is over ````


my bible camp is over.....
sad well ya!!! i'm sick because of it !!

happy cuz can be home n slp on my WONDERFUL bed!!
is a bible camp is suppose 2 be serious
instead we r the youngest in there
we were like crazy a bit haha
play UNO every night
n talk till very late at night till i'm sick....
well we r still young so we play!!
we went to the beach 2 times haha fun !!!
will show some pics when my bro upload it !!

just having fun~~


went to gurney again...
yesterday i also went there
bought some clothes and a hat from a japanese shop
i love L.O.V.E their hats i tell u
i tried many !!!
in the end i chose one which most suitable for me <3
cute yea haha=)
but ho dono wan go where wear wo
a problem !!!
well gonna find a place for it
haha xoxo bye for now =)

camp !!


28/11 is the 1st day of camp at 1st

i tot the camp is bored
so at the next day
we had a drama competition
so i was again the main girl character haiz.....
30/11 we had games
games day !!!!
we need to go 2 outside 2 call other people 2 donate money RM 30 !!!
so hot also
become black le =(
so 2day was the last day of camp
nothing special actually
so that's it ~

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