Sydney Trip 2014 [Part 1]


Hi HI!! =D

I'm back from my trip from Sydney, Australia ;)
I was there for around 2 weeks.
So it's gonna be a long long post.

I'm gonna put my first 3 days in Sydney in this post =)
Well let's get started!

We left Penang M'sia on the 21st of Dec.
Took a night flight at 11.55pm.
I watched tons of shows on the flight.
Slept at around 4am. It was a 8 hour flight from KL to Australia.
So when we reach Aussie is around 10.45am [Aussie time]
Aussie time is 3 hour faster than us. So yea, you do your own calculations =)

22 Dec 2014

When we reach Aussie, waited for my aunt.
My family, my aunt's family from KL came for holiday here to find my aunt who lives in Aussie =)
So my first meal in Aussie, guess what!
Japanese food =0!
I know right?! Came to a western country, eating some Asian food ><

Went to NIJI Sushi Bar =)
Took a few pics only, cause everyone was so hungry and they just dig in.
 Super fresh =)

Love their Dragon Roll *hearts*
 Wagyu Beef , yuummmsss!!!
The view outside the restaurant. =)
After lunch, we head back to unpack and freshen up.
Had dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
I was too worn out to take pics, even my cousin was sleeping at the table while waiting for food. =D
But the food was great! =)

Even though it's Summer season now in Aussie, we expected it hot like in M'sia.
But the wind was so cold, Just makes me want to bundle up in the blanket!
I don't even need to on any air conditioner to sleep, is just that cold.

23 Dec 2014  

We woke up early in the morning, then head to the tallest building in Sydney by train!
Their public transport is really convenient, that I really like, unlike in M'sia.
The Sydney Eye Tower. =)
We bought a package of tickets to enter their tourist place.
One of them is here and we get to do the Skywalk!
I do recommend you guys to buy the tickets online, cause they have discounts and it's much more worth it! Don't have to queue up too ;)
View from the observation room.
While waiting for our turn to do the Skywalk, we saw Santa.

And yes, we took a pic with him.
Good thing it's for free =)

Then off we go to the Skywalk!
We have to dress in a blue suit, then we can't bring anything up there.
So, yea we have to buy the pics.
So here's a few of the pics.
And yes, we are stepping on glass. =)

It was a great experience.

Lunch was Charlie and Co. in the food court in the Sydney Eye Tower.
Their motto : It's worth the wait!
Hahaha! There was so many people lining up for it.
Maybe it serve with Wagyu beef.
I ordered the Classic one =)
It was raining while we were having lunch.
So we walked around the place for a while.

Then we walked down to Darling Habour!
Yes, we WALKED!
I was so happy to get some exercise =D

I did say we bought a package for the ticket entrance right?
Next was the Wild Life Sydney.
There's also the Wax Musuem, the Aquarium and Manly Zoo, which is the one we didn't go.

You know the drill, go in to see animals.
But in Aussie, most of their animals is very very deadly!
Spiders, crocodiles, weird birds... yea..
But the one I wanted to meet the most is this guy here =)

After the whole walk, we head over to the next one which is just beside the Wild Life Sydney.
That's the Madame Tussauds Sydney.
In simple form : Wax Musuem.
You know take pics with awesome, cool, famous people.
I'm sorry, but I don't know who he is.
But I just love his expression =D
Omg!! The Queen!!
Prince William and Catherine Middleton =D 
Yao Ming, why do you have to be so tall??!
How can I miss this?!
T. Swift!!
Owh yea, the genius! -,-
Hahaha my face!!
Miss her show!
Oprah =D
 The awesome Marilyn Monroe! =D
 The gorgeous Audrey Hepburn!
 Asian Proud Guy! Jackie Chan =)
 Leonardo Dicaprio
There's many more, but these pictures are the one I wanna show. =)
P.S. : They have Justin Bieber, and it look like a girl =D Laugh die me!

Outwear : Boutique
Top : Uniqlo
Shorts : Voir
Shoes : Toms

Then, we head for dinner at a Italian Restaurant!
They sell their pizza up to 3 meters long!
Like what?!!!
Went for a walk while waiting for dinner.

