Day 1 of Southern Highlands Trip in Sydney 2014 [Part 3]


Hi Hi!! =D
I'm back with part 3 of my Sydney trip. 
I have no idea how many parts I'm gonna do. 
But I'm going to try my best and finish it all in January. =) 

28 Dec 2014

We went on a family trip to the Southern Highlands for 3 days 2 nights. 
We went to Bowral, which is just outside of Sydney. =)
Don't ask about the pic, this is how weird my family and I are =D 
But before we arrived at Bowral, we head to Berrima for lunch. 
We went to this cafe called the Magpie cafe, which sells quite expensive food. 
The whole cafe is very small and full of people. So I could only take pics of the outside area of the cafe.
Since there's a lot of us, we have to sit in a huge table outside. Haha
The menu. A super expensive meal.
Me and my cousin shared lunch, cause it's quite expensive.
We ordered the Magpie steak sandwich.
I mean come on!! A STEAK!! sandwich!! =D
The portion is huge!! Not bad too =)
After lunch, we went for a walk around the area. =) 
Saw this store. Memory Lane. 
Some store down the road. 
The owl is so adorable!! 
Memory Lane store from the outside.
And from the inside. =)
They sell tons of homemade souvenirs. Tons of mini little things.
I just couldn't leave the store. Cause their things are super duper cute!!
And I manage to buy one small owl keychain. =)
Then we continue our walk. 

Aunts bought pastries from a bakery here.
Going to Bowral now =D
We reached Bowral.
And the place we are staying is called the Milton's Park Country House Hotel & Spa.
It's a very expensive place I'm not going to lie.
But I have to say it's totally worth it!!
Since there's 13 of us. We booked a carriage house to stay in.
There's 7 bedrooms, a few toilets. Haha I have no idea how many.
Even from the outside is breathtaking, wait till you guys go in. =D
The gate =)
I feel like I'm living in a fairy tale ♥♥
The walkway to the main door.
The antiques!!
Still the walkway. Hahaha =)
We are inside!!
Living room. Damn cozy wei =)
Fireplace =)
Behind the living room is the kitchen!
Love the wall colour =)
Very soothing to the eyes =)
Book shelf right beside the kitchen.
Huge dining room beside the living room. =)

Balcony =)

View from the balcony. =)
The garden outside of our house. [View from balcony]
The bedroom. Sharing room with my cousin =D
Stairs up to the 2nd floor
View from the 2nd floor =)
Too pretty to not take it =D
Outwear : Cotton On
Top : Mark and Spencer
Portuguese tart that my aunt bought back. Really really nice!! =D
Chocolate cheese Brownies. Yuummmss =)
Bowral town. All shops closes at 5pm. 
Which is really sad. 
I mean there's nothing to do at night time! =( 
Bought take away pasta, pizza and ribs from Colosseum =)
The town of Bowral.
With cousins! and bro during dinner =) ♥♥♥♥
Pizza for dinner =)

Sunset from the balcony. =)
Lol thanks to bro =)
Me and my cousin were watching the sunset.
Then suddenly, my bro came out saying : give me your camera. And don't move!
Lol This is what he took. =) There's more but yea.
After he took it, he said : I'm helping you here. Lol!! Then he went back in. =D
So what is the sucky thing in the carriage house.
Is that there's no wifi.
There's only wifi in the main building of the hotel.
So we youngsters who needed wifi, like NEED it!! went there. =D
There's the library in the hotel. We just hung out there.
Cause all we wanted is the wifi. =D
But after we knew there's a snooker table in the hotel. 
We went for a hunt! 
And of course, the youngsters will play. Me and my cousin just sat there and use the wifi! 
Good thing, they have fast wifi. =D So, I'm glad.
So that's how we ended the first night in Bowral. =)

Can't wait to edit all the other pics and post it up for the next one. =)
Be patient!
Be happy!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Great post! Such lovely photos! :)
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Would love to see your answers!

  2. wow! i saw your pictures make me want to go there.
    the place look so homey and beautiful

  3. such a lovely place..... i love the outside view of the house!

  4. I haven't been back to Australia in years! The place you stayed at looks super lovely!

  5. Such beautiful, inviting pictures. I wish i can visit and experience it one day. Love the first picture.


  6. Those garders are absolutely amazing....and I should probably stop looking at pics of food before I go to sleep. :)

    GIG Love

  7. Wow the lunch venue looks really comfy and chill. But i agree, the meal,is expensive. Good thing they serve good portions

  8. We don't have the time to go southern during our trip to sydney.. Looks so nice.. giglove

  9. wow! Never been to Europe country before! Nice place and food!

    From GIG


  10. Beautiful photos!! Such a great trip... I haven't seen Australia yet..totally enthused to visit the country after seeing the photos!

  11. Seems like you had a fun holiday at Sydney. And loving all those pics of those lovely places and the food there.

    GIG Love
    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  12. Seems like you had a fun holiday at Sydney. And loving all those pics of those lovely places and the food there.

    GIG Love
    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  13. I was jealous from your last post but this has made me even more jealous! Looks live you've had an amazing time. Shame the food was on the expensive side but looks very yummy and seems like you get your moneys worth with such a big portion.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  14. Waw You really really have a great vacation! the Portuguese tart. look delicious.That My favourite dessert .How much did you spend for the whole vacation?

  15. Food looks so yummy! Great post, really enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing!! GIG Love!
    xoxo Francy @

  16. the place looks lovely! oh, i will like to ask you a question and i hope you're a coffee drinker. how do you find the coffee in australia? my friends (aussie-lovers) has been boasting about how good melbourne coffee is and how starbucks is so sucky they're going to exit aussie market soon... and then when i tried coffee in melbourne, i was soooooooo disappointed! not just at 1 coffee place, but at 3 places and they're all bad. just like mcdonald's breakfast coffee but at 3, 4x the price tag. so, how was sydney's coffee for you?

    1. I'm not a coffee drinker at all. Sorry!! But my parents and my older brother are. How they drink their coffee is that they buy the coffee beans and grind it on their own. My parents love their coffee beans! They can't drink the coffee here after they tasted their coffee. And I have no idea how much those beans are. Sorry!!

  17. Old school style cafe, great ambiance, homemade souvenirs and a hotel with a country feel? I'd be having a great day myself, too! This type of hotels are very popular in England (where I used to live) and once stayed in one in Wales and it did feel like fairy tale or out of a Harry Potter movie. LOL


  18. I am literally am love with the interior decoration of the place you stayed at, it's so beautiful! And your food pictures are yet again brilliant! :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  19. The house where you stayed looks beautiful, especially from the outside.

  20. lovely pictures babe! You're such a lucky girl! giglove

  21. that pizza picture tho makes my mouth watering!
    so great having holiday in Sydney :D

  22. the house is absolutely beautiful! love how nature covers it

  23. This looks like an awesome trip. And that family photo?Pshhh, I wish my family was that cool!

  24. This looks like a wonderful adventure - I love that picture of your family, such a great shot! <3 GIGLove

  25. I must admit, the steak sandwich looks perfect! Yummm

  26. sdyney is a beautiful .... what a great photography ...and loved the interior decoration of the place you stayed at

  27. Wow, the house you were staying it is really beautiful! I wish there was pensions or places to stay like this in Korea = ] Also, all the food pictures look extremely yummie ♥

  28. Love the hotel. Really look like castle in fairy tale. :D

  29. Your pictures look gorgeous and your family seems like tons of fun. Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip :)
    xoxo giglove
    Andréa Christine | My Hair Story

  30. You have family really cute dear! And the carriage house is enchanting! :) GIG love


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