Day 2 & 3 Southern Highlands Trip in Sydney 2014 [Part 4]


Hi Hi =D
Back with Part 4!! =D

This going to be a long long long post!!
I have tons of pics I took for this post, but I couldn't put all, so I tried my best to choose the best of the best to show it to you guys =)
So get your eyes ready! =D

29 Dec 2014 

A little snippet on what's gonna happen in this post!!
Act chio yo! =D Me and my cousin if you are wondering. =) 
So not =/ 
Woke up quite early in the morning.
If I could wake up with this kind of feel everyday.
That would be awesome =)
[Wearing shorts btw!]
On the way to breakfast in the main hotel building =)
Restaurant in the main building of the hotel =)
Whoots! Breakfast! =)
Another part of the restaurant!
I just have to take it, ya know~
Bacon, scramble eggs, potatoes, poached eggs!! =D
That's not all, fruits, cereal, bread, etc!!
Haiz!! If my house interior can be this pretty!! =)
Cousins went to swim in their indoor heated swimming pool.
This is the outer look of the pool =)
Indoor heated swimming pool!!
Beside the pool.
There's fountain!! =0 lol
Morning sun =)
So here's the spa!!
I didn't have the time to use it yet. So I just came to check it out. =)
Flowers =)
After everyone got ready.
We head to Kiama Blowhole point!
It's some natural awesome cool thing.
But we couldn't see it =(
Cause the wind is not favour with us.
But but!! The scenery is just breathtaking!! =D
I can just look at it all day =)
Here's the blowhole.
Yea, nothing happened went I went there =(


Day 1 of Southern Highlands Trip in Sydney 2014 [Part 3]


Hi Hi!! =D
I'm back with part 3 of my Sydney trip. 
I have no idea how many parts I'm gonna do. 
But I'm going to try my best and finish it all in January. =) 

28 Dec 2014

We went on a family trip to the Southern Highlands for 3 days 2 nights. 
We went to Bowral, which is just outside of Sydney. =)
Don't ask about the pic, this is how weird my family and I are =D 
But before we arrived at Bowral, we head to Berrima for lunch. 
We went to this cafe called the Magpie cafe, which sells quite expensive food. 
The whole cafe is very small and full of people. So I could only take pics of the outside area of the cafe.
Since there's a lot of us, we have to sit in a huge table outside. Haha
The menu. A super expensive meal.
Me and my cousin shared lunch, cause it's quite expensive.
We ordered the Magpie steak sandwich.
I mean come on!! A STEAK!! sandwich!! =D
The portion is huge!! Not bad too =)
After lunch, we went for a walk around the area. =) 
Saw this store. Memory Lane. 
Some store down the road. 
The owl is so adorable!! 
Memory Lane store from the outside.
And from the inside. =)
They sell tons of homemade souvenirs. Tons of mini little things.
I just couldn't leave the store. Cause their things are super duper cute!!
And I manage to buy one small owl keychain. =)
Then we continue our walk. 

Aunts bought pastries from a bakery here.
Going to Bowral now =D


Sydney Trip 2014 [Part 2]


Hi Hi!! =D
This post is going to be about celebrating Christmas in Aussie!!
Celebrating Christmas in Summer =)
So let's go!!

25 Dec 2014

The best holiday in the whole year!
Giving and receiving presents =)
Spreading love and joy to people all around.
And also is my younger bro's Birthday!!
Yup Christmas baby in the fam! =)

Well me and my family spent Christmas Day by going to church.
And then we head home and did nothing!
Lol!! All the shops were close and we can't really do anything outside.
So we just chilled at home.
Then, at night we head over to my other relatives place for dinner.
Dinner was delicious! =)
Thank you Uncle for making the dinner =)

Turkey! =)
Salad which I really like! It's really good =)
Ham =D

Dinner was great!
We even receive some lame jokes and a paper crown.
Lol it was for the kids.
But me and bro and my cousins are the only 'kids' during the dinner.
Top : Debenhams
Outwear : Cotton On

26 Dec 2014

Boxing Day yo!! 
If you guys don't know what Boxing Day is.
It's like Black Friday sales, but it's after Christmas instead of after Thanksgiving. 
And it also happen only in Aussie! 

The store in the city opens at 5 in the morning!! 
And since there will be tons of people. 
We decided not to go. 

In the end we went to the Bondi Junction to shop, the mall opens at 8 in the morning. 
So yea, don't have to rush. 
We reach at around 8.30 in the morning. 
Bought nothing in the morning. 

So, I was quite unsatisfied. 
We head to lunch firsst at Chikyu-Ya. 
A Japanese restaurant. =) 
I ordered Chicken with rice, something surprised me is that is not greasy at all!! =)
Bro ordered sashimi with rice which look really good!!
Then we head back to the mall to shop.
They have LUSH!! OMG!!♥♥ [We don't have LUSH in M'sia =( ]
The whole store smell so so so so nice!!
Too bad I couldn't buy anything there. Not much things on sale, or it's out of stock already.
And then I bought stuff, clothes to be exact =)
If you guys wanna see what I bought, tell me.
I might do a haul =) ♥♥
So we shopped the whole day till around 5 or 6pm.
Bought dinner back and rested at home =)

I have to say their Cotton On sale is like mind blown! *poooff*
They have stuff started from 5 Aussie Dollar. I mean 5 bucks!! =0!!

27 Dec 2014

Glebe Market!! It's like a flea market that opens every Saturday.
Some of the stuff they sell are really cheap.
From 2 Aussie Dollar onwards. Mostly are 2nd hand clothes.
But if the clothing is still good, why not buy it right? If you like it of course =)
After that we walked, yes we walked again to Market City.
Which is like China Town.
And eat Ramen. =D
Mom ordered this for me.
It's really good, but I couldn't finish cause the portion is too big for me. ><
Then we head to Paddy Market.
They sell souvenirs in a quite a reasonable price.
6 key chains for 5 Aussie Dollar. Not bad =/
After buying souvenirs.
We head to the Capitol which is quite near Market City.
This is my first musical I ever watch! =)
And the performance it's quite good.
But for me is that the songs are quite addictive! =)
The whole place is really pretty.
We sat quite at the back.
But we're still able to watch the whole musical! =)
I have to say my fav song is defying gravity. ♥♥
It's a really good song.

So that's it on this post!
Hope you guys liked it =)
Next post is gonna be fun.
We went to the Southern Highlands =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥ 

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