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Happy 2018!!

I do notice that it's almost the end of January 2018.

This post was suppose to be posted last year, but all of my time was used up with my family and friends throughout the summer holidays. I still have last year's trips that I went, and nope I do not have the time to organised through everything.

But, lucky you! I have free time from work, so I might have the time to start writing again.


There's really no point for me to say sorry for being late again cause of my busy life outside of blogging. But, that would be my reason once again.

Life has been busy as usual. And I finally have the time to sit and give a review on a couple of products that I was given.

So this was how it happened.
One day, I received an email, and in the email the company was asking me to review their product. In my head, I was like fun! That would be an honour and I couldn't wait! So (let's skip the boring details) and I finally received my products.

Firstly, I do want to apologised with the company, because of my busy schedule, I couldn't write this review on time.

I was given the opportunity to test and review two products from Upbra. Upbra aims to give women the perfect adjustable lift-up and cleavage bra. The results from many women said that Upbra bras provide support, enhance cleavage and stability that will last throughout the whole day! Amazing!

When I read about their products, I do want to reject this amazing offer, because I am not aiming for any lift, I do have a bigger bust comparing to an average Asian woman. Thus, I do not need nor desire to enhance any cleavage nor lift up.

But, as I was researching about their products, Upbra's bras also claims to provide support even for strapless bras. Now, this is interesting to me, as I do have a bigger bust, most strapless bras could not provide me any support at all. They kept on falling down, and I have to keep on readjusting the bra. That's why I gave up on strapless bras, which leads to me not wearing any off shoulder tops or dresses or sleeveless tops.

As Upbra's strapless bra sparks my interest, I decided to go for it. I received their Strapless Bra in nude colour and their best-seller Convertible Bra in the colour black.

Here's my experience with these bras.
I tried the Strapless bra first, as it was the one that caught my attention first. When I wore it, it definitely have more padding than what I expected, and I am not use to so much padding. In the beginning it is kind of uncomfortable for me, I have to keep on adjusting until I am kind of comfortable in it, but not 100% comfortable. The cup was a tad bit bigger when I wore it and everywhere just seems wrong. My first impression of this bra was uncomfortable and it doesn't fit me right. I was disappointed.

Then, giving the bra a second chance, I tried it again with a off shoulder top that I recently purchased. I hooked on their amazing bra feature, which is their cleavage control straps, which is connected with the bra cups, and move enhance my bust upwards and inward for a slight natural lift. The cups fit better and it fits perfectly.

Also, it have an extended hook system (4 hooks in total), and I also hook on the 2nd hook to make it a tad bit tighter. Since then, the bra snuggled on perfectly well. I can move around without worrying about my bra was going to fall off, and it feels comfortable enough for me to go out and about for the whole afternoon.

The bra is designed specially with formulated vinyl on the insides of the cups in helping to grip your bust better and provide extra support. I love this feature and it really does its job. It doesn't feel uncomfortable, it just feels like you are wearing a normal bra.

Once it fits perfectly, I went out to give them a try! It was a hot humid summer day here in Australia. I  was sweating all day in the heat. Took some nice pictures just to show that I am comfortable in this strapless bra and !!miraculously!! I can move all around comfortably without any worries. I had the confident to wear an off-shoulder top and just walk around freely! It was amazing and my bra stayed intact through out the whole day!

The Convertible Bra also have the similar features with the Strapless bra and I like it as a bra itself too. The amazing feature for this bra is that it cannot be strapless, but it can convert into all kinds of looks that I need for a bra! It is definitely amazing how many looks it can convert into. I felt supported and comfortable in them. Though I started with a not so good experience, in the end, it was a great outcome and I do recommend everyone to have a try!

There is a slight downside for these bras, as they have thicker cups that contain with padding, Sweat can be seen collected on the bra cups after a whole day out and about, but it is what it is. I think just wash it after and wearing them, before it smells and become gross. You don't want that to happen.

It is nice to be back and I hope to be back more often! This year is going to be hectic as I will be travelling a lot and it is also my final year in uni! (OMG TIME FLIES!) But all in all, I will never abandon my "readers"  (if you guys are still around).
Have a great 2018! Start the year with a smile.

And if you guys are interested in purchasing Upbra products!
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Love Me!! XOXO πŸ’•πŸ’•


Day to Night Outfit with AUrate New York


Hi Peeps!! 

AUrate New York is a jewellery company from New York City and their jewellery are handmade from ethically sourced materials. Positive social impact drives them in what they do, and I love their story! After reading about their story, they don't use any conflict materials in their jewellery. With their 'A Book for your Look' program, which they partner with Philidelphia schools and they give back by donating books to economically disadvantaged school children with each purchase of their jewellery! I love what they are doing and would love to share more about their brand to you guys!

Now, they have a project running in which they challenge woman to share how they will style and play an outfit from day to night. I have decided to participate in this challenge, and I love it! I always wonder, how do I dress up or down without changing too much jewellery or accessories. And this is what I came up with! 

For this day outfit, I've chosen a floral printed off shoulder dress that looks casual and girly at the same time. Perfect for a nice casual hang out with friends or even a cute outfit for uni! Then, I paired it with AUrate New York's gold Flower Earrings Studs. I think there will be never enough of floral in one outfit and is true! It looks super girly and I love it! The earrings will be a great daily jewellery. A small grey leather backpack helps to neutralise the girly-ness that is happening for the whole outfit! Pairing with a light pink high top converse will show off your sporty side of the outfit, balancing the girly look of the outfit. The whole outfit is casual, sporty and girly at the same time, which is comfortable and still pretty as a whole! 

Although the day outfit is minimal and cute. With the same dress, a night outfit for a drink with friends for the night will be styled with black pumps and a beige clutch or purse, that just enough to bring all the necessities. Keeping on the earrings studs, which still fits perfectly with the night outfit, layer on the jewellery with a crystal necklace to show the glamour look for a night out. With the change of shoes to heels, it has already change the game from casual to a glamorous look. It will be a perfect outfit for the night out!
Layering on jewellery will help you style a day to night outfit with ease!
How do you change your outfit from day to night? I would love to know! Share your tips with me in the comment section below! =) 
Until then, I'll talk with you guys soon! 

Love Me!! XOXO πŸ’•πŸ’•

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