Hair styling~


I have to admit
I'm in ♥ into youtube marathon the whole day.
i would check on make up tutorials, hair tutorials, and nails tutorials
well yes i'm a girly girl =))
i did try out some hair styles
some are really easy , some are hard for me because my hair is layered. =((
but  i still can do it =))

i tried the side braid
and i thought is boring just being like this---black
so i spiced it up with my scarf?belt? head band?
well it was suppose to b a belt for one of my shorts but i took it out. it was so soft and so it became a looooong head scarf for me
and i braided it into a side braid and it look great!

 this is a mini? braided headband.
i added pink ribbon and braided it in.
it looks cute, don't'cha think?
 over here have 4 hair-dos
it's so simple it shock me.cause it look so complicated.
1st one is a type of braid, and i call it the scrouchy braid.
haha because it feel scrouchy.
2nd is the braided up-do. [feels heavy on your head, but still looks great]
then the next is another braided headband. [hippie look]
the other is the side view of the scrouchy braid so can look better.
the last one is an over flipped half up half down.

these all are very simple simple hair dos 
want a tutorial??
just comment below =))
so hope you guys enjoy this =))
love me! xoxo ♥

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