1/5/13 Penang Heritage Ride =)


On Labour Day, my Sunday School church teachers organized this event for us teachers to relax and have fun. :D

i started being a teacher since last year, starting from taking pics
and then teach singing and ling cang and then teaching some dance performance for the kids.
yes being a teacher is just so tiring!!
so we, teachers decide to go out to relax and have fun
Decision is made to go for a fun ride around Georgetown, Penang.
we met at church at around 8 in the morning.
then we sat in the van to rent some bikes to ride around the heritage town.

the bike shop has more than 100 bikes there for rent. 
RM10 for a bike. 
no time limit!! 
isn't that great?!!
very cheap!! 
this shop is on Armenian Street, no. 84.

so guys and girls who doesn't know how to ride a bike you can ride this>>>
 the front of the shop
 us with our bikes. =DD
 how i ride around?? 
i had my friend infront and i sat at the back, he did most of the riding. haha 
He did the cycling, while I take pics around. =D As we ride around ppl were pointing at us saying us abt this special bike. :/
this 2 seats bike is called a tandem bike. =D (xtra info)

Tips and Tricks :
Wear light colour cotton t-shirt.
Bring a light backpack, which mean only your purse/wallet, smartphone, face towel or a extra t-shirt.
also bring sunblock =)) and a cap to block the sun
don't bring a water bottle, because it's gonna be heavy.
you can just buy a bottle of water anywhere around, so don't worry about having no water to drink.

then we went around and see some wall painting which became very famous in Penang =D
this is a new one =D

i look at you, you look at me!! 
 smile =))
 Group pic =DD
 Another one =D

BN flags everywhere :/

pics of others =D 
my cousin, and my friend =DD

Group pic =DD 

 Qiiiiiii!!!!! and me!!
me and cousie!!

Then after lunch, we head home =))

But not for me =))
me and my friends head to all four seasons and had fun singing in WOW!
lol it's my 1st time there [no pics though]
my 1st time to all four seasons and my 1st time to a karaoke place to had fun! =D
i thought my voice was gonna break after i sing crazily, but good thing i'm still fine =D
then we had James Foo.

then only we head home =DD 

love me!xoxo 

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