Sydney Korean Festival 2016 @ Darling Harbour


2nd April 2016 

Hi Gals!! 
So so sorry for the MIA in the past two weeks, uni just got me busy not only mentally but physically too. I was so tired doing my assignments and just did not have the time to update my blog! 
But here I am now!! 

Went to a Korean Festival near Darling Harbour, it was a sunny day! I have to say the sun here is crazy! It's way more hotter compare to Malaysia!
So my friend and I hang around just to look around, before we run away for shade.  
There were many stalls at the sides that sells food and snacks. 
I saw this deep fried twisted potato, and was so tempted to try it! Which in the end I bought it. 
I can even choose my own topping which I chose my favourite - sour cream and onion!  
They were having traditional performance while I was there, but with my height, I just gave up watching the performance. 
Then, after enjoying my twisted potato, we headed off to Darling Harbour for lunch.
Since I'm still a newbie here, my friend was guiding and showing me around. 
Then head over to Blackbird Cafe as she recommended. 
We sat outside and enjoyed the Darling Harbour view =) 
Their pizza is actually quite good! I enjoyed it! 
Then, we took the water taxi to Museum of Contemporary Arts Australia unplanned.
Well my friend needed to do her photography assignment, while I follow her so that I can explore around.
The Harbour Bridge view from the water taxi!
Opera House from the top floor cafe of the Museum.
Hat : H&M
Romper : Jay Jays
Cardigan : Cotton On 
Shoes : Toms 
Bag : Pierre Cardin 
I'm glad that I wore a romper on that sunny day, cause now the weather is cold and I just want to bundle myself up in jumpers and pants!
Enjoy the sun while I can right hahaha =D
I'm had fun walking around, exploring the city!
And also spending time with my friend =)
Hope that we can go out again soon!
And I hope that you guys enjoy this post too! =)
Sorry for not posting for so long, so here I am alive and well.

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


Hana Cafe @ Tanjung Bungah, Penang.


Hi Gals! 

Since I was back with a throwback post last week, let's continue again with this post too! 

Visited Hana Cafe a month ago with my besties! 
And I never really wanted to go cause it's so far away from my place. 
I have to literally go round half of the island just to get there.
And what do you know, I was the one driving too! *hah!*
Hana Cafe is famous for it's Bingsu (Shaved Ice) and also their fried chicken, since we are so 'adventurous', we ordered both! 
We ordered the Honey Nuts Bingsu for RM12.00
I can say that this is quite worth it for that price, in such a big bowl filled with really fine shaved ice and full of nuts.
The ice is much more fine than the normal ice kacang that we normally know.
It just melts in your mouth immediately!
It does have a con though, there's this powder that they added, which is almond powder, or so that I was told. I hated it, it just tastes weird!
But overall is good!
The fried chicken gave me a shock on the price!
For only 6 pieces of fried chicken, it's RM28.00.
We ordered the Spicy one which is coated with Korean Chilli Sauce and chopped peanuts.
Even though we fell in love with the crispy chicken and the excitement of the spiciness kicking in, the price of the chicken is a bit too much.
One side of the cafe is decorated really beautifully, so since it's there, might as well take a picture of it right? =)
This is just a great angle with great timing that's all!
And also the bear became my 'great friend', lol! 
I hope you guys have a fun time reading this and also guess how tall I am! 
Hahahaha =) 

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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