

But if you love Marvel movies, why not continue to like this one?? =))
Go watch the movie!
I do recommend you guys to go and watch. =))

[Spoiler Alert!!]
-Well Capt. America's best friend who is suppose to be dead a looong time ago, is the villain in the movie!
-There's 2 post credit short clips! Wait for it!!
Even though the second one is lame.
I even made my parents to wait for it!! Lol!!
-Nick Fury died and came back alive =D
This is a huge twist in the movie.
[Love it or hate it I'm still saying it out!! ] =DD
- Captain America and Black Widow kissed!! =)))) =D ♥♥

Okay that's enough =))

Have fun watching the movies!!
And tell me what is your fav scene =))

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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