Day to Night Outfit with AUrate New York


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AUrate New York is a jewellery company from New York City and their jewellery are handmade from ethically sourced materials. Positive social impact drives them in what they do, and I love their story! After reading about their story, they don't use any conflict materials in their jewellery. With their 'A Book for your Look' program, which they partner with Philidelphia schools and they give back by donating books to economically disadvantaged school children with each purchase of their jewellery! I love what they are doing and would love to share more about their brand to you guys!

Now, they have a project running in which they challenge woman to share how they will style and play an outfit from day to night. I have decided to participate in this challenge, and I love it! I always wonder, how do I dress up or down without changing too much jewellery or accessories. And this is what I came up with! 

For this day outfit, I've chosen a floral printed off shoulder dress that looks casual and girly at the same time. Perfect for a nice casual hang out with friends or even a cute outfit for uni! Then, I paired it with AUrate New York's gold Flower Earrings Studs. I think there will be never enough of floral in one outfit and is true! It looks super girly and I love it! The earrings will be a great daily jewellery. A small grey leather backpack helps to neutralise the girly-ness that is happening for the whole outfit! Pairing with a light pink high top converse will show off your sporty side of the outfit, balancing the girly look of the outfit. The whole outfit is casual, sporty and girly at the same time, which is comfortable and still pretty as a whole! 

Although the day outfit is minimal and cute. With the same dress, a night outfit for a drink with friends for the night will be styled with black pumps and a beige clutch or purse, that just enough to bring all the necessities. Keeping on the earrings studs, which still fits perfectly with the night outfit, layer on the jewellery with a crystal necklace to show the glamour look for a night out. With the change of shoes to heels, it has already change the game from casual to a glamorous look. It will be a perfect outfit for the night out!
Layering on jewellery will help you style a day to night outfit with ease!
How do you change your outfit from day to night? I would love to know! Share your tips with me in the comment section below! =) 
Until then, I'll talk with you guys soon! 

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Things No One Tells You in Your First Year of University


Hi Peeps!!

I've been MIA for far too long.
Work and uni just got me real hard! And I can't even sit down and write what is going on with my life right now.
But that won't happen anymore! (I hope!)

Since we are on this topic of how busy uni has been for me this semester, I would like to share some advice to my first year self if I have the chance. Cause no one told me about these things! Also, to you guys who are going for your first sem of uni.

I've always want to get into university and experience the uni life that my parents always shared to me. Giving me a dream to study abroad and to have the freedom and just be an adult and a student at the same time. Wishing to finish high school as fast as possible, get into any pre-university program to be qualify to get into a university. Then, I apply for universities and I got in! I was happy and excited for my new adventures! Now, I'm in my second year of uni in UTS, Sydney, Australia. I'm way happier now compare to when I was in first year of uni.

My first semester was hard. Immediately, I have so much responsibility for myself, money management, house chores, survival (cooking) and my priorities, to study! In my mind, I just couldn't keep them all in line, as I have no idea how to. Together with managing my time for all of these responsibilities just struck me real hard. As time progresses you will learn to manage them all. I was mentally prepared for cooking for all my meals and all the chores I have to do. Therefore, it was easy for me to get those done. But growing up with the teaching system of being fed for answers in Malaysia, it is a struggle for me when I got into uni. I was behind in all my studies and assignments, as my self-discipline is not as strong as I hope. So, I have to start from zero and learn.

Socialising is just part of uni life. When I arrived in Australia, I was grateful for someone in church suggested me to join CREDO, a Christian society in my uni. (I was finding for one anyway, I'm just glad I was pointed to this society that fits me). I find it hard, especially I'm a shy and introvert person. But, I've put in effort by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and make friends through this society. I can have the choice to just let go and not join, but I was glad I persevere and now I have lots of friends, good friends, friends that I can trust, and long-term friends. And having a new goal to share the word of God to others! I never imagine my faith can grow so much with this society and I'm forever grateful for them.

Here are some advice from me to you first year to-be:

  1. Just Put Yourself Out There!
    Get yourself out of your comfort zone! Uni is where you get to do that, join in society/ communities that you are interested in. You will get to meet tons of different types of people all around the world. If you are like me as an international student in a foreign country, you are already challenge to push yourself, so don't be afraid and just go with it. Remember that everyone as first years will be the same as you, afraid, scared and have no one. So, don't be nervous to strike a conversation with someone beside you in class. He/she might be your long-life friends, and you will never know until you try. Plus, you won't get hurt anyway. *haha*
  2. APPLY EARLY & APPLY for Scholarships.
    Know when is the earliest deadline to apply for each universities that you wish to go. Learn about all kinds of scholarship programs and apply for them as early as possible. There's so much competition in applying for a place in uni and for a scholarship program, therefore, the sooner you apply, the higher the chances are for you to get in.
    If money is the issue, there are so many different loan options, don't make that issue to stop you from achieving your dreams. Check out Earnest where they provide ton of information on how you can save money by refinancing your student loans!! You won't want to miss these information!
  3. Just be Your True Self!
    Remember that everyone is different. So don't try to change your self for others just so you can fit in. No one cares about status and fame, who is cool and what not. Study hard for your studies and also socialise with friends that you made. Try to find a balance, then you get to enjoy the uni life! It is easy to get into the wrong path, so have self-control and know where is the line. Don't do or act in things that you know are bad, and just do not care about it. Uni life is where you learn about the yourself and have the responsibility to take care of yourself.
  4. Take Every Opportunity You Can Get! And Make the Most of It!
    I'm leading a bible study group right now, is where I can never imagine myself doing it. Definitely, I'm not a pro in what I'm doing, but I know I won't regret for doing it. It gave me a purpose, a goal to share the word of God to others. It changed the way I see my faith, and it changed how I look in my life too.
    In uni, is for you to get as much opportunity that they provide. Learn as much skills as possible to get ready for the adult working world. Don't just focus in your books, there are skills where you will never get them from books. So, grab as much opportunity as possible. You will not regret it!
    Especially uni life pass by really quick, make most of your uni life! I only have one more year for my uni life, and I'm already starting to miss it. When I was in my first year of uni, I just can't wait to graduate. Here's my advice, never have those thoughts, and just savour every moment you have in uni! I regretted having those thoughts and did not properly enjoy my first year of uni. So, just enjoy it as much as possible! 

Hope that you guys enjoy it, take some advice and enjoy your uni life!
See you guys soon!

Love Me!! XOXO πŸ’•πŸ’•

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