Sydney Trip 2014 & 2015 [Part 5]


HI Hi =D

Another Aussie update! =)
After this post, I think I'm left with a last post which is a trip to Blue Mountain and we are done!! =D

So, we came back from the Southern Highlands trip.
And we finally manage to walk around Sydney's tourists places.

Bro took this pic when we were in QVB which is known as Queens Victoria Building. 
I found it hilarious. =D
Just the 3 of us ♥♥♥♥

31st Dec 2014 

New Years Eve

On New Years Eve, we went on a walk around the city in Sydney.
The architecture here is also very very pretty =)
The City Hall 
Still the City Hall in another angle, still so pretty =)
We went to Market City again, which is their China Town.
Head over to a restaurant called 'The Eight' to eat DimSum.
We heard from our relatives, said that their DimSum is really good.
So my parents wanted to try! =)
In my opinion, some were really good, some we still can get the same quality in Malaysia. =)
So this is our brunch.
After our brunch, we went to have a walk around the city.
Actually we have a plan. =D
Not just wondering around the city.
We head back to Darling Harbour.
Cause we still have a Aquarium ticket we haven't use.
So, yup!
We went to their Sea Life Aquarium.
And you know, basically we went in to see sea lives. =D
The interesting is that they have dugong in their aquarium.
So, I'm not gonna post any pics of fishes, crabs, or sharks. Lol
Cause I'm sure you guys know how they look like =)
After our aquarium trip. 
We head over to QVB to buy some chocolates! 
But instead we saw a store opposite QVB that sells the brand of chocolate that they wanted to buy. 
So we stopped there and bought it. 
I didn't go in to the mall, just took a pic from outside. =)
And I have no idea what name is the mall.
Then we head over to QVB.
Never bought a thing here.
There's too many people. And too much branded goods. So yup, quite expensive stuff in there.
New years eve dinner with friends and family! 
Food!! =D
While waiting for fireworks!
Aussie is one of the countries that put out firework shows first in the whole world.
But little did we know, they put their firework show 3 times!
One is in 9pm, for the kids.
So that the kids don't have to wait till 12am for the fireworks.
Next is at 10.40pm.
The firework show is only 1 min plus.
So while we were waiting, we kids played cards and games.
Then the official 12am New Year celebration fireworks!
Enjoy the pictures. I chose the best ones that I took from my camera. =)
Here's a group pic from me and my siblings and my cousins!
HAPPY 2015!

1st Jan 2015

New Years Day

Had Vietnamese brunch! 
Me, cousin, younger bro and older bro ♥♥
Then we head over to the most famous building in Sydney!
The Sydney Opera House and also the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
Sorry with that dude in the middle. =/
Blue sky, pretty building, many people.
We didn't even walk inside the Opera house.
Family and me with the Opera House! =D
Another pic of the Harbour Bridge. 
There's like some underground restaurants or bars or cafes.
And they get to WATCH this amazing view hanging out with friends!
After all those walking and touring. 
Went back home and rested a while. 
Then, we went to Watson Beach! ♥♥
View is just that breathtaking! =D
This is their famous Fish&Chips called Doyles Fishermans Wharf!
The store is just by Watson's beach!
The mist and the sunset! *sigh*
Bought Fish & Chips to try it out!
It was not bad. =)
And we ate it by the sea, so is a new experience for us. =)
The sunset =)
And we end the day by having a late dinner.
And some WIFI =D 

So that's it for this post! 
Can't wait to share the last trip in Sydney before we head back to M'sia. 

And I couldn't finish the whole trip within January. =( 
That sucks. =/ 
But I'll try to finish it in this 2 weeks. 

I guess you guys were already bored with my trip posts. 
Need to change some things up asap! 

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. what an amazing trip! Sydney looks amazing and I love dim sum - looks so delicious! great photos :D ♥ stop by and chat!

  2. Watsons beach looks like a nice place to chill by the shore with a packet of fish and chips! Lol...
    The pictures are breathtaking!

  3. Now I'm hungry for fish and chips! :) Your Australia posts are making me want to go back ASAP!

  4. Australia is definitely one of the best place to visit to see fireworks on new year. Amazing pictures :)

  5. I always love looking at fireworks displays from allover the world, but such an interesting trivia to have a display for kids!

  6. The sunset looks so scenic and beautiful, as do the fireworks! Got to love fish and chips by the beach :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  7. You're making me jealous again! I really want the fish and chips, it looks so yummy. I'd love to go in Sea Life!
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  8. dimsum xD

    You went to many nice trips lately xD Jelly TT
    Have fun! Thanks for sharing ^6^


  9. I've also read ur other parts to this. You definitely had a great time. Great to know that the fireworks are at different times.... good for parents with lil ones GigLove

  10. those dimsum tho makes my mouth is watering!
    seems you had very great time.

  11. Sydney is such a wonderful place indeed! Need to tick it off from my bucket list asap. Seems like you had a wonderful time there with your family ! :)

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - New Post up - Style.. A Pastiche!

  12. definitely some breath taking views! i wouldnt mind going there for new years eve to experience it new years

  13. The food looks so good!! Never would have thought that the food there would be so diverse! Also the city pictures were beautiful!! Xoxo Francy @

  14. Definitely an amazing triP! especially the sea aquarium .... Such a pretty place

  15. I absolutely love your photography. The picture at the aquarium and the photos of the fireworks were my favorite!

  16. Never celebrate new year at Sydney! I shall plan one trip there again and countdown there!!!

  17. It was lovely reading your travel series on Australia dear. Looking forward to reading your adventures of Blue Mountain :)

  18. I'm getting more and more envious of all your travels and cant wait to see more through your eyes. Thanks for sharing.


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