my little 2-year-old baby is back!!!

from kl of course...
remember he is only 2 years old n he have an i-pad!!!!
i-pad!! man!!
i wan a i-phone is so damn hard 2 get!!!

he is my big monster baby!!
he is 2 years old n looks like a 3-4 years old
my little ethan
n he still remember me!!! =D
is a good thing i could carry him
he is getting heavier every time i saw him

goin on a date with him 2 watch cars 2 <3
den we r goin 2 logos hope ship the bookfair
either 2ml or tuesday

great weekend =))


afternoon was worst ever

dad n bro fought u noe is moody....
at night was great!!
i try 2 be hyper
2 forget all those things happen in the afternoon
n it did =D
my old friend came back from kl
miss her so much!!
noe she is a part time MODEL!!!
well duh she is tall 182cm...
so great~~
she is goin 2 london next month
lucky her =))
well we all are happy 2 c her 2.....
very happy
we talked n talked n talked
haha =))

oh yeah my little drama
came out great 2...
proud of my group 2... =))

an owl!! =o


yeah an owl...
a cute little owl i saw in sat
which belongs 2 my cousin
she bought it at a flea market at strait quay
n my mind was like there's a flea market in penang ???
such a cute little owl ring.. =)))
this is a little blur but is a good look..
see!! see!! the owl is looking at you haha =D

thursday!!! 18th of august....


mom made homemade pizza
a lot of cheese damn good

n we called dominos for dinner plus homemade pizza =))))
fat dy gonna keep fit now!!!



my exam is over dy!!
that damn exam make me so nervous for getting a good result...

my mom say if i could go in 1st class i could get a new camera
still wondering i should or not ;D
anyway i'm not so willing 2 think those exam anymore
i could watch tv shows for hours n on9 again....
ahhhhh!! i love the freedom =))))
loving every second of it..
next week is holiday n is gonna be my birthday!!!

well on my birthday minyi, jxhia , lynn , n another fren r goin 2 gp 2 compete a kpop competion
well i guess im goin 2 support them... =)))
my baby cousin is also coming back
gonna spend every secong with him....
especially at his house STRAIT QUAY!!!
love that place =))))
just a random pic haha =)))

QB week!!


well i feel that dis week is a QB week haha

thurs i went 2 QB 2 eat lunch at winter warmers =))
fri went 2 eat nandos haha
chicken ~~~
den buy crocs shoe [leopard skin wei!!]
2day went 2 watch Captain America!!
the 'muscle man'
the show nice lo!!!!
den 2day i went 2 perform at a church
sang you raise me up and a bc song
after that i went 2 pelita den QB again!!
haha ate yogurt!! <3
i'm lovin it
but tutti frutti more yummy!!
den i came back home....
LOVE this week haha

a little something for u guys =)


skyscaper- demi lovato

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like i'm made of glass
Like i'm made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper!
Like a skyscraper!

just the chorus from the song which i think is meaningful =)))

happy birthday !!


happy birthday 2 my jean teen

ur birthday in on the 3rd of august
n mine is on the 3rd of sept
we were only one month apart!!
<3 <3

next to you~


You’ve got that smile,
That only heaven can make.
I pray to God everyday,
That you keep that smile.

Yeah, you are my dream,
There’s not a thing I won’t do.
I’ll give my life up for you,
Cos you are my dream.

And baby, everything that I have is yours,
You will never go cold or hungry.
I’ll be there when you’re insecure,
Let you know that you’re always lovely.
Girl, cos you are the only thing that I got right now

One day when the sky is falling,
I’ll be standing right next to you,
Right next to you.
Nothing will ever come between us,
I’ll be standing right next to you,
Right next to you.

You make my life complete.
Just to have your eyes on little me,
That’d be mine forever.

i love you all n always =)))

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