Day 2 & 3 Southern Highlands Trip in Sydney 2014 [Part 4]

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Hi Hi =D
Back with Part 4!! =D

This going to be a long long long post!!
I have tons of pics I took for this post, but I couldn't put all, so I tried my best to choose the best of the best to show it to you guys =)
So get your eyes ready! =D

29 Dec 2014 

A little snippet on what's gonna happen in this post!!
Act chio yo! =D Me and my cousin if you are wondering. =) 
So not =/ 
Woke up quite early in the morning.
If I could wake up with this kind of feel everyday.
That would be awesome =)
[Wearing shorts btw!]
On the way to breakfast in the main hotel building =)
Restaurant in the main building of the hotel =)
Whoots! Breakfast! =)
Another part of the restaurant!
I just have to take it, ya know~
Bacon, scramble eggs, potatoes, poached eggs!! =D
That's not all, fruits, cereal, bread, etc!!
Haiz!! If my house interior can be this pretty!! =)
Cousins went to swim in their indoor heated swimming pool.
This is the outer look of the pool =)
Indoor heated swimming pool!!
Beside the pool.
There's fountain!! =0 lol
Morning sun =)
So here's the spa!!
I didn't have the time to use it yet. So I just came to check it out. =)
Flowers =)
After everyone got ready.
We head to Kiama Blowhole point!
It's some natural awesome cool thing.
But we couldn't see it =(
Cause the wind is not favour with us.
But but!! The scenery is just breathtaking!! =D
I can just look at it all day =)
Here's the blowhole.
Yea, nothing happened went I went there =(

There's tons of people there. 
It was a super windy day. But wind is good. 
Bad for pictures though, wait till you scroll down. *shake head*
This pic is taken before the wind started. =)
Hair still in place.
Top : Lalu
Pants : Uniqlo
Shoes : Toms
 Then it started!! Wooooooooooo~
 Even when taking a selfie is just that ugly ><!!
But I wanna post this cause my bro is so damn cute!! =D
 Dad paparazi us *Ooppss!!*
Gonna miss this scenery for sure =')
Then we head to the next town called Gerringong for lunch!
And we ate at this place call Gerringong Deli & Cafe =D
Their choices of food!! Yummss =)
The cafes in M'sia, their shelves are not even this full of food!! 
This is just awesome =D 
Ordered the classic! =)
Fish & Chips
Cousin ordered their nachos! It was a huge portion.
But it was delish!!
On the way back to the hotel =)
It was around evening when we arrived back. 
So me and my cousin wanted to walk around the hotel, since we haven't seen the whole place yet.
A fairy walk!! Awww. Wanna go catch some fairies?? =) 
Yes, I do feel like living in a fairytale =)
This tree is just so so cool!! =)
You can walk under it?? Yea, like those fairy tales that under or behind those trees, you can find some magical stuff.
Yup that's the feeling I got when I was outside of this tree. =)
When I'm inside, whao!!! *Mindblown*
Their garden.
The main building of the whole hotel.
Where we can use their WIFI and play snooker and eat breakfast. =)
Sunset again =)
Dinner for 13.
Aunt made salad with cheese. Yuummss =)
Some pastries
Ribs from the store we bought yesterday. We went back to buy it for this dinner too.
Another salad!! =D
So that's basically it for tonight. =) 
Off to the next day. 

30 Dec 2014

So woke up really early with my cousin. 
Head to the gym to work out. 
I know, so unlike me. 
But with my cousin persuasion, cause nobody wants to go with her. I went! =) 

Then, we went to cool off next door at the spa. =) 
Head to the sauna!! =D
It's like my first time in the sauna!
I have to be a little bit excited for it right?? =)
I had fun in there, just get to sit and chat with my cousin, and also to sweat! =)
Then, off we go for breakfast!! =)
Yoghurt with fruits! With eggs and potatoes and mushrooms. ♥♥
Ans also apple juice, since there's no milo here =(
After breakfast, we packed our stuff and check out from the hotel. 
Say goodbye to Milton's Hotel =( 

We head to Coledale. 
Aunt and uncle wanted us to see the scenery of that place. 
And it was really really really hot!!!! 
It was around 37 degree!! *Fan myself*

I didn't take much pics, but I took this pic from a higher spot. 
So yea, the sea, the sky. 
You see it all. =)
After that, we head back to Sydney.
Rested at home for the whole day. =)

I guess that's all for the Southern Highlands trip!
Next is going to be New Years Eve and New Years!! =)
So see you guys next time =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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