Musical Notes Nails :D


When i was watching Youtube vids.
i was watching some nail art tutorial
then the newspaper nails tutorial caught my attention.

to watch the vid >>>>

 then for us teenager who loves music
i was thinking of putting notes on my nails instead
while watching through other vid
i read some comments that said
printed papers and newspaper had some difference
the ink on the printed paper didn't came out that much compare to the newspaper onto the nail.

but i did it =D
so here is the easy tutorial =DD

1.  Things you need
-white colour / light colour nail polish
-they say they used alcohol for this tutorial, the most easiest alcohol for us to find is nail polish remover =DD
-top coat and a base coat
- print out the music sheets you like.
-a plate/ dish

 Off to the tutorial =DD
2. Cut your printed papers into strips =))
like this >>>

3. Paint your nails with a layer of base coat the paint it with your base colour

wait for them to dry COMPLETELY!!!

4. When your nails are completely dry, pour out your nail polish remover into the plate/dish
and dipped in your paper while the words are facing downwards.
dip it for a while, around 30 to 45 seconds. 

5. Pull out the paper, place it on your nails.
6. Press it hard!!

TIP: the longer and harder you press, the more ink will be on your nail.
i even timed it, it took me 1 min and a half to get a better result. =))

7.  Pull out the paper.
8. There will be some residue on your nail, so just take your nail polish remover and wash your nail gently and lighty in a circular motion to remove the paper.
 if you press it too hard the ink will come off as well, so be lightly.

9. Let the ink settle for about 4-5 sec. Then put on your top coat and you are done =DD 

Your notes came out will be flipped =/
  the treble clef =DD

But i like it =)) don't you??

love me!xoxo

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