had my hair cut again~
well my hair is quite long le so gonna cut it
got a new fringe i might say =))
cut 2" of my hair
but still i felt is quite long n not enough layered!
oh well there is always next time

nov project----DONE!!!


i had this kind of thing which i called it
my 'project'
is actually a painting activity
i bought this thing at ISETAN
when i was in KL
well cuz is kinda a new stuff so why dont i try it
anyway my holiday is bored n nothing 2 do
so yea
it's call PIY [paint it yourself]
n it is kinda like oil painting
it already had all the lines draw out for u
n put what no. 2 colour on
all u have 2 do is colour!!!
but is a hard thing 2 colour
because it is not a paper 2 colour on it..
is kinda like a cloth
so here is the progress : ----

 i started from left 2 right

 wa lah!!! it's finish!!
n i finished it today BTW just now~!!!
me with my proud 'project' =)))

breaking dawn!!!


2day i went 2 QB 2 watch breaking dawn
so happy =DD
my show started at 5'15pm

sit beside me is a malay girl with her friend!!
so damn annoying!!!!
n keep text msg-ing !!
hate it!!
let's talk abt the movie..
the baby was born haha!!
love the baby's eyes so big n beautiful
bella became very very VERY thin
n the wedding ceremony is great
very white =))
love the flowers and the cake haha
the wedding cake <3

 their honeymoon place
love the house!!

once a twilight fan, always a twilight fan =))
<3 <3



yesterday i went down 2 town
went 2 a jewelry shop with my mom n mom's aunt
they talk there for a long long time...
the whole table is full with jewelry, diamonds especially =DD
so we sat there for almost 2 hours or more..
mom bought new stuff again...
den we head for lunch - sawara !! =DD
miss that shop a lot but still have great food
den went over to baptist book store!!
went 2 that shop once a year haha
bought new comic book abt bible story
love that comic..
then we went over 2 sunshine square
mom wants 2 buy new pillows
but we bought more than that
we bought new t-shirts and i bought new nail polish =DD
bought SHINY purple n pink/ transparent [ not sure ]

 and i coloured it

2day i'm gonna watch the movie i'm dying 2 watch haha



ok ok now i just realize that today's date is all double no.
nice =DD
ok ok today i woke up at 7 something in the MORNING!!!
ya i know right is the  holiday n i need 2 wake up this early morning
need 2 go to tuition lo
haiz one more 2 go n no more BM tuition =DD
den in the afternoon i did my oil painting =))
almost done le~
den i cleaned my messy messy room ...
den i had my last maths tuition =DD
he came 2 my place 2 tuition haha
happy?? sad?? weird??
damn great haha
den at after tuition..
i went 2 tutti frutti 2 buy as my dinner..
and my mom's
it was my mom's idea
best idea ever mom!!
den went over 2 QB 2 buy TWILIGHT SAGA : BREAKING DAWN PART 1 tickets
thursday yeah!!!!
1st day came into penang!!
5'15pm show..
a little promo~~~~

den after de show i will go to church practice =))
happy happy day!!

sat 19/11/11


my friend - simon aka uncle
came 2 my house in the morning 2 play with my dogs..
he brought his son - samuel~!
quiet little guy...
den in the afternoon we went 2 Berlin the restaurant near QB
we only ordered sausages ,mushroom soups, n garlic bread n done!!

in the afternoon i had my base coat on...
but i cant decide what colour 2 put on it
so any ideas???

last day of school!!


i know i'm not the type of girl who loves 2 go 2 school
especially 2 waste time!!!
but 2day is the last day of school so is different!!
some of my friends started drawing on the blackboard till the whole blackboard is full n messy
but is fun!~
get 2 chat with some teachers n took some pics
i get 2 take some pics with my friends~
well pics r not up yet so yea
wait till next time 2 upload..
we played some / very childish games 2...
from cards 2 board games 2 silly hand games haha =DD
well gonna miss this year

skip school~


2day i didnt went 2 skul
well cuz my mom wan us the whole family 2 watch johnny english 2
although i watched it b4
she still wan us 2 watch with her
so we checked on9 it says it is a 12pm show, but in the newspaper it says 1'40pm
so we went 2 GP at 12 something
in the end is 12pm show!!
so we have 2 buy for 2ml show n i wont be going 2 school 2ml
den we went 2 a restaurant outside GP
name: chicago rib house
food: awesome but big!!!

n i have 2 help my mom for something~~
GP so long didnt go there le ~
will go there again 2ml =DD



yeah my life nowadays is quite bored..
i do have a PIY [paint it yourself] picture that i bought from KL from the last trip
well getting 2 it~!

in school~~~~
is bored
everyday is bored!!!
i gonna read finish my 2nd novel in school already..
because is bored..
n me n my friends well
i dont know why..
maybe is too shy..
well it is for me to start talking with someone~
so yea i just sit there n read n go into my imagination~!!! =DD

well i got nobody 2 date with me 2 watch breaking dawn [part 1]

24/11 that is the 1st day here in m'sia n i'm gonna watch on that day~!
n 2day Tintin is here n i wanna watch that too
in the end of the month will have happy feet 2
n i wanna watch abduction!!
haven't watch yet~!!
many shows =))

n one more thing
it brothers me..
he texted me again~
like he wan me badly AGAIN i dont know it is weird
from what happened last time i dono i could trust him anymore right~?

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