i love movies, TV series and shows haha
i'm also a big?huge? well a fan of twilight saga!
and i went to watch breaking dawn part 2. before my bc paper. when i went out with my cousin!!
well for me it's sad to watch it leave us..
but the show has a twist ending which shock me! haha =D
i'm not gonna b a spoiler for whoever out there have not watch de show. but i have to say it's shockingly good =))
Bella finally turns into a vampire and Jacob finally found his 'lover'

i love this scene [a happy family, vampire family]

and of course everybody wanted to watch breaking dawn is 
1. see Bella transform into a vampire
2. see Reneesme and she is a pretty baby =)) 

After breaking dawn part 2, me n my cousin went to watch the 2nd movie Rise of the Guardians.!!! [in 3D]
even though it's animated i have to say Jack Frost is amazingly handsome, hot!! 

Jack Frost!!! 

  Sandman is just sooooo cute!! the little guy who can't talk ><

After these 2 movies, it was after my bc paper 
my friends and me went out to celebrate, then watch pitch perfect! [i know i'm behind but i've watched it]
i love their singing, it harmonize so perfectly!!

 and i personally love Anna Kendrick, her voice is amazing =)))

The next day, i still feel like watching movies, so i nag my mom to bring me. 
[yes, i still can't drive yet, now learning]
so i let my mom choose, she chose 3D life of pi. 
and i have to say it's similar to slumdog milionare.. talking abt the past...
but it's an awesome movie , i like it.!!
i mean imagine yourself  stranded on a life boat with a tiger in the middle of the ocean.. it's terrifying!!

 i love this scene very much, it's really a memorable scene. No one could experience a whale so near them right...??!!!

Then i went home, watch Brave. 
Brave is well i just love the accent.. haha feels like an indian accent i'm not sure.. 
 the horse is also a very cute one i have to say. it cares for her master. =))
 she is also very good in archery!! if  u guys played temple run in brave version then u all will know.
 her 3 little brothers are annoyingly cute haha!!

the most recent movie i watched is big miracle 
is about saving whales. sad. touching movie =))
 i love this scene too. the girl went into the cold cold water to save the baby whale, bamn-bamn. such a cute nickname!!

these is all the movies i had watched recently. 
love me! xoxo 

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