Face Your Fashion Fear Challenge!


Hey guys!

I've been challenged to face my fashion's fear by Dia&Co.

Dia&Co. is a curated shopping experience, delivered to your doorstep, exclusively in sizes 14+!

The fashion that I fear of are off shoulders tops or dresses.
Thus it make sense that I do not own any of these clothing styles.
As you guys who know me, will know that I love to dress and be comfortable.

I personally find these two fashion very stylish and attractive. I love them. But never had the courage to try them.
Because I feel like I have like big shoulders  compare to other petite Asian girls. So it gave me insecurities of showing skin of my shoulders.

When off shoulders became trendy, I build up the courage to buy some off shoulder tops.
But I never really tried to wear it off shoulder. I just wore them up on my shoulders.

Then, when Dia&Co. contacted me, I build up the courage to wear my tops off shoulder.
And here's the results!!

I might need some time to get use to it. 
But I love it that now I can pull off this style.

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Top: Forever 21
Shorts: a.s.a.p.
Slippers: Havaianas

So, if you have a fashion that you fear, my advice is to just try them.
You'll never know how you look until you try them right.
Just give it a go! Love your body and just try them out! You might experience a new and amazing feeling and even gain confidence!
I would love for you guys to experience it once.

Also, if any of you try out any fashion that you feared.
Snap a pic and share it with me!
I would love to see how you guys look!

Love Me!! XOXO πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


Floral Playsuit #OOTD


Hey peeps!

Finally, a new post!
We are already in March! How time flies.

I'm finally done with my internship.

And now, I'm sure you guys can see that I had made 'some' (HUGE) changes with the layout of my blog.
I'm happy with it so far.
Still left the header where I need to redesign it. (That one is just a temporary)
And also thanks to my bro with the technical stuff.

I bought this ValleyGirl playsuit when I was in the land of Koalas and Kangaroos.
I fell in love with it immediately.

It's actually an off-shoulder playsuit, but I'm still not really confident to pull off the off-shoulder look yet.
Hence, I decided to wear the sleeves up.
Also, the middle part of the playsuit is crochet, and is see through.
So I decided to wear an inner-wear, to not show anything unnecessary.

I wore this on the first day of CNY 2017, is for a church CNY service.
I wanted to look put together and still want to be comfortable all day.
Thus, I paired my whole outfit with a comfortable pair of brown heels from NEXT.

I've been a busy bee these few weeks.
Been packing my luggage to go to Sydney, Aus to continue on my studies!
Will see you guys soon!

Love Me!!! XOXO πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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