A recap of 2014


Hi Hi!! =D [For the last time in 2014]

Well 2014 is almost over, New Years is coming up, a new year is heading in our way.
But before we check out the future, let's turn our head back and see what we did this year =)
This year has been a total awesome ride!
I had tons of fun, tears, ups and downs, which makes me grow up more!! =)

So let's recap what we did together this year.
Shall we? =)

1. Did my first photoshoot [not officially] for my blog =)


2. Went out a lot for some awesome food!! =)
And a lot more! =)
These are just a few.

3. Did some easy manicure.

4. Did my first haul!!

5. Attended my brother's graduation.

6. Celebrating my 19th birthday in class!

7. Received a birthday surprised in front of 90 people!! =0!!

8. Been tagged by my friends to do 20 facts of me =)

9. Did my first advertorial from Zalora Malaysia.

10. Received more advertorial from different companies from all around the world! =D

11. Had a holiday in Sydney, Australia. ;)

12.  First time watching a Broadway musical.

13.  Made tons of new friends.
Yea, I know I look ugly in this pic!!

14. Changed my course to AUP.

15. Still made time and appreciate the time with my friends =)

16. Broke my own record on my blog post views.

17. Stayed in a really pretty house for a holiday!
Will update this soon =)

18. Did Skywalk in Sydney Eye Tower.
Will update this soon =)

19. Took a  picture with Santa Claus. =D

20. Ate a 1 meter long pizza!! [Shared, of course]
Will update on this soon =)

21. Volunteered in a animal shelter and a children's home.

22. Studying Econs for the first time [Hated it]

23. Went into a sauna.

24. Went Boxing Day shopping! =)
Will update this soon =)

25. Spend time with family.

So as you guess could see that all my links have a .com.au is because that I'm in Australia right now for my holidays. =)

There's a few stuff that I did, and I haven't wrote it down on my post.
Please wait for it next Jan, I'm sure I will post those up!!
The things that I did and wrote it below with 'Will update this soon', mostly happens in my Australia trip =)
So I hope you guys understand and be patient =)

Have fun celebrating New Years and stay safe! =)
Let's meet again in 2015 ;)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


A Merry Christmas To You ♥♥


Merry Christmas Eve Everybody!! =D

Hi Hi!! =D

This is going to be a small short post.
Currently I'm now in Sydney for my holidays, visiting relatives and spending the holiday together. =)
Which is the best for celebrating Christmas and New Years! =D

So, I'm gonna make this short and sweet ;)
Merry Christmas to you readers, and your family!
Have a jolly day!
Stay happy!
Be positive!
We will meet each other in my last post that will conclude everything we did together in 2014!

Finally from me to you!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!=D

Took this pic for free! =D
Why not take it? I mean it's Santa Claus!! =D

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


Christmas Nails Tutorial


Hi Hi =D
Like I promised in my last post, I'm gonna shared something to do with Christmas in this post.
So, I'm gonna shared how I paint/draw my Christmas or Winter nails. =)

Christmas is by far Everyone's favourite holiday, and so is mine!!
Love the decoration, the food and of course the presents!!

But whenever I think of Christmas, I think of the weather first.
The snow falling, snowflakes is one of the most beautiful creation ever!!
Since I live in a tropical country with no snow, I find it even more beautiful!! =)

This is my Christmas Nails Tutorial [ No Tools Needed ]

This year I'd got inspiration from the white[the snow] , gold[Christmas colour] and the snowflakes. =)
What you need :
1. Gold glitter [Big size] - The Face Shop
2. Gold glitter [Small size] - The Face Shop
3. Lighter Gold glitter [Small size] - Elianto
4. Nude/ Orangy colour - The Face Shop (Optional)
5. Basecoat / Topcoat
6. White nail polish.
7. Toothpicks.
8. Recycled paper.

So let's start shall we? =D
Step 1: Paint your nails with the base coat and then the base colour.
I painted my nails in white except for the middle finger in the gold glitter(2&3).
Step 2: Then pour out some gold glitter nail polish on the paper and we will start using the toothpicks to draw the snowflakes.
If you guys don't want glitter snowflakes, you can use the nude colour, or some similar colour to gold. =)
I'll be drawing them on my ring finger.
Step 3 : From the pic above, I'm sure you guys get it how to draw the snowflakes.
Yes!! It's just that easy!! =D
And this is how it look like.
Step 4 : Add the gold glitter [Big size] on the other nails to make it look festive and cute =)

Step 5 : Paint a coat of top coat to seal everything off, and celebrate the best holiday in the world!! =D
And also clean the edge of the nails.

Just 5 simple steps to get this pretty Christmas/ Winter nails =D
Hope you guys like it!!
Cause I simply adore it!!
I could just stare at my nails the whole day. =D

Good luck!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥


Food is Love 2 ♥♥ 21/10/2014


Hi Hi!! =D
I'm back with a throwback food post!!
*Throw Confetti*

Before I start!
Hello December!!
Chirstmas is just around the corner =) *Fav Holiday ever*
Can't wait!! =D

I know there's a lot of food posts this year, but hey I'm a Penangnite ;)
Who loves food ♥ 

On the 21st of October =) 
Another hang out with Nicole and LerkChieh , of course with my food buddies =D 
Nicole just came back from Hong Kong around that time, and she was really missing the Hong Kong food.
Kept on telling us how good the food is. Blah blah blah ;D
And she even found a place for Hong Kong style breakfast in Georgetown.

