Iron Man 3 XD


My friends and I went to watch Iron Man 3 at QB
there were 13 ppl all together
but in such a coincidence we met others in the same cinema room too
and some are from the same class too =))
Maybe is because our class finished early on every tues =))

so we bought popcorn and drinks and went in. =D
Iron Man 3 was a great movie.
Never expected they change the storyline from Marvels so much!! ><
but it was a good movie =))

remember to wait for the special video after the 5 min credits =D 
Tony Stark, who will not love him x.x!! 

B4 and after the show we had some selfie pics!! 
thanks to Cai Ying who brought her camera =DD

Me and my Dear Cai Ying   
8 years of friendship and counting =D

 w/ them crazy us =DD

we were waiting for the video after the credits 
so we had the workers to help us take pics 
after he took one pic, he will walk to the other side and take again 
there were more than 10 pics i say 
but only a few came out nicely. 
i guess the pic he took were blur. =/ 
too bad :( 

Us Inti students

love me!xoxo

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