Sydney Trip 2015 [Part 6]


WooHooo!! We are in the last post for my Aussie trip! 
Finally, my 2 weeks journey in Aussie came to an end =) 

Hope you guys enjoy my last post of my Aussie trip. =)  
So let's get started!! =D

2nd Jan 2015

We went to Blue Mountains for 2 days and 1 night. 
The whole trip was around an hour and a half. 
But our whole trip was delayed a bit, cause there was a few sleepyheads in the house, including me =P

When we arrived at Blue Mountain, we head to this local small cafe for some lunch. 
Nothing special, bought some sandwich and ate. 
Their service is slow, and there's a lot of customers. 
Maybe they were not used with so many customers, idk *shrugs*
But I find their interior really cute. =)
Then we head over to Katoomba Scenic World.
We have to queue up for the tickets.
I was queueing UNDER THE RAIN!! =(
And it lasted for AN HOUR! =0!!
Yup! I was queueing for almost an hour under the rain for the entrance tickets. =/
Poor me =(

But finally, we made it in.
There was tons of tourists! So we try to make it in all the rides asap!
There are 4 rides in total : Skyway, Cableway, Railway and a Walkway.

Fortunately, when we went in, the rain is gone.
The clouds are still a bit moody.
But the scenery is just so breathtaking! =)
While queuing up for the railway ride.
The one in the picture is the skyway ride!!
The railway ride, is the most steepest railway in the whole world! =0!!
We can even switch our angle in our chair to either really steep or not.
Well I was sitting with my brothers and we wanted thrill!
So we switch our chair up to the cliffhanger section which is 64 degrees, while going down the slope.
Fun! I have to say, very very thrilling.
But it's only a short ride.
The railway track =)
Then we head over to the walkway, which is a 10 min walk.
There are other longer walkway too.
Is up to you guys to choose. =)
In my family opinions, it's just like walking through our own botanical garden here in Penang.
So ya, nothing very extravaganza, they just have different kinds of trees that we don't have. =)
Then we head to the cableway after our 10 min walk.
Nothing special, we queued up the longest here, after around 5 rides of the cable car, then it was only our turn to get on!
And yes, there's only one cable car.
View from cable car! =)
Then we head over to the largest skyway ever!
As you guys saw in the pic above, that's how the skyway look like.
It only brings you to the other side and back.
But...but!!! The view OMG! The view!!!
It was around 5pm when we rode the skyway.
And you can also see the famous Three Sisters rocks on the left! =)
When we reach the other side, panorama is a must! =)
There's even a small waterfall otw to the other side. =)
The fun thing of this skyway is that in the middle of it, there's this glass floors for us to step and look down! =)
Fun ;)
P.S. : Ignore my dirty shoes.
After the Scenic World trip, we head over to Echo Point.
To look and admire the view and the rocks. =D
Yup, rocks!
The Three Sisters rocks.
Pretty view =)
Even though the view is almost the same, but I just love how it is. =)
Then we head to our hotel. =)
Called the Hydro Majestic Hotel!
It was a huge place and I never had a chance to explore it, cause I'm staying here for only a night.
We went for dinner at Cafe Bon Ton! =)
Ordered some beef set, shared with mom!
But the most delicious thing in the whole meal is the mushrooms!
Yummmsss =)
 So much beeff!! =0!!
Then with the chef recommendation, we ordered desserts too =)
I don't remember what is this called.
Is something Summer fruits and something. [Lol! Not helpful]
Ya, it contain some of the summer fruits in Aussie like strawberries and others.
So it's sour!

Then, there's also Creme Brulee =)
It's sweet!
And the boys liked this more.
Then we head back to the hotel and end the night!

3rd Jan 2015

Woke up with a awesome view from the back of the hotel =)
Beside the hotel have this tennis court! With some cool bricked wall and a awesome view!
I'm on the clouds!! =D
The garden in the hotel.
After we checked out, we head over here for breakfast!
Cafe in Penang should be like this! =D
Ordered Hot chocolate for my breakfast!
 And also apple crumble =)
It was okay, never manage to find delicious apple crumble =(
And also I ordered croissant with salmon and cream cheese!
Their cream cheese was just so thick that I was gonna puke if I'm gonna take another bite of it.
So I have to scrap off all the cream cheese and enjoy my breakfast! =)
After breakfast, we head over to the bus stop and waited for our bus to go to Jenolan Caves!
It was a hour an half trip, and their roads are super narrow and very winding too!
Then we arrived!! =)
There's a few caves, and we have to get tickets too.
So we only went into Chifley Cave and Lucas Cave.
So in the caves there's usually the same thing.
All we need is our imagination ;)
I'm not going to post up tons of pics inside the caves.
I just chose some and ya, enjoy =)
On the way in to Lucas Cave.
The blue lake outside Jenolan Caves entrance!
This is not part of the tour, but we manage to see it.
This is in River Cave. And there's water flowing inside.
We manage to have a look of the water inside. Lol
In Lucas Cave, the walls have people from Idk how many decades ago had written on it.
And there's also bones from animals!

After that whole trip!
In that one hour and half ride, we slept and tried to take pics of the scenery!
 And these are the best ones I could find. =D
We head back to Blue Mountains again.
Went to this Chocolate house that my cousins love to go.
We ordered chocolate drink, chocolate milkshake. Crepe with chocolate drizzled on top!
Just like in a chocolate heaven! =)
Head back home after our chocolate feast!
The sunset!
For dinner!
Italian food =)
Their menu is in Italian and a little bit of English. 
So I was having a huge trouble reading them, and had no idea what to order.
With the help of my cousins, who studied a little bit of Italian before and also came here before. 
I ordered this dish of pasta!
It was okay, not bad! Quite good actually =)
Ordered desserts! Which is the classic Tiramisu =)

4th Jan 2015

It's gonna be my last day here in Aussie =(
Went to church in the morning. 
Then headback to Bondi Junction Mall to buy something I wanted *Evil Smirk*
Then we head to Bondi Beach!! 

I was speechless when we arrived! 
I mean like what?!
The beach is so huge and there's so many people!! 
And the day before, in the news, they have to call the swimmers to get out of the sea because they notice a shark nearby. 
Like whao! =D *Mindblown*
Here's the view!!
And of course, do what a tourists have to do. =)
 Me and my boys =D Okay okay bros ♥♥
Top : Lalu
Shorts: H&M
Before we went to Bondi beach, my cousin was telling me this really beautiful place right beside it called: Bondi Icebergs Club.
You don't have to go in for this amazing view. Which is cool!
And it really was beautiful =)
Head back home and had our last home-cook dinner by my aunt!
Wagyu Beef =D
Mushroom with bacon!!
Yumms!! =D
And last but not least!
Lobster!! =D
We end the night by watching The Fault in Our Stars with microwave popcorn! =)
Bare face alert!!!

I had a fun time here in Aussie!
Manage to spend time with my cousins =)
And also thanks to my aunt and uncle for lending their space for us, cooked food for us =)
And brought us to many different places!

So that wraps up my Aussie trip!
Yay!! =D
Meet you guys in my next post =)

Love Me!! XOXO♥♥♥♥

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