Top 5 Home Made DIY Beauty Fixes


Hi Hi Guys! =D
On this week's post, I'm not the one who is writing, I'm collaborating with my awesome friend Fiza Malhotra who is going to guest blog about the top 5 home made DIY beauty fixes for yourself!

Just so you know, I also wrote a post on her blog, which will be out soon.
I will post the link here, once it's out =)

Who says you need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on beauty products when you can just use something from your pantry. Here's are my Top 5 home made DIY beauty fixes, from head to toe.

1. Honey Hair
What does it do: Smoothens hair and nourishes it to achieve a naturally healthier look. Bonus perk: It also naturally lightens your hair slightly.
Directions: Take one part honey to 1/2 part luke-warm water, mix well and simply apply to your entire head of hair. Leave for 30 mins and wash as normal.

2. Oatmeal Mask
What does it do: Smoothens your skin and takes away impurities. Best if used weekly.
Directions: Combine 1/4 cup hot—not boiling—water and 1/2 cup oatmeal. You can use the instant ones if you like but it will just a bit more mushy. Allow oatmeal to settle for 2 or 3 minutes.Mix in 1 tablespoons plain yogurt,1 tablespoons honey, 1 teaspoon turmeric powder and 1 small egg white.

3. Frozen Spoon
What does it do: Helps reduce your eyebags and dark circles under your eyes.
Directions: Always keep 2 spoons in your freezer. Take the spoons out for when you need them. Warm them up very slightly with your fingers if they're frosted. Rest the under side of the spoon on your eyes for a few minutes till it warms up to body temperature.

4. Lemon Water
What does it do: Aids your immune and digestive system. Plus perk: Glowy skin and weight loss.
Directions: Add a slice of lemon to your glass of warm water daily.

5. Baby Powder
What does it do: Prevents your feet from sweating and stinking.
Directions: Just sprinkle baby powder luxuriously into your shoes before putting them on.

Hope you enjoy these easy beauty fixes! What's yours?

With Much Love,
Fiza Malhotra
CEO & Founder
Das Rock Haus


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  1. awesome! yes I love using honey on my hair or even as a face mask. it's just amazing. I like oatmeal also, but it's so messy that I rarely do it. great post ♥

  2. some people use oatmeal as cleanser instead! and i recently read that we shld first soak the lemon slices in honey water and kept in the fridge overnight before dunking them into hot water...

  3. I swear by the oatmeal madk and lemon water. I'm glad someone else does too.

  4. These are some really useful tip, thanks for sharing.

  5. I do love trying new homemade beauty 'fixes'. They almost always work out cheaper to use. I've not used honey in my hair before. But I use a 'hair mayo' and it says to add more eggs. So I assume eggs are great for your hair. I'll be trying these out soon.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  6. Love these tips! I have always wanted to try the frozen spoon. Just haven't gotten around to it yet heheh. I do practice the egg white mask once every fortnight. :) It helps me minimise my pores and tightens and toned my skin.. You can also mix the egg whites with other ingredients which gives you amazing DIY masks as well! :D Anyways thanks for sharing! :D

    Gig Love,
    -Siew Hui,

  7. Cool hacks. I do most of it and yes they are very handy and natural.


  8. OMG! I totally agree with you. Honey and Lemon is the best thing. I also love honey for my face :)

    Much Love,

  9. yes! honey is a good thing for many things xD
    And also Johnson's products are mostly non-harming for even sensitive skins :D
    Thanks for sharing ^^


  10. THe frozen spoon really works for you ?? I want something to reduce my dark circles !!! Will try this for sure.... GigLove

  11. I've tried all these before and it actually works, esp the oatmeal mask.

  12. great diy option..i tried the spoon and lemon water bfore!it does work like magic!

  13. i usually do for oatmeal mask and frozen spoon. since i have sensitive skin and panda eyes. its really work on me :D

  14. Love this post, really informative. I use some of these myself

  15. My friend tried oatmeal mask before. She didn't recommend me to try. Hmmm. Shall i?

  16. I've tried the spoon and lemon water one, but haven't tried any of the others1 thanks for sharing :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  17. Oat mask is something I can vouch for too!! I do this most of the time and works best for my skin.

    xoxo Chaicy - New Post up - Style.. A Pastiche!

    SAP on Facebook

  18. my mum use to make me do the oatmeal mask as a teen lol i might have to do it again

  19. I have to try honey hair; it might work wonders for me

  20. My husband was just telling me to try the lemon was one! I'll definitely have to try it now!

  21. i love to drink lemon jus every morning help to reduce weight

  22. I drink lemon infused water a lot and I have noticed it does seem to boost my overall health! I've kind of become addicted to it :)

  23. I'm definitely trying out honey hair soon! It looks like a delightful diy trick to try

  24. Great skincare tips... I so want to try out frozen spoon method for puffy eyes... Oatmeal mask is great for skin and I loved it .. Great post


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