2day i went 2 gp from 11 till 4 haha

leg suan
but still fun
so i went 2 gp v deb
we went 2 padini den nichii den kitchen den..........
(a lot places)
den i went 2 buy my book awakened haha!!!
at last!!!

den i saw pei fun, wing keh, peh khim haha
den they went 2 eat i also went 2 eat v deb at nandos
but different time
me n deb went 2 g-hotel LOL
took picz
den went 2 secret recipi find sab n chia lynn
den went 2 starbucks find deb n jie xhia
l8r went 2 hush puppies there 2 wait for jx fren
lol she is cute!!
she buy shoes for her bf i guess
den we went 2 padini 2 give de shoes
den i went up 2 mph there find minyi
haha so we all went up 2 cinema there n talk take a bit pics
n talk lol
haha !!!
it is a blast for me
cuz so long i dint go out v them
oh yea at bead zone i cal yt 2 find me n deb
so we talked a bit cuz her girl is there
den she went away n disappered forever
saw pric 2
she is pretty hahax

end of the story =)




deb is so bad
cal me 2 go 2 her house n now she disappeared
2 her choir practise
i've been on9 for 2 hours ady!!
haiz so sien
quick come back la u!!
will have much more fun 2night!!
2ml we will be goin 2 gp
will meet many frenz
haha =D



today in school we just study for only 4 period

add maths teacher gave homework of course
well we r goin 2 celebrate CNY
one week holiday
but v quite many homework
so better do finish our homework so we can go play
we recess at 10 early 35 min
so we can celebrate our ying chun hui
it was fun it start from 10'30 - 1pm
we had some boring times when they doing their speech
had fun when the other classes perform
haha den we get 2 high a lot more when the teacgers n students sings
of course the teachers r not really good singers so they sing till quite no energy
so it became
the students sing!!
haha den we like playing u noe
shack a bit, sing more, laugh a lot haha
so me n minyi finally found yt's friend
i mean at last we found her
she change 2 our skul this year
she also forget abt us dy
so is ok la
dat is all abt 2day what happen in skul...




wad a great great great day
for the 1st time dis year went to cinema
watch tian tian hao tian =P
haha happy bought clothes n shoes.
wait till new year only show u....

there is one aussie guy came 2 church hehe
he follow his fren, his fren follow his dad, hid dad is the jiang yuan 2day....
from kl i think
the jiang yuan son
keep ask me question
u have brothers right?
start skul dy?
wad skul do u study?
sp weird!!!
oh well
i wont meet him again anyway kakax!!



i make jelly

is super yummy!!
haha making these all can help me take away from school prob u know.....

man hate it sometimes
teachers r not bad
but one is crazy
one talks too soft
one is too strict
dono wad else more???
so de most i hate is my place
i cant c the black board's at all because of the sun
i wish the students who want to exchange can change quickly
so i can change my place...
tahaning for 3 days already..
my eyes will spoil de a!!!!

2011 !!!


31/12/10 - 2/1/11

i went to church for an sleep over thing
tradisional u know.....
so i was so dizzy and headache at night of 31st
i could not really celebrate v the others
like watching fire works or play bluff or uno..
well i did watch..
den after that i went to my bro room to play a while
cuz my frenz wan to talk some things secret..
at night slp at 4 something

we watch movie haha!!
6 wake up for pray assembly
den after dat ling xiu
den we go slp haha slp on the boys bed..
cuz i selpt there on the 31st
i selpt for only 2 hours n half at night
so in the afternoon i went to bed for 45 min only!!!
den went for lunch
after that i went to watch the day n the knight
den i play v fedel , he play my dog a while..
den it was dinner went to the opp. tto eat
only ca shao biscuit haha n bali peng..
dat is all for dinner
n den is the normal sat youth ju hui
after that we went baskin robin
i burnt myself v dry ice dono why ??
so that is all
happy new year!!!
cnt wait for cny!!
dont want to go school!!!

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