So we went there for Breakkie!!
The place is called Triois Canon Cafe, Chulia Street, Georgetown, Penang.
The price is quite reasonable, so is worth a try.

Menu =) [Sorry for a bit blurness]

A very Hong Kong styled interior.
That sleepy face!! Hahahaha =D

I ordered [if I do remember it correctly] B.L.T. for RM6.50 a set.
A reasonable price right?
With 3 smoked bacon, garden fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes on a toasted bagel. Served with coffee or tea. Yummss~
Add cheese for RM1
Next, a new hot store was opened quite a while ago in Gurney Paragon G floor, which is Caffe Bene.
Is a Korean Dessert place.

And here's how to eat their dessert.
Bingsu : which is like ice kacang, shaved ice with toppings and on top with whip cream or ice cream.
It comes in this huge bowl, that I thought we couldn't finish it.
We ordered a green tea flavour.
I'm not a huge fan of green tea. But I still can manage it. =)
But it's good, really good especially there's all kinds of nuts inside! =D
Another speciality in their store is waffles.
Even though the serving is so so small, the price is just too 'pretty'!!
For my opinion, try once and that's enough.
With the gelato on top, I don't really like it.
Cause they are too sweet for me ><!!
But the waffles is good! ♥
Then after all that, brunch and desserts.
We went around and did some shopping.
Walk around, digested.
And off to Sushi Zanmai for tea =D
Ordered sushi ♥♥
Then we went out, head over to a cafe, cause I don't want to head home yet, since it's still early.
Wheeler's Cafe in Love Lane.
See those mugs!!

They even have a dart machine for customers to play.
Menu =)
Psst : They don't sell much stuff, so there's not much choices *shake head*
We only want a light dinner, so we ordered a Tiramisu Cake.
In my opinion, there's too much alcohol in it.
The alcohol taste is covering the other flavour. =/
Snoopy is cute =D ♥

This is a cup of Mocha that Nicole ordered.
Then we were just craving of wanting to bite some snacks.
So we ordered some popcorn chicken.
Their chili sauce is amazing!
Very Thai chili sauce =D
While eating, we were playing with this game.
If you guys do watch Running Man, then you guys will know.
All you have to do is to put the knifes into the barrel.
But in one wrong move, you will send the pirate fly up high! And you lose. =D
I think is call a Lucky Pop-Up Pirate. [something like that]
We used the cute cups to drinks =D
I never had a selfie in a long time.
Time to post one ;)
Maybe not one :P
Top : Debenhams
Outwear : Cotton On

I'm done!!
Done with all throwbacks posts =)
Wait for next week's post for some Chritsmas related posts. =)
Have a fun holiday guys! =D

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥ 


Ideal Modern Living Room Inspiration


Hi Hi =D
Sorry for my late update this week, I had a exam last 2 days ago.
Now the important papers are done.
I'm gonna update this post and then head back to study for my MPU. =/
Never liked that subject.

Today I'm going to be talking my ideal modern living room.
The living room furniture is from Modani, a modern furniture store specializing in contemporary and modern furniture.

So let's start shall we? =)
I like my house and rooms to be bright and be in light colour.
So most of the furnitures I choose is either in white or cream in colour.
So that the living room could look much bigger and brighter, especially when you're living a small apartment =)
A living room with a huge window, that is my ideal living room.
Something like this =D

Start from the sofa. =)
A modern sofa type sofa to be exact.
I love this kind of L-shape sofa.
We can lie at one side, and others can still sit on the other side, which is two in one. =)
Cause if you buy a normal sofa, and when you lie on it, there's no more place for others to sit.
So this kind of sofa is perfect! =)

Statement mirrors!
Mirrors is a girl best friend.
So I would choose these kinds of mirror. =)

Mirrors has the ability to make the space more bigger and spacious.
So I love these 2 patterns and I couldn't choose one.

Lights *shine!!*
I would love to put a chandelier in my living room.
But there would be too much work when it comes to cleaning.
So a simple designed light will do. =)

Shelves. =)
Reading is one of my favourite things to do in my past time.
So, books is a must in my living room.
A simple one for decorations like fake flowers and small little cute deco. =)
I chose it in a dark brown colour, so that the whole room doesn't look too white and bright.
At least it could balance it down with the brown. =)
This is in my shopping list when I move. =D

A small simple white chair, to place it beside the sofa.
White of course, so that it could match it with the others.

Some pillows on the sofa and chairs.
These few designs are really cute!
And I love it! 

A silver mirrored vase for the living room is perfect too!
Put colourful flowers in it, make the whole place more cheerful! =)
To make the living room a bit more vintage, place some suitcase at the side to store some stuff in. =)

So ya, we are done with my ideal living room inspiration.
Hope you guys got inspired too =)

Tell me what you guys think about it! =)

Love Me!! XOXO 

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