Phone cases~!


at 1st i really wanted an iphone 4s
because i love their variety of phone cases <3 p="p">but now i had an samsung galaxy s3 as a surprise pressie!!
so i accept it and i did all my cases for my phone myself.
and right now i had only 3 cases, yes 3!!

my white phone [with no cases]

 pink plain case!!

then i added stickers of my 'name' lol =D

because i felt that the case is plain at the bottom.
so i added a cute star and a <3 at="at" my="my" name.="name." of="of" p="p" side="side" the="the">

my next casing took me only 30mins to finish it 
this is like a sticker.
my friend gave this to me so i kept it in my notebook for almost a year. =/

i bought a RM10 white hard case and
 after measuring, cutting n sticking and uhu-ing 
it's done!! 
Ta-daaaaahhhhhh!!! my leopard skin case!!

the last and recent cae is made of crystals. 
it's de most expensive one i ever had.
but i custom made it and had someone to do it for me. =)) 

so that's all for my recent phone cases =))
love me!! xoxo <3 p="p">

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