ThanksGiving lunch..


so yes we had our thanksgiving lunch with the whole form 5 students and teachers.
and i was drag? no i dont think so because of BFF so me n my friends had to perform
and it was a disaster at 1st but then it was ok in the end,
because of no music
but it was ok =)
so after the 2 day-practice it became a worst? bad? performance lol
but i'm cool with this cause i felt that i miss being in front of the camera

so that's the end of my thanksgiving performance 

so after the performance we took pics and vain much!
we had our graduation lunch at Traders hotel. my batch is the 1st time being out of school to celebrate !
took pics with my fav teacher in the whole school =))

then i took pic with pretty lichin.
 all 5 of us vain in front of the mirror
i personally love this pic =))) 
  me and sexy von =DD

me and bestie minyi =)) 

me and my 'papa' =))

me and leng luii jxhia!! i dont really look good in this pic but..whatever la =)

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