holiday =)


my holiday is busy..
never get 2 go out with frenz or farewell with my bestie =((
after the drama competition..
my family n i went 2 Damai Laut Resort for 3 days..
will post pics later..
like i said i'm busy this holiday haha

my best surprise!!!


after my drama competition we were waiting for our results..
i receive a msg from daddy
: i bought S3 for you and didi.. you want? if you don't want then give it 2 gege..
i was so damn happy !!!
but of course i been complaining that S3 was not as beautiful as S2
but the screen is bigger which i like it..
i wanted iphone 5 a long time ago.
daddy broke my dream n bought me a S3
my best surprise ever..
n the worst is that
my family bought it b4 my competition n they kept it as a secret
until after my comp.
my bros also went 2 the competition
then they keep on asking me: u want iphone ma ho..
but daddy told me the news so they can't fool me haha
my older bro wanted S3 so badly kept on telling me 2 give him..
but no way it is mine haha!!!!
daddy bought it with digi
so the markets/shops still dont have these galaxy S3 yet
but i ady have it hahahahah!!!

 digi even gave us a mug lol
 my old fon is still in good condition so i'm still gonna keep it =)



my 1st week of holidays
is sweat, tired, sleepy, with friends
the whole week
i've been skipping some of my ttn 2 practice my drama competition
until sun we had 2 wear the blue mermaid dress..
it's horrible~
a nightmare 2 me..
[the dress i say]
the competition ended at around 6
my school only get an wei jiang.. well we did our best
so there is nothing 2 say..
being on that stage was an experience for me
n a goal 2 me as well at least is done..
now i can relax!! haha

i'm going to do a little more update on this post.
after the competition i had my new phone
then the next day , my friend told me i was in the newspaper.
hahahahahah!!! shock!! paiseh!!!
and it was.... well.....
i had the main lead for this drama. and i was speechless when i saw it.
it was only a small pic on top of the article.
but i want to brag abt it =P

Macaroons ~


mommy bought me a box of macaroons
haha i've been nagging her 2 buy me some for me 2 try
it was ok...
to be honest
is just like eating some biscuits
only between there r cream or something like jam

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