We ordered their 1 meter long pizza.
With 3 different toppings.
We ordered pasta too, I was too late =/
 Lasagna!! =D My fav!
Went to their famous gelato store called : Gelato Messina
It's really rich!
We couldn't finish it =/

24 Dec 2014 

Christmas Eve.
Spent our Christmas in Taronga Zoo.
Went there by ferry.
It was a cloudy day too. Which was awesome, cause the weather is not really hot and the wind is really chilly!
 Went from Rose Bay to Central Quay then to Taronga Zoo. =)
Too lazy to edit =P
Harbour Bridge!!!
 Opera House!
 From the ferry view. =)
When we reach Taronga Zoo, we have to take the cable car up.
 The view from the cable car.
I have to say, the animals there are so so lucky!
They get to look at such magnificent view everyday!
Don't take a pic of me, I'm sleeping! zzZZZ
Yoga... Hmmmm.... =D
 Look at that view! Whao!
Then we went to watch a 15 min seal show =)
Very adorable!!
Hey yo! Can you do it? ;)
I'm way more flexible than you! =D
I wish my school canteen is like this! =)
I could just buy these everyday!
Outwear : Cotton On
Top : Mark and Spencer
Little penguins! So cute!
The zoo took up most of our day!
So we head back for Christmas Eve dinner!
Yummss! Thank you Aunty!
 Chicken =)
 Lamb Racks =D
 Family Pic ♥♥
Celebrated bro's b'day early.
He's a Christmas Baby =)

So that's all from 22 to 24th of Dec!
Such a long post! =0!!
Next will be Christmas and Boxing Day. =)

The bad thing in Aussie is that you can't do anything at night except for staying at home.
All store close at 5 or 6pm.
Which sucks! ><

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Oh really nice pics. Nice places. The food looks deli.

  2. The food look so delicious.
    I wish i can go to australia someday.

  3. Wish I could try the cuisines too >< Seems so delicious <3 jelly!
    Thanks for sharing ^^


  4. You took so many amazing pictures, must had great time :)

  5. wow you seemed to have a great time in sydney! i've visited melbourne before, found it just okay. but maybe that's because i didn't spend enough time there. will love to visit sydney and perth one day!

  6. aw jealous that you went to sydney! australia is definitely a place to visit overall

  7. This is such a wonderful city! I am writing a post about Sydney now :-)

  8. Ahhh this makes me want to go to australia so much more! These photos are fantastic thank you for sharing! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  9. Waww u have a great vacation then!. Love all the picture you take!

  10. awww koala bear is just too cute... i want to go to australia too!

  11. how luck you are can go holiday there!
    seems so much fun time you had with family..

  12. Lovely memories captured there! I'm sure you had a lovely time in Australia.. you have a wonderful family :)

    GIG Love
    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  13. The photos are beautiful. I'm glad you had a great time. :)

  14. So many great pictures. It looks like you were having a wonderful time! <3 GIGLove

  15. Awww. Your trip reminded me my trip at Sydney few years back... Opppssss, it is 6 year ago! I miss Australia much, not only missing Sydney~ giglove

  16. The seals are adorable. Australia is one country that I would definitely love to visit. Loved your photos dear :)

  17. Wow you're so lucky! I want to go there hopefully this year. I went to Malaysia though and I had a great time

  18. Australia is great! Looks like you had such a great time and you took some really good photos :)

    gig xoxo
    Andréa Christine
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  19. I'd really love to visit sydney again.. Such a nice place to hang around..


  20. You had such a good trip. Sushi in Australia LOL - not first thing I think to eat! Koala Bears are too cute! The sky walk look scarily high! And I love Madame Tussauds haven't been there in a while though!

  21. Sounds like you had an amazing trip. Australia's a place I hope to visit someday--but I'm too afraid of the insect posts I see online! hah

  22. all your photos are beautiful, the trip looks like it was alot of fun and the food looks so good!!
    xoxo Francy@


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