Food is love ♥ 30/5/2014


Helloo pretties and handsomes =))
Today, I have to warned you guys, yes this is a warning!! =D
I'm shoving food pictures in your faces. *evil laugh*
I tried my best to take better pics of food, so comment down below and tell me how I did it =))
Thanks =))

Another small heads up!!
This post is gonna be super duper long, but there's lots of pic for you to see =))
Let's get going shall we?? =))

So, after much discussion and planning, LC Nicole and Me decided to go on a food hunt / cafe hunt.
Nowadays, many types of cafes are opened in Penang =)
We chose 4 to go try it out.

Cozy in the Rocket

This store opened from 11am onwards.
We had a hard time finding the store because it doesn't have name board outside the store.
Well it does, it was written down at the beam in such small words. [gosh!!]
Anyway, it is located between Armenian Street and Beach Street. When you saw the wall painting, just walk a bit futher, and you will see it on your left. =)

Many people have complain about their service here, and why we decide to go try?
Well it's homemade pasta, why not try it? =)
Since we knew this store have slow service, we decide to reach at around 11+am
So we don't have to wait so long, and I do recommend that.

Very old school interior, the chairs are old metal chairs and the table is like school wooden tables, just higher and bigger a bit.

Click to enlarge and zoom it, if you guys wanna see the menu.

The outdoor sitting area =)

What I don't like with the rules here is that every person should order something.
Me and my friends wanted to try one plate of pasta to share, cause we still have other places to go and eat not wanting to fill our stomachs so fast.
Then the worker said, one order per person, so if there's 3 of us, we have to order 3 orders.
So in the end we ordered 3 different things to try.

Homemade Gnocchi with Pork Bacon and Gorgonzola  Rm28

It's made out of flour and it have a sticky consistency. Very gooey. Not my type of tea.
But it's something new for me.
I would give this dish 6 out of 10.

Spaghetti Carbonara with Pork Bacon  RM23 

The raw egg yolk is something new for me too =)
And their carbonara is not white!
So that's something new also. =/
I would give 8 out of 10.

BTS of Nicole's pic =D

Matcha Creme Brulee  RM12 
We ordered the cheapest dessert they have.
I personally don't really like it.
And don't go try it, we ordered it is because of the rule and not wanting to fill our stomach too quickly and to save our money on something better later on =)
So don't go try it.
4 out of 10. =/

The Alley 

This cafe has been really popular for it's Churros and Cronut. 
So finally!! Finally I'm here to try it =D 
Opened from 12pm - 12am Daily
It's located at Steward Lane.  

A very cozy interior that I like =)
Small and cozy =))

The back sitting area =)

It happens to be raining that day, and I think their kitchen is outside. 
They told us that our food will be slow a bit because of the inconvenience. 
So while waiting, selfie time =D

The only pic with the 3 of us =D ♥♥

Lenglui = pretty girl  =)

LC and Me =)

Since the next day is LC's birthday, and we are short on budget to buy a cake for her.
I ask one of the workers to help us write 'Happy B'day LC' for her =))
Smart me =D ♥♥
And it came out really pretty =))


We meet again 28/5/2014


Hey hey gals and guys =))
Finally done with the tutorials I wanna share with you guys.
Now it's time for my own stories or I should say how I spent my days with my bestie =)) [ Yes, there's more than one outing, if you are wondering =) ]
It was the beginning of the school holiday for Ee Yin, and I was also in a two week exam-less while waiting for my last paper. [Sucks, I know]
So, Ee Yin texts me to ask me out, why not? I have like 2 weeks to spent =P
Eventually we went out =D
I think I don't have to introduce to you guys who is Ee Yin dy right?
She was in many of my posts I wrote, go check it out then =)

Ee Yin and me went back to our high school to get our SPM certificate.
Yes I know it's no use anymore, but I took the exam, so please give me the cert!! =D
Anyway after having a little chat with our old teachers
We went to Gurney Paragon. =)
I wanted to try Brown Pocket badly, with my huge love of waffles and ice cream.
I have to go in and try it at least once. =)
We sat at the end of the cafe =)
Since I want the sunlight for good pics =D [ Natural lighting is the best! =)) ]

Table 17 =D

Ee Yin with her new phone!! Lol!!
Finally I can whatsapp her instead of sms =P

I orderded their signature Triple Chocolate Waffle for RM18.90
From the beginning, when they just launched the store, they served 2 pieces of waffles with 2 scoops of ice creams.
But now it's only one waffle and one scoop of ice cream. =/ [ meh~]
They cut down on the serving portion! Why??

It's also served with Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate =)

Poured the three chocolate goodness on top.
Yummmss!! =D
You can never hate chocolate, that's all I can say =)  

A bit of selfie =)  
Showing off my new hair!! =)
I have bangs, and my hair is shorter now. =) 
Do I look weird with bangs?? 
I just swept them all to the side since it's so irritating -.- 

Went for a walk to digest our stomach =D
Since we were bored, I asked EY to help me take a few pics =)

Cap : Uniqlo
White Top : Uniqlo
Burgundy Skirt : Cotton on
Shoes : Aldo

The Same is Lame!!
So be different =)

We went to watch X-Men : Days of Future Past
I've watched it the second time, well since there's no other movies to watch
We can either choose The Amazing Spiderman 2 or X-Men.
I've watched both before, so I rather watched X-Men again =D

Then after the movie, we went to Victoria Rossa =))
Finally after so long we get to go there =))
Look how pretty the place is.
Just to say this we were the only customer that evening, so we get to have as much fun as we like. =)

They even have a basket for you to put your bags =D

Menu, Very floral =D

Their outdoor table for 2 only.

They also sells pastries for you all to take away =)

While waiting for our food, why not take another selfie LOL!! 
I look so blur, or blank I should say ;) 
Love my eyes though [shameless me] =))) 

I ordered some kind of peach tea, that I don't even remember the name.

EY and I shared our dinner.
She ordered beef bolognese with butter rice =)

And I ordered their tea set!
Pretty isn't?  
This is almost RM30+ [it comes with the tea I ordered]

After hours of chatting, we finally decided to go home =)
I had fun with you as always!! =))

Looking forward to our next outing =))
Study hard on your studies, even though I know you can do it! =)
Don't pressure yourself too much.
Love ya!!  

Love Me!! XOXO  


Easy Floral Nails Tutorial


Hi Hi pretties!!
As you gals know [ or maybe not ] , I love nail arts.  
If I have the mood and the time.
I will sit in my rooms for hours just to perfect up my nails =)

My other tutorials :

So, here is another tutorial is up for you gals =))
I've wanted to do this post for a long time. But I didn't have the time to find the perfect items for it.
Since now my exam is almost over.
I'm gonna share with you how to do this easy floral nail art =))
Spring is here and Summer is on it's way, why not give our nails a little makeover??

Let's go!!!

Things you will need :
1. 5 - 6 or more toothpicks, make sure they are sharp!!

2. Base colour
    -White nail polish
    -Butter London - Teddy Girl
    -Top coat / Base coat

3. Nail polishes for the design
    -The Face Shop - Mint Green
    -Elianto - Pink
    -O.P.I - A Definite Moust-Have
    -O.P.I - Chic from Ears to Tail

4. Put a recycled paper on your work place, so that it doesn't mess up your table.

Steps :

1. Paint your base colours on your nails.
2. Choose which ever finger you like to paint the white nail polish, I chose the ring finger =)
3. The other 4 fingers, I just paint them with 2 coats of pink

4. Blob the light pink on your ring finger. Irregular shape is the best!!

This is what we are going to do next!! =))

5. Use your toothpick, draw a few outline using a darker colour of the blob you created just now, leave a little gap in between each outline.

6. Then, make a dot in the middle of the blob.

7. This is the tricky part for me!! =0
    Draw few thin lines of curves around the dot you made.
   [This is why your toothpicks must be sharp!! So they can draw the line perfectly! =) ]

8. Use another toothpick, use the green to draw the leaves =)

9. Wait for them to dry, and put on a layer of top coat to make sure they stay longer =)

10.And you are done!!! =DD

Pretty easy, isn't?? =)

Here's another tip :
Your design doesn't have to be really perfect!
It is meant to be messy, so if you messed up a little, just let it go =)

Good luck and have fun!!

Love Me!! XOXO 